Straight talk from Tom Hanks on COVID-19 – there is a part we can all play

Last night, Tom Hanks was interviewed by Lester Holt on NBC News (the three plus minute interview can be linked to below). Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson caught COVID-19 while traveling and self-quarintined in Australia. Hanks tends to be worth listening to, as he speaks in a straightforward, reflective and unthreatening manner.

When Holt asked him about the concerns and uncertainties of many, Hanks noted how to address such by doing what is asked of us. Hanks said what we have been asked to do to help each other and our community is the least we can do. It is disappointing that it is even an issue as there is a part we all can play. Wear a mask, socially distance and wash your hands. Something so simple that requires so little effort.

Hanks noted earlier that he and Rita are doing fine after quarantine and are participating in blood work studies now that they are back home. He said they both have fewer antibodies, so they remain at risk of getting a recurrence. He said their symptoms were a little different, with both feeling at first they were a little “punky.” They have been open about their illness, treatment and recovery so that people are aware.

Please watch the interview from the link below. It is refreshing to hear straight talk from someone who we feel we know from his career and how he has conducted himself. I kept thinking these are the simple messages more people in leadership positions should be saying.

19 thoughts on “Straight talk from Tom Hanks on COVID-19 – there is a part we can all play

  1. A reasonable man and one of those who understand that wearing a mask means saving others, means taking responsibility for others, means helping and supporting everyone that this pandemic can be held under control. I can impossibly understand people who are not willing to wear masks!

  2. Hello Keith. I like how Mr Hanks buts it, simply , clearly and in a manner that implies it is very normal that people do it. He brings across the idea that to not do these simple things to help each other out is simply unpatriotic and selfish. Hugs

    • Scottie, well said. It is a more positive way to address problems to speak of how helpful we can be to each other. To do the opposite is selfish and I think it is more than unpatriotic, it goes against that golden rule saying. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: My favorite Tom Hanks story is he would include in his contract for a movie to have a trailer for his father, so he could be near him. I remember him appearing on the Actor’s Studio with James Lipton. I remembet him telling a young actor to work your craft and keep learning. What was most telling was his generous spirit was in evidence.

  4. Keith, you muse the actor, Tom Hank’s simple message is one that “… more people in leadership positions should be saying.. ”
    Forgive me, I’m from Tasmania. Our mangled down-under perspective is that your simple leadership actor says nothing.
    We enjoy Mr Hank’s work. On behalf of Australia, apologise for his virus.

    • David, true, the US president is playing a reality TV role. Politicians are notorious for saying little. This president says nothing and then repeats it four times in the same paragraph. As for Hanks, he and the missus could have more easily picked the virus up here. Keith

    • Jill, thanks. I like the reference to Forrest Gump, as well. There are a lot of simple guides throughout that movie. My favorite is when you are outnumbered, “Run, Forrest, run.” Keith

  5. Note to Readers: I shared with Scottie on his blog a friend who battles COPD responded to my wife that COVID-19 is all hoax. This person who calls the White House incumbent, “my president,” was responding to my wife’s comments that we are playing it safe, wearing masks, socially distancing, minimizing trips to the store, etc. This made me sad, as if she gets COVID-19, she will likely not fare well.

    So, I wrote her a brief, heartfelt text wishing her well and closing with be safe. I said with battles with COPD she needed to be careful. I noted there is a lot of misinformation out there, but to-date 149,000 Americans have died and, sadly, more will. She responded with a thank you and I’ll try. I hope some of my plea and well wishes sank in. There was no mention of politics. Whether she agreed with what I said, she knew I was thinking of her well-being.

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