Fauci speaks volumes in a few words

The modus operandi of the incumbent president is simple – say whatever is necessary to make himself look good, when the storyline no longer works, change the narrative, and blame others for failures and take credit for any successes. Perception matters more than reality, so actually solving problems is secondary to looking good.

In the past few weeks, with 67% of Americans not approving Trump’s handling of COVID-19, he has blamed the doctors who advise us, in particular, Dr. Anthony Fauci. His sycophants have joined him. Advisor Peter Navarro wrote a hatchet job on Fauci, but the push back was so severe, even the president did a little backstroke.

Yesterday, Dr, Fauci offered the correct response. The title of an article in Reuters, along with the first paragraph are all that is needed:

“Dr. Fauci: ‘Let’s stop this nonsense’ and fight the virus

Top U.S. infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci called the White House effort to discredit him “bizarre” and urged an end to the divisiveness over the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

To be frank, the US has a rudderless ship on the COVID-19 handling. Back in January and even early February, after being briefed several times by US intelligence leaders about the risks of the pandenmic, the president made a choice. Instead of being presidential forewarning us and planning ahead, he chose to naysay and misinform us about COVID-19.

In short, the ball was on the tee to lead us and the president whiffed. And, the misinformation continues to this day. Last night, on PBS Newshour, a report on the success of San Francisco’s China Town in keeping a lid on the virus was noted. The hospital and community leadership began planning the first week of February communicating needed preventive actions.

And, it has been successful. China Town leaders heeded mission one in a pandemic – tell people the truth. Pandemic or not, the truth is a commodity to the president. In short, taking the president at his word is a fool’s errand.

14 thoughts on “Fauci speaks volumes in a few words

  1. Note to Readers: Fauci’s remarks are akin to a teacher telling the two midbehaving boys in the back of the room, little Petey and little Donnie to behave. I read 75% of Americans are concerned with kids going back to school revealing an out of touch president.

  2. Regardless of how and what T decides, when it is going wrong it was always the others. The virologist worldwide warned but an ignorant will never see… at least not in time.

    • Erika, I so very much want a boringly competent and decent president. It would be a refreshing change from this person who just makes people weary. Fortunately, the wheels are finally coming off as he cannot hide his deceitful nature and lack of competence in these crises – COVID-19 and racial injustice. Keith

  3. Many thanks for the shout out, my friend! Tell me something, Keith … you and I agree that we are riding on a rudderless ship, that the words ‘truth’ and ‘honesty’ and ‘integrity’ do not exist in Trump’s vocabulary … so how the heck do some 40% of the people in this nation STILL think he’s great??? I don’t understand! This is a greater puzzle than a Rubik’s Cube! I will listen to the esteemed Dr. Fauci any day over Trump, who knows little and refuses to learn any more. Thanks again!

    • Jill, it stymies me. But, he gaslighted all his followers into believing everyone was against him and should not be believed. I do think some, who are not hard core followers, have concerns and/ or peeled away. But, there is a solid percentage that will not waiver – my wife has a few Facebook friends who are as loyal as ever to this incumbent. Keith

      • One of life’s great mysteries. Sigh. My p.m. post (3:00 p.m.) is an OpEd by Michael Gerson, a republican, whose take on Trump’s chances for re-election is encouraging. If only I believed that people would use their brains to decide …

      • Jill, Michael Gerson was the first conservative pundit to see Trump for what he was. Early on, he advocated against Trump. I look forward to your post. Keith

    • Hugh, so true. There was an op-ed piece today by the editor of the paper who wrote – whatever the president says, just do the opposite. I wrote a few weeks ago about the director of a LTC facility in Maryland who did just that in February and they have had no cases. Keith

  4. It’s almost as if Trump enjoys killing Americans. But along the way, I suspect a lot of the ones who fall sick, or die, or recover with horrible lingering effects, are his own constituency. Has he not figured that out yet? Fauci deserves American man of the year. RBG deserves American woman of the year. (century?)

    • Linda, both Fauci and Ginsburg have integrity. I was reading Michael Gerson’s piece on Jill’s blog regarding Trump’s failings as a president. Keith

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