Some wealthy Republicans who benefit under Trump want him gone

Reuters News published an article called “The wealthy Republicans who want to oust Trump in November’s election” by Tim Reid that might be of interest. Here are a few excerpts, but the entire article can be accessed below:

“Jimmy Tosh, who runs a multi-million dollar hog and grain farm in Tennessee, is a lifelong Republican. He is pro-gun, supports lower taxes and agrees with most of Republican President Donald Trump’s agenda. He is also spending his money to help defeat Trump in November’s election.

‘I agree with 80% of the things he does; I just cannot stand a liar,’ Tosh, 70, said of Trump.

Tosh is one of a growing number of wealthy conservative Americans who say Trump is a threat to democracy and the long-term health of the Republican Party. They are actively supporting his Democratic opponent in the Nov. 3 vote, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Several billionaire and millionaire donors to The Lincoln Project, the most prominent of Republican-backed groups opposing Trump’s re-election, told Reuters that elected Republicans should also be punished for enabling him. Some even support the ouster of vulnerable Republican senators to hand control of the chamber to Democrats.

Their money has fueled an unprecedented campaign from members of a sitting president’s own party to oust him from office. This is a sign that Trump has alienated some Republicans, most recently with his response to the coronavirus pandemic and nationwide protests over police brutality against Black Americans.”

What is ironic about Tosh’s statement is he agrees with 80% of what Trump does, but still does not want to vote for him. What Trump has been able to do has helped wealthy people like Tosh through deregulation and a tax law change that favored the wealthy and corporations. Yet, Trump’s deceit, corruptive nature, racist bent and lack of decency are still major stumbling blocks. And, many of his economic changes have actually been detrimental to his fervent base – adding tariffs on trading partners, hindering health care, mishandling COVID-19 and allowing environmental degradation by larger companies, eg.

This voter group helping fund Trump’s opposition should be another alarm bell for Republicans. Trump is becoming an increasingly heavy anchor. It is not just Democrats and the media, who he paints as the enemy. It is not just an isolated Republican who Trump likes to dismiss as “a loser” to mask the message he or she is saying. In essence, Trump is attempting to tell his followers, don’t listen to these losers, rather debate the points they are making.

I encourage Republicans and conservative leaning Independents to pay attention to these groups (The Lincoln Project, Republicans for the Rule of Law and Republican Voters against Trump) and what they are saying. Pay attention to long-time historical conservative pundits like George Will, David Brooks, Michael Gerson, Erick Erickson, etc. who support Trump’s defeat. Pay attention to former staff like General James Mattis and John Bolton who have raised legitimate concerns.

But, most of all pay attention the the array of Inspectors General, whistleblowers, testifiers under oath who have been critical of the job the president is doing who got fired, reassigned or pushed out. Why? What were their concerns? These are important questions. Should a president be able to fire someone without due process from oversight committees in Congress? To me, the answer is a clear no. So, we should band together and push out this president in November.

8 thoughts on “Some wealthy Republicans who benefit under Trump want him gone

  1. All of these are encouraging signs, but we still have to work like hell to ensure a huge Democratic turnout up and down the ticket. We need to overcome voter suppression, Russian and other disinformation and possible hacking, armed trumpian “observers” at polling places, and an overburdened system not ready for the millions of new vote-by-mail ballots.

    I’m grateful for both The Lincoln Project’s ads, which surely mess with the president’s head, and the cameos by individual Republicans, which may be even more effective in reaching trump voters who have just a tiny window of doubt.

    • Janis, I agree with the 80% comment – I am much less than 20%, but also like the fact he is concerned over Trump’s lack of ethics. Keith

  2. I am pleased to see that there are republicans who believe fairness, honesty, integrity and competence matter enough that they are willing to actually vote for a democrat. I had begun to wonder. It’s encouraging, but as Annie points out, we cannot become complacent, for Trump is fighting dirty and we must be ever-vigilant. We have to get as many voters to the polls as possible in November. Thanks for a good post, Keith!

    • Well said, Jill. Even though, Chris Wallace refuted Trump’s claim on Biden and defunding, the commercial is still being aired. People must vote and insist their Senators make sure the vote is respected. Keith

      • That is my biggest fear … that the vote will be compromised in November by a combination of USPS failures, disenfranchisement mechanisms, voter apathy similar to 2016, and fear-mongering. Oh, not to mention downright tampering by Trump’s minions.

      • Jill, ever vigilant we must be. Nothing can be taken for granted against someone known for lying and cheating. Keith

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