Let’s keep our eye on the ball

Let’s keep our eye on the ball. Yes, we need to find smart ways to improve commerce and get more people working, but 157,000 plus Americans have died from COVID-19 and that number is growing.

I read this morning that Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is encouraging folks to wear masks, socially distance, avoid large groups and wash your hands to save lives, is getting death threats. Really? A man trying to save lives is getting death threats?

A real leader would not let this happen. A leader would be straightforward and truthful from the outset. When the US president started lying about the pandemic in January, he set in motion more lying by him and his sycophants. So, steps that could have been taken earlier, were not.

If he had been truthful from the outset, more people would take this pandemic seriously. Fauci would not be getting death threats and, if he did, a leader would tell people to stop that BS. And, BS is actually kind to describe people who threaten the life of anyone, much less someone trying to help others.

A real leader would tell us to keep our eye on the ball. He would not have to be reminded to keep his eye on the ball.

People are dying, mr. president.

7 thoughts on “Let’s keep our eye on the ball

  1. But then, we know we don’t have a real leader. I’m sure you saw the much-talked-about Axios interview where, when pressured by interviewer Jonathan Swan to respond to the more than 1,000 deaths every day, Trump replied, “It is what it is” and moved on to say what a great job he has done. He cannot even pause a moment to consider the deaths of more than a thousand people, human beings, every single day. Many thanks for the shout out and link, my friend!

    • Jill, five former CDC directors have penned an op-ed saying quite clearly the failure to address COVID-19 is a failure of leadership. None of the five could recall instances where the CDC response was politicized by a president. We just crossed 160,000 COVID-19 deaths in the US and the president says “it is what it is.” Keith

  2. I just came across this article on Twitter. I think Michael Stern was way ahead of most of us. Note the date: April.


    Every time trump’s assessment fails, he finds a new wild approach.
    He’s now telling us the vaccine will be ready by the election. And 40% of voters believe him (which, I just learned, was the same percentage who voted for Hoover during that dark period.)

    May the results be the same.

    • Annie, good article. Thanks. See my reference to an op-ed piece by five former CDC directors in mu response to Jill. It ties in with your article. And, yes let’s hope Trump suffers the same fate as Hoover, although he will claw the walls of the pit he created with lies and cheating to get out. Keith

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