Some very stupid questions

It is disappointing the US Congress cannot come to an agreement to help people in these difficult times. Republicans and Democrats are to blame, in spite of the president’s modus operandi to blame only the Democrats. It takes at least two parties to have a communication problem.

In this case, three parties as the White House is not on the same page with its own Republican legislators. And, one of its negotiators, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, has had a career of blowing up legislation when in Congress. Let’s hope this is worked out this weekend, as the last person to try to make changes, because he is limited legally and facts are secondary, is the president.

So, with this in mind, let me ask some very stupid questions on this and other issues.

– One of the sticking points is giving companies liability protections from employees who are forced to work in unsafe conditions and exposed to COVID-19. Since many who have gotten the virus work in jobs where they do not have choices and must come to work even when sick, how does this help people other than the employers?

– The president wants to have a FICA tax payroll cut, a large one. Since you must have a job to pay FICA taxes, how does this help the unemployed folks? A corollary question is how do you know people working will spend the extra cash and not save it and pay down debt? If they do this, it will be less accretive to the economy, than giving money to those without income.

– The pandemic is now reaching into more rural areas and states that had not as much exposure. Right now, South Dakota has an influx of 250,000 motorcyclists for an annual event, who are mask less and not socially distancing, as South Dakota has not had such requirements. How will this not impact South Dakota folks and the attendees in a negative way? If 10% need to be checked and 10% who are tested have COVID-19, that means 2,500 of these bikers may have it. Even if it is less, this virus does not spread arithmetically, it is exponential.

– The US intelligence folks note they have evidence that Russia, China and Iran are trying to influence the election, Russia being the most active since it has been doing it effectively since 2014. Russia again is helping Trump, as they see him as the best weapon to disrupt America’s power and influence. China wants Biden, as they are tired of dealing with such an unpredictable person. China’s ascendency has been enabled by Trump with his retrenchment from global agreements and tariffs, yet China would rather deal with a rational person than the mercurial and perception-focused Trump. With this confirmation, why has this president and Congress not done even more to assure the elections are protected? This lack of interest and urgency, which includes the reluctant Mitch McConnell, dates back two years or more.

– Several states have relied only on mail-in voting and about thirty-five states have used it to more than a minimal extent. The president again is stating fraud risk for something that works well and, as per usual, offers no proof. Why is the president so against mail-in voting when even Republican legislators support it? The answer is the same as above, if he loses, he wants to have reasons to claim fraud and sue. Quite simply, the president’s ego does not handle losing very well.

– Finally, we have 160,000 plus COVID-19 deaths and the president behind the curtain keeps telling us everything is going well. When asked in an interview last week about the 1,000 deaths per day, he said “it is what it is.” Why does he not treat this pandemic with a seriousness of purpose – wearing a mask routinely, requiring the wearing of masks, condemning people who are critical of people trying to help, requiring social distancing, and supporting decisions on how states and communities reopen?

I have many more stupid questions. But, let me pick up on the president’s quote, which I have never liked when used by anyone – “it is what it is.” How can reasonable people not use this same quote to try understand why the Trump presidency is replete with chaos, incompetence, lying, bullying and corruption? I guess “it is what it is.”

15 thoughts on “Some very stupid questions

  1. Your ‘stupid’ questions mirror my own, and unfortunately we both know the answers to all of them. I must congratulate you, however … you are now a graduate of the school of snarkiness!

    Like you, I’ve never liked that term “it is what it is” … in essence, it means the person is willing to accept the status quo no matter how noxious, and not bother to try to make things better. That is exactly what Trump meant when he uttered it in the Axios interview.

    I would add only one question to your excellent list: Why do the people in Trump’s party continue to support him, despite all that he has done and continues to do to hurt the average person in this country, while helping only the wealthy? Legislators who continue to support him are letting down the people who voted for them, who trust them to look after their best interests. And the voters who continue to support him are shooting themselves in the foot … can they really not see this?

    Excellent post, with excellent ‘stupid’ questions, Keith!

      • The ignorance of people who don’t want to leave their comfort zone or want to keep their attitude of an innocent victim.

      • Erika, your last point about “innocent victim” is pertinent. Many a CEO, president or coach, etc. uses sayings like this to avoid accountability. When companies miss earnings estimates, the CEO will blame the economy or other circumstances. Yet, when a good economy rising tide lifts all boats and earnings are good, it due to their genius management. The US president is no different than this. He says he created an economy he inherited and has nothing to do with its fall. Keith

  2. Your questions, of course, aren’t stupid at all and I hope many of us are asking the same things. I really fear for our country and, because of the lying, cheating, and corruption, I’m am losing my hope that things will change. Even if Biden wins, the divide will still be huge.

    • Janis, thanks. But, we must remember General James Mattis’ words that Trump does not even try to unite us. Biden has a history of biparisanship and will try to bring us together. Keith

    • It will be, but have you noticed how quiet it gets when an AC, fridge, or other motor/engine cycles off? The noise that had been mentally filtered out is lifted and we usually all love it. There will be some really loud noises if he loses, but come January 21, 2021, all the newses will have an excellent justification of quickly fading him and his tweets out, and putting them in lesser locations. Twitter itself may decide to dispense with his “attractiveness” (my term not theirs) or at least get rid of the people who only reblog him and try to start trollfights. I do feel that this will be a mostly unspoken collection of actions from every platform, position, site, and group, including those not online. MAGA types will find the barrooms inexplicably (to most of them) different and will stop wearing that hat because something about it feels unfashionable now.

  3. Exceedingly excellent “very stupid questions” presented with your usual eloquence. No doubt that by now you are aware that trump has unsheathed his Sharpie and signed several executive orders as threatened, or if one prefers, as promised! For one who was once quite negative about a president signing executive orders, trump has certainly managed to overcome that point of view. Thank-you!

    • Ellen, thanks. He does not have the authority. And, where will he get the money? The question is what happens next? Autocratic decisions are not how we should operate, which is why this president needs to be removed in November. Keith

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