Brief letter to Senators and Congress people (sent Saturday morning)

I posted the following on the my two Senators (and select others) and Congressman’s websites.

I am disappointed that Congress has failed to reach a decision to help people. As with any communication problem, it is the fault of at least two parties, so the president’s attempt to blame only the Democrats is just more posturing than fact. Please find a way to make a deal. Americans are hurting and the president does not have the authority to do what is needed.

I am big believer we must deal with the debt, but the hypocrisy of the Freedom Caucus and others astounds me. They had no trouble in voting for a $1.5 trillion tax bill when it helped the wealthy and businesses at a time when we should have been reducing debt with a pretty good economy. So, we wasted that debt cost to make a pretty good economy a little better for a little while. Now, we need to help people.

Is the Democrat request to high? Likely. Is the GOP insistence of helping employers escape liability an insensitive move? Likely. A payroll FICA tax cut is not the answer as it won’t be as accretive to the economy as extended unemployment benefits. People with jobs will save more of the money and pay down debt, but those without income will spend it.

I beseech you to get back to work and do your job. It needs to be done in the right way and not left to a perception-focused and autocratic bent president. We cannot give any president more power than they have, but especially this one.

Please feel free to adapt and use, now that the president has made an executive order doing things he does not have the authority to do.

26 thoughts on “Brief letter to Senators and Congress people (sent Saturday morning)

  1. Note to Readers: I would like to see a price tag on the Trump orders. They appear to be more expensive than what the $1 trillion price tag GOP Senators were looking at and some balked at. What should scare Americans beyond the unconstitutional power grab is the comment Trump said he would continue the payroll tax cut if he wins, which would single-handedly kill Social Security and Medicare.

  2. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    As I wrote earlier today, Congress has seemingly come to a stalemate in the relief bill intended to help people who are struggling. In lieu of that, Trump has signed executive orders that do little to help people, and that are beyond the scope of his constitutional powers. Our friend Keith compose an excellent letter that he has sent to certain members of Congress, and I am re-posting it here in hopes that others will share his letter with their own senators and representatives. We MUST let them know that we need them to step up to the plate NOW! Thank you, Keith, both for this excellent letter, for permission to re-blog, and for caring so much!

      • Thanks Jill. I just read the postmaster general has $50 to $75 million invested in for profit mail service business. Can you say conflict of interest?

      • I missed that one, somehow, though I knew he was previously CEO of a logistics firm. Vedddddy interesting! Oh yeah, I can say ‘conflict of interest’ … and in fact I’ve said it more times in the past 3 years than in all the 66 years before! Think Scott Pruitt, Andrew Weber, Betsy DeVos … to name only a few.

      • Jill, the corruption and deceit runs deep and wide with this president, more than you or I can imagine. Folks who abet or carry out these efforts need to be held up to a spotlight – Nunes, Gaetz, Jordan, Johnson, etc.


  3. This president has consistently taken more power than he actually has to bully congress to do it his way or the highway. I’m still reeling from his election at all and having problems with him still being in D.C. rather than in an institution for the severely mentally ill and under constant watch. Now I’m wondering if all the people who will vote for him again might not belong there with him. I have one suggestion on where the institution should be located — build it into that darn wall he’s bullied thru to separate Mexico and the U.S. If he gets in again I wonder if he’ll build one around Canada and extend it to the area off California? Your letter is excellent and as soon as I find the address for Twitchy Mitchy (who unfortunately now has a slight lead over his opponent). He probably won’t see himself in any of this but at least it will be there — I hope.

    • Thanks Kentucky Angel. Trump losing would be euphoric. GOP losing the Senate over their sycophancy would be a dream come true. McConnell losing would be nirvana. He deserves to lose almost as much as Trump. Keith

      • Sorry, he deserves to lose as much as Dinkie Jinxie Texttoys does. Does he really have the power to shut down the Senate, letting them get paid for doing absolutely nothing constructive? That’s doing his job? I don’t think so!
        But then, how many non-elected people in Trump’s Administration are getting paid to ruin the Office they are being payed to fulfill with dignity and honour. But why should they, their illustrious leader has no dignity or honour either.And the only respect he gets is from people who have no idea what respect is in the first place.

      • Rawgod, before Trump arrived, McConnell was the poster boy with what is wrong with DC. In fairness, Democrat Harry Reid was the flip side of the same coin. Yet, nothing compares to the corrupt, incompetence chaos that we have in the White House.

        I learned today that a Birmingham NOAA director was ordered by Wilbur Ross to change his weather prediction to say Hurricane Dorian was predicted to hit Alabama in one model (the percentage was low) to protect the president’s fragile ego. This is as good metaphor for the impending mishandling of COVID-19, as any the article reads. No one will tell the emperor he has no clothes.


  4. Admittedly, I read this outstanding letter on Jill’s morning Snark post. The letter is no less outstanding when read a second and a third time! As a retired elder, the payroll tax cut is of utmost concern to me. trump has made no secret that it is his heart’s desire to destroy Social Security and Medicare. He does not care a whit about We the People and this latest malfeasance should be a wake up call to many! Should trump, by whatever means, win the presidency in November things will go…to borrow a Benjaminism, from worse to “worstest” Thank-you!

    • Proofreading prior to posting comment would have prompted my adding an exclamation point after “worstest”! Thank-you!

      • Ellen, thanks. Trying to get rid of Social Security and Medicare is very poor marketing posture. He would lose more seniors. Keith

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    PLEASE!! … “I beseech you to get back to work and do your job. It needs to be done in the right way and not left to a perception-focused and autocratic bent president. We cannot give any president more power than they have, but especially this one.”

  6. Note to Readers: My guess is sending this to Senators who may act is better than Senators who won’t. To me, the GOP Senators who have remembered their oaths more than others include folks like – Ben Sasse, Mitt Romney, Cory Gardner, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Pat Toomey. I had hopes more senior Senators would be more critical of their corrupt and deceitful acting boss, bur am routinely disappointed in Lamar Alexander, Rob Portman, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham and Charles Grassley, They carry the watet too much for their tribal leader.

    But, we still must reach out and tell them what we think. They need to know, we know what their tribal chief is doing is not right. Keith

  7. Note to Readers: A staff member for my Congressman (a Republican) called me about this letter I posted on his website. He said he was sharing it with the Congressman, which implies he does not see all of them.

    I reiterated the key themes;
    – Congress needs to make a deal as the president does not have the authority, plus part of what he proposed is unworkable
    – Congress should not cede their power to any president, but especially this one
    – the blame game is offensive – you all are at fault, Reps, Dems, including the president; please do your job, as we deserve better
    – it used to be the House would pass a bill, the Senate would pass a bill and then a commitee would reconcile them; when a process is not followed, take it to the bank, it is political
    – It does not appear McConnell and Cornyn are involved in the process.


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  9. Note to Readers: Here is a note from the nonpartisan The Concord Coalition on the COVID-19 relief stalemate. The Concord Coalition focuses on the US deficit and debt.

    “The following is written from the perspective of Concord Coalition Policy Director, Tori Gorman.

    Avid readers of The Lookout will notice that my missive today is unlike any of my previous entries. If you are accustomed to the colorful charts and technical policy analyses that usually accompany my posts, my sincerest apologies. Those features will return, but today’s post is from the heart.

    Last week I fully anticipated that I would be spending my waking hours prior to publication of this newsletter buried in legislative text, frantically distilling the latest coronavirus relief package from Congress for our readers. Instead, I find myself staring at an empty desk while federal officials jet home for their sacrosanct August recess. Why? Because despite over 160,000 Americans dead from COVID-19, a record-setting decline in economic activity, over 31 million people collecting some form of unemployment, and millions of children unable to return to school, lawmakers refused to compromise.


    Each side has expressed support for another pandemic relief bill and each side has tendered their initial offer. The House-passed HEROES Act would spend another $3.4 trillion whereas the Senate Republican package of proposals would spend closer to $1.2 trillion. Clearly there is plenty of playing field in between to reach agreement.

    On what planet is an acceptable outcome ZERO?”

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