Thirteen years and counting

Yesterday was the thirteenth anniversary of the start of my going alcohol free. The echo still remains, but it is a faint one and usually pops up at certain times in the late afternoon. It is indeed manageable. The following link is to a post I wrote on my sixth anniversary, which remains my most visited post. If you have this issue or know someone who does, I mention some teachings therein I gleaned from others. The key one is “I am not going to drink today.”

21 thoughts on “Thirteen years and counting

  1. Congrats, Keith! I’m a former smoker and I understand how powerful addiction is. It really does control your life. The desire for a smoke still comes when I least expect it – but after 13 years of not smoking, the urge is not strong. Thanks for sharing your story with us, good sir!

  2. Congratulations on this 13 year milestone! “Just for today” was the mantra used by a co-worker with a drug and alcohol addiction. She was a success story too. Thank-you!

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