A female with questions – the president’s greatest fear

Ever since the presidential candidate Donald Trump refused to attend a debate because Fox’s Megyn Kelly asked him tough questions at a previous one, he has shown he is not comfortable with anyone who knows facts asking him questions, but especially females. He recently showed poorly with male reporters Fox’s Chris Wallace and Axios’ Jonathan Swain pushed back when he was not being truthful on a couple of points, but he did not vacate the premises.

Over the weekend, the president walked out of a press conference, when CBS reporter Paula Reid corrected him on a continual mistatement that he passed the Veteran’s Choice Healthcare Act. She noted he had not as that was passed in 2014. He signed an amendment to the act, but he often does not let facts get in the way of a good story.

Per Tom Jones of The Poynter Report in an article called “Why does President Trump react so strongly when challenged by female reporters?” Jones notes CNN’s Kaitlan Collins caused him to walk out of Coronavirus briefing with her questions. And, Trump referred to CNN’s Weijia Jiang as “nasty” and PBS Newshour Yamiche Alexander he asked to “be nice.” Reid has also bwen referred to as “disgusting.”

To me, he is also fearful of Speaker Nancy Pelosi who pushes back on the president. After an incident last fall where she asked the president in a televised meeting to not mischaracterize her position, she haa not made too many more appearsnces in the oval office.

The president has a hard time with facts and the truth, per too many sources to mention. One theory is he lies so much, he does not know when the truth stops and lies begin. The other is he uses truth as a commodity. Even when he uses it, he has to exaggerate good news or his role in making good news happen. It is likely a blend of both theories, but I lean toward him just making stuff up becauae it sounds good.

But, he seems to especially not care for women correcting him. Getting back to Kelly, she asked him legitimate questions about his treatment of and relationships with women. He has been accused of sexual assault and harassment on numerous occasions and has been overtly critical of some women’s appearance. Mind you, Kelly’s questions were several months before the Access Hollywood tape where Trump described his power to grope women with impunity, which he dismissed as “locker room talk.”

Maybe, this is why he has a hard time with women questioning him. Maybe he sees them through a “locker room” lens, using his metaphor. Or maybe he wants a women to be more acquiescent. I don’t know the answer, but Jones is not the first editorialist who has opined on Trump’s fear of women who push back with questions.

19 thoughts on “A female with questions – the president’s greatest fear

  1. Yes, he fears women. Why? We aren’t phycologists, but it’s not too hard to surmise why. The truth? That is completely irrelevant to Donald Trump. Always has been, always will be. He is like a blind man looking at a rainbow. Its beauty is simply not there for him to observe.

    • Linda. I like the blindman/ rainbow analogy. I like reporters who know the answer to the question and can artfully push back when they know what they heard is untrue. I told my wife, it is possible he has no idea he did not sign that bill. He just doesn’t care to know facts. Keith

  2. He defines the word ‘misogynist’, doesn’t he? He judges women by what’s on the outside, not what’s on the inside, and wants them to be, as Melania largely is, seen and not heard. A woman with a fully functional brain is, to him, a threat, an enigma. In reading his niece’s book, Trump’s mother was nearly always subservient to his father … he got his training early in life. As for truth, Rangewriter states it well. Good post, Keith!

    • Thanks Jill. His picture could be by misogynist in the dictionary. By the way, I have been in many locker rooms with all kinds of people, different races, different socio-economic strata, different sports, etc. and I have never heard a man bragging on groping women and getting away with it. That is not “locker room talk,” that is a confession of a crime. Keith

      • I do recall hearing at that time, a foot ball or basket ball player in the big leagues saying he didn’t know what kind of locker rooms not-then-President Trump hung out in because he never heard that stuff in his. Maybe his military academy’s?

  3. Note to Readers: Driving back from a mountain getaway, we saw a “Women for Trump” sign. Now, there are many reasons not to support Trump including policy decisions, poor execution, chaotic communication, untruthfulness, corruption, bullying and lack of leadership. But, when I see a sign like that, I think of the gist of this post. The best thing that could have happened to America would have been for Mike Pence to have stood firm and backed out of the race after the Access Hollywood tape in October, 2016. He was talked into staying the course. Now, to see his puppy dog loyalty to Trump reveals the lack of a character in the Vice President. If he had dropped out of the race, America would have taken notice and we would not be in this predicament. Keith

    • I’m not sure if that would have happened or not if Pence refused. I think he is a good “case study” (right term in the business world?) of how the evangelic politicians often allow/do things that would be denounced in an unfavored person. If they are not consciously deceiving others, I have assumed that they believe they will remain uncorrupted until they are in power, and can then repudiate the dirty cloathes they used to get elected. Since they can’t do everything in 1 term, or anything if it requires a legislature’s cooperation, they keep wearing those dirty cloathes, or decide to do what they can in 1 term and reelection be danmed (very rare). Long post sorry.

  4. That’s really a good theory you brought up here, Keith. He is such a macho. Also, I like what you said about truth and lies. The problem is that he mixes both, whether deliberately or form a state of dumbness. But those “half-truths” are more dangerous than I lie.

    • Erika, thanks. There is a circular rumor issue that makes him believe his own BS. He will hear something fron one of the conspiracy sites like InfoWars and repeat it. Fox or Breirbart will repeat what the president, not necessarily as fact, but not disclaim it. Then, the president will say a lot of people are talking about this, yet it remains a conspiracy rumor.

      So, it is fair to say the president of the US is the biggest purveyor of fake news, as he is the channel. Keith

      • Oh, gosh, yes, that is like a viscious circle that confirms him falsly….
        True! I was almost bursting when I heard that he calls Kamala Harris someone who tells lies… gosh, was I laughing!

      • Erika, don’t let Trump’s name calling fool you, he is scared of Kamala Harris. He is doing all this posturing, but it is all for show. Keith

      • We trust Mr Trump’s discomfiture assists him n his reconsideration of how he addresses some of the policy and foreign policy challenges you country faces. Ms Harris’s elevation allows some of the other women contenders to be considered for posts in a refreshed cabinet, eg Warren, Rice, Klobucha etc.

      • David, excellent point. Trump has already started the name calling of Harris, which is a good sign he is scared. What his base does not recognize is when Trump name calls, it means he cannot think of anything better to say to support his argument. Keith

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