A few wanderings on this Wednesday

My mind is wandering this morning searching for a topic that I can write more than a few words. I feel I have written too much about “he who shall not be named,” but when you live in a largely ungoverned country, it does cause consternations. So, in no particular order, here are a few thoughts:

– I am pleased with Joe Biden’s selection of Senator Kamala Harris as a running mate. She is experienced, credentialed, and brings a lot to the ticket. One can tell that “he who shall not be named” is scared, because the name calling has already started. As for those who feel she is not the perfect choice, there is no such thing.

– I had a call from a staff member of my GOP Congressman. He said he was sharing my letter I posted with the Congressman. We had a good call, but it told me the staff screens all emails, so the elected official only sees a few. The email is summarized in the link to an earlier post. I encourage you to speak to or email Senators and your Congressperson to get them to act on a COVID-19 deal, which is the right way to govern.

– On the subject of not governing, the incumbent Senator running for reelection in NC is bragging in a commercial on what he has proposed, not done. The Senate has not done a whole lot in his tenure and it appears to have punted their negotiations on a COVID-19 relief bill to the White House, which is not supposed to be how it works.

– When any legislative body does not follow its own processes, take it to the bank, it is political. The processes are there to add rigor and regimen and give citizens comfort. The process for a bill is usually one chamber passes a version, the other chamber passes a version, then they reconcile the differences. Now, people are scared of taking votes that may mean a few of one party joins more of the other party to get legislation. That is not governance – that is retreat.

As I type this, I hear yet another commercial downstairs from said Senator using the word “leadership.” Right now, there is not much leadership going on or governance. We have people in positions of leadership, but using the word “leader” is a bridge too far. That especially applies to “he who shall not be named.” Where is Harry Potter when you need him?


4 thoughts on “A few wanderings on this Wednesday

  1. Today, I share your mind wanderings, only in my case, it is mind bounce. So much to critique, yet some days it seems that we’ve said it all before … over and over again. I agree with your selections, and am definitely in agreement that Trump is scared of Senator Harris by the tone of his criticisms … which really aren’t even criticisms, but simply name-calling, for that is his first line of defense. Sigh. I presume the incumbent senator running for re-election is Tillis? A jerk if ever there was one. Again … sigh. Of late, I’ve come to wonder if there is any sense of decency at all in our federal government.

    • Jill, I understand about the bounce. Interestingly, Fox’ Chris Wallace said calling Senator Kamala Harris a progressive liberal is a misnomer. The same can be said for Joe Biden. But, his opponent is running two sets of commercials – one that he is too tough on crime and the other saying is not tough enough. Which is it?

      What scares Biden/ Harris opponents the most, is she looks, sounds and represents what America is. She is smart, engaging, and real. People may not agree with her positions, but they cannot argue with what she has made of herself. Keith

      • Chris Wallace stands far above the rest of the crew over at Fox and is, in my book, the only actual journalist they have. Yes, Kamala is, I think, the perfect choice. I don’t typically watch the debates, but I rather think I will watch the one between her and Pence, for he is so outclassed it is beyond funny.

      • Jill, the president has admitted to sabotaging the post office to harm mail voting. It is interesting I read that today, as after getting a request from the local election board about mail-in voting last week, today the Republicans also sent me such a request. As with more than several things, the US president is at odds with his own party on mail in voting.

        Just think of the gist of that paragraph – a US president wants to harm the delivery of mail to affect the outcome of election. I would like GOP Senators and Governors to tell me how I should feel about the president’s poor stewardship. Keith

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