A recent immigration stance history

Our friend Jill wrote that Nebraska GOP State Senator John McCollister noted the majority of Republicans used to support Roe v Wade, but the party leadership decided in the late 1970s, it was an issue the party could use to peel off religious voters from Democrats. So, winning became more important than governance.

The change in stance reminds me of immigration, with both parties supporting humane and thoughtful immigration reform for decades. After the Gang of Eight (including GOP Senator Marco Rubio) helped the Senate pass a good bill on immigration in 2013, GOP Speaker John Boehner refused to have a vote even though some Republicans would have passed it with the Democrats. Party leadership felt it could be a winning divisive issue. What amazed me is when Rubio, two years later in his campaign for president, disowned his greatest legislative achievement.

This Boehner move led to DACA two years later, an executive order by Obama. Mind you, executive orders are a poor substitute for laws, regardless of who signs them. Scrolling forward to the “sh**hole country” comment day in the spring of 2018, Trump agreed to a deal with Senators Lindsey Graham and Dick Durbin of $25 billion for his wall in trade for DACA being made into law.

After the agreement was achieved in the morning, Senator Tom Cotton and others got in Trump’s ear and said immigration was still a divisive issue to help the election. So, by the afternoon, poor Graham and Durbin showed up for what they thought was a press conference to announce the deal. But, Trump backed away from his deal and uttered the quote above about not allowing immigrants from “sh**hole countries.” Setting this aside, picture how Graham and Durbin must have felt to have a negotiator turn on you after a deal was struck.

This is about winning elections not governance. A wedge issue to win votes, not govern. It should be noted, this one helped backfire on the Republicans when they lost the House majority that fall. Treating people like dirt when they are trying to escape danger and poverty is not a good answer to the question made into bracelets – WWJD?

Outside of his misinformation and mishandling of COVID-19, caging children away from their parents is probably the best metaphor for this presidency. Whether we let people enter, we should treat all people with dignity and respect, but especially children. Maybe we should put that on a billboard – The president who caged children.

12 thoughts on “A recent immigration stance history

  1. It seems that winning is the only goal of politicians throughout the country. It’s as if the GOP (as well as the Democrats) can never get enough of the stage. They will not be happy till there’s not an opponent standing. And what purpose would that serve? Does a one-party nation govern better? Last longer? Is it more responsive to the desires of its people? This blind obsession with winning elections is killing our country. But oh well. Right behind that slow death will be the slow death of unmitigated climate change.

    • Linda, true. I think we must mix in the money to puppeteer the winners. The fossil fuel industry largely funds the GOP candidates, but they also fund Democrats to cover their bets. Hence, your climate change concern. Keith

  2. Politics has always been a dirty game, but today they play with people’s lives as if they had no more meaning than a box of Cracker Jacks … pawns is what people are to the politicians. Both sides are guilty, but the republicans seem particularly cruel and uncaring, will do literally anything to retain power. Children have died at the border because of the lack of care they received … and yet, they are only collateral damage, it seems. Thanks for the shout out, by the way! Good post, but sad that it has to be this way.

      • So true. I was diligently covering the kids in cages, but then along came the pandemic and I haven’t kept up. Only so many hours in a day, but those kids should be a primary concern for us all.

      • Jill, people have a hard time with history, even recent history. This is most unfortunate link to Orwell’s “1984” to make people what happened only recently did not happen. Keith

  3. The only good thing I’ve heard from Senator Cottonmouth (I feel bad name calling, though his venomous capability is accurate) was his attempted dog-whistle insult of Black Lives Matter protestors / believers about retituling the Washington Monument the “Obelisk of Wokeness”.

      • We may be not suspecting that, when Trump’s enchantment is gone (whenever it happens), alot of other fast talking high rolling business types may be looked at more closely by the market and their business peers to avoid similar flim flams.

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