Bipartisan effort in Kentucky

Courtesy of fellow blogger, Kentucky Angel (see link below) comes the following good news story.

Kentucky Democrat Governor Andy Beshear and Republican Secretary of State Michael Adams jointly developed a plan for the General Election that puts the “health and safety of Kentuckians first,” per Beshear, providing more time and options to vote than ever before.

This bipartisanship is refreshing and much needed on this issue. Rather than malign the voting process, they are taking efforts to make sure it works for their citizens. The folks in the White House and Capitol building could learn from this bipartisan focus to help people understanding the challenges they face.

This post is necessarily brief, as I sent a variation into my newspaper because of its bipartisanship. I hope they print it. This represents the kind of collaboration we need to solve problems. Please feel free to spread the word. Thanks Kentucky Angel.

9 thoughts on “Bipartisan effort in Kentucky

  1. That is good news, Keith. Your post reminded me of a question that I’ve wanted to ask you for a while: When I see, as an example, the word “Democrat” Governor used instead of “Democratic” Governor, it’s usually said/written by someone on the right fringe. Everything I’ve read indicates it is meant as a put down (obviously they know there is no “Democrat” Party) and a sign of disrespect. Besides not being grammatically correct (Democrat is a noun: “I am a Democrat,” and Democratic is an adjective), its use can be traced back to Joseph McCarthy (and maybe before, the googles has a lot of good information on it). Anyway, I know that you don’t mean to use the word in a pejorative sense so I wonder if maybe you picked it up when you were a Republican, or is that just the way it’s said where you live? I hope you don’t take offense, it’s just nails on a blackboard to me so I thought I’d ask.

  2. Great share, Keith! I almost re-blogged Angie’s post yesterday when I first read it, but I got sidetracked. Glad to see you picked up the ball I dropped. I’ve liked everything I’ve read about Beshear so far, and this just iced the cake for me! I’m sure Mitch McConnell must be spitting bullets about now!

  3. An excellent share! It is stories such as this that gives us hope that every citizen everywhere will be able to cast their vote…as is their right. Thank-you!

  4. Note to Readers: The Charlotte Observer printed a variation of the above in its Letter to the Editor section. Please feel free to share this bipartisan collaboration.

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