Tuesday’s Gone with the Wind – a few thoughts

With all due respect to “Ruby Tuesday” and “Tuesday Afternoon,” I chose this song title for my random Tuesday thoughts. “Tuesday’s Gone with the Wind” has the right melancholy feel.

Starting with the last part of the title “Gone with the Wind,” it reminds me that the entertainment world has finally figured out the famous movie and book are racist and poor renditions of the events surrounding the Civil War. We actually discussed this misrepresentation by the movie and book in my World Literature class in 1977. But, propaganda about the war has been around since white slaveowners got poor whites to fight for a more righteous cause of states’ rights than the real one to let them keep slaves.

Remember how states’ rights were cited by the president for delegating his responsibility to fight COVID-19. Yet, states’ rights are less important if he must flex his law and order muscles. Both the Kenosha mayor and Wisconsin governor asked the president not to come to Kenosha as he would not help calm the situation. Well, he is coming to get his photo shoot, but he should not be surprised if he is not well-received. Uniting people is not the mission of this president as noted by General James Mattis, his former Secretary of Defense.

The president’s actions and words concern me on so many levels. One is his fanning the flames of racial unrest to win an election. He offers it is not his doing, but he is the one walking around with a gasoline can. All lives and Blue lives, of course, matter, but those mantras denigrate the message of Black Lives Matters. What this white washing misdirection does is ignores that too many Americans do not feel Black lives matter or that Blacks are overstating their strife. And, the president is catering to these groups with his divisive rhetoric and gasoline.

The vast majority of BLM protests are peaceful and civil. They are also well attended by multiple racial groups. But, the smaller few need to cease the violence. It devalues the message. Violence also feeds directly into the hands of the president who looks for wedge issues. In three and half years, many have become weary of this me, me, me focus of the president who cares more about his perception than solving problems. These things are happening on his watch and he is making things worse, not better.

On the Blue side, the police must better police themselves. They need to weed out any bad actors and recognize, address and train-to-minimize bad actions. A former FBI domestic terrorism expert said she shared with the Justice Department that a few police officers are sympathetic with white nationalists. But, the police union and management must stop doing what the Catholic Church did for decades and ignore bad apples. They do spoil the impression of the whole bunch. Just like only a few priests were pedophiles, only a few police are overly racist.

Fixing problems requires leaders to acknowledge them. And, understand them. As I noted earlier, using problems to be a wedge issue to win does not solve the problems. It makes them worse.


18 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Gone with the Wind – a few thoughts

  1. Hello Keith. About the comparison of racist police to pedophiles priests misses one point. Just as in the Catholic church those same priests rose through the ranks to upper levels where they protected people who were like them, that is the same situation in law enforcement. There has been nearly 30 years of deliberate infiltration of the law enforcement agencies by racist white supremacist groups. So the “bad apples” are at the top levels also, so they protect and bring more racist into the force. Here is a great post on it written by Xena that she graced me with the privilege of posting. Hugs

    • Scottie, thanks for sharing this. Fourteen officers broke with the Minneapolis police union when the union would not condemn the violence toward George Floyd. The union leader had thirty reported incidents against him, who has risen through the ranks. Keith

      • Hello Keith. Thank you for the information, I didn’t know that. Those 14 are in big danger and could lose their jobs or not get needed back up when they really need it for challenging the police union power. Their promotions are over. Let me know what more you hear about their futures. Until we bring the police including their unions back under civil control we will be fighting for reforms that can not happen. Just as the military is under civilian control so should the police / law forces. I am a union supporter, but in this case the police unions have moved the issue from workers rights, to taking authority over otherwise civilian government actions. They have become a power unto themselves, able to threaten elected officials when their demands are not met, and refusing to allow the firing of bad cops. Any armed force in the US has to be under the control of civilian elected leaders, but this is what we are dealing with today with police unions. Hugs

      • Scottie, thanks for your insight. It is all about control. Yet, if they don’t want to be painted with a broad brush, they better do something about. Trump is on the wrong end of the issue, but too many are following his divisiveness. Keith

  2. That man’s intention is not solving problems or going for a collective goal for the benefit of the people he is responsible for. His intention is to win and using any tool to realize his goal.

  3. Excellent post Keith. I find it very interesting that the latest Military Times poll has the current president underwater in favorability by about 8 points. It looks like even our men and women in uniform have had enough of this detestable man. If that’s accurate, I feel a tad better that he’s living on borrowed time in the White House. Nov 3 cannot come fast enough.

  4. I’m afraid that the violent factions (I’m not going to call them protesters) are playing right into the right’s hands. They either don’t care (and don’t vote) or they are agitators from the right who are trying to start a race war. I’m also trying to find things to be upbeat about. Please share as you find anything.

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