When you hear the word conspiracy…

When you hear the word conspiracy, do yourself a favor and dig further. When such a word is uttered by someone known for his lack of credibility, do not believe him and dig even further.

It is amazing to say this about the person who has arguably the best intelligence staff briefing him, but the president of the United States chooses to parrot conspiracy theories rather than stick with the facts. His five biographers and a sixth author who ghost wrote “The Art of the Deal” for Trump have all noted the president has a problem with the truth.

What has troubled me in the last two days is two GOP Senators (Rand Paul and Joni Ernst) have uttered Trump-like conspiracy theories. I won’t do justice to their comments by repeating them, but it is truly disheartening.

It is bad enough that GOP Senators remain silent when the president verbally or physically abuses the office. It is even worse when they rationalize his comments or behavior.

But, when United States’ Senators parrot Trump-like conspiracy BS, that is a “bridge too far.” Disheartening is a word I used above, but it is more than that. It is embarassing that a Senator would pattern their behavior after the worst toddler. Senators, I will say to you what I have written about the president – if you cannot add value, please stop talking.

22 thoughts on “When you hear the word conspiracy…

  1. Keith, the Republican Party needs to start roundly criticizing this crap, especially anything related to the Q’Anon conspiracy phenomenon. Now there’s a high likelihood that a candidate for Congress in Georgia who espouses these views is going to win a seat. I sure hope Mitch McConnell and others let the American people know, loudly, that these views are not representative of their party. Right now, the silence is pretty deafening. Excellent post.

    • Thanks Jeff. I agree, the GOP so-called leaders need to condemn the conspiracy folks. But, they would also need to condemn the president.

      It is not ironic, the president conspires to extort Ukraine, conspires with Russia, and conspires to silence his trysts and sexual misconduct. Yet, he is eager to parrot inane conspiracies. Keith

  2. You and I, as often happens, are of like minds tonight, for I’m working on my a.m. post about these conspiracy theories. To your words ‘disheartening’ and ’embarrassing’, I would add ‘dangerous’. Too many people … gun-toting people … aren’t well-informed or well-educated enough to know the difference.

    • Jill, I look forward to reading it. Two comments. 1) Check out Kevin Siers editorial cartoon with what is inside the president’s head. 2) it is also dangerous when COVID-19 conspiracy BS is espoused by the president or one of his sycophants, like Ernst did. I left her a message using the theme above.

      • I could not find the Siers’ cartoon you mention, but found many others that were great! I don’t think I had ever seen Siers’ work before, but he is good. Yes, that pandemic conspiracy, Joni Ernst’s comment that perhaps there were actually fewer than 10,000 deaths, is b.s.! If anything, as Dr. Fauci has said more than once, the reported deaths are only a portion of the actual deaths. I don’t even believe the numbers since Trump took reporting responsibility away from the CDC and gave it to HHS, and also has reduced testing and now is reducing it even further. I am far more inclined to believe Dr. Fauci who says that we will likely see over 300,000 deaths by year-end. I’m glad you contacted Ernst. She used to be somewhat credible, but this blows it out of the water.

      • Jill, check out today’s edition of The Charlotte Observer for Siers’ latest. Ernst knows better and needs to hear from people that what she did is poor form. Keith

    • Bumba, I think when the internet went full force. There is an old saying, “never argue with a street preacher,” as they are on the zealous side. Online, street preachers can find each other. Now, we have organizations who peddle this BS for ad money.

      What John Oliver pointed out on his show, most of the time spent by Alex Jones on his show is selling product related to his conspiracy BS. Keith

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  4. Rand Paul never struck me as particularly well plugged-in to reality — he’s the reboot of Ron Paul, after all. I don’t know a lot about the hog-castrator, but for Republicans generally, upholding the fiction that Trump is a functional adult requires them to ignore an ever-growing mountain of evidence. Once you’ve trained yourself to believe obvious nonsense in one area, it’s easier to do so in all areas.

    The Republican party will not condemn the various forms of wild nonsense Trump endorses, not in any aggressive or high-profile way, because there is no longer a “Republican party” independent of the Trump cult. It’s the Party of Trump now. A few party bureaucrats nobody listens to will go through the motions of criticizing the really extreme stuff when it’s espoused by some minor candidate (as opposed to a sitting senator), and a few crypto-moderates like Collins will hand-wring a bit before ultimately going along with the cult, but that’s about it. The ones who do speak out clearly, like the Lincoln Project, are not part of the party any more in any meaningful sense.

    • Well said. Paul, occasionally, will do the right thing. But, I agree he has hopped in bed with president when the latter agrees with the retrenching message of Paul. Yet, parroting the president’s BS shows a lack of integrity. Thanks for stopping by. Keith

      • Hello Keith. Is not what Infidel753 said about the Republican party being now a cult of tRump and what I have said the former members of the Republican party who wish to maintain the best parts of that party needing to form a new political party to do so the same thing? Hugs

      • Yes. Have you noticed the eerie silence from Republicans about Trump’s “losers and suckers”remark regarding the soldiers who were MIA and KIA? They do not know what do having made their bed with Trump. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: The following were not conspiracies, although the accused leaders made them out to be;
    – The Pentagon Papers confirmed the DOD and presidents Nixon and LBJ knew the Vietnam War was a lost cause yet continued to fight it for years.
    – Nixon’s own tapes confirmed he was fully aware and covered up Watergate
    – Reagan had to go on TV and say he lied about the Iran-Contra affair which would have been an impeachable offense had Oliver North not taken the rap
    – Clinton had an affair in the White House and lied under oath leading to his impeachment
    – A British post-mortem review confirmed George W Bush and Tony Blair lied about weapons of mass destruction and other matters leading us to invade Iraq
    – A Republican led Senate Intelligence committee just confirmed the findings in the Mueller report, actually going further to link the Trump campaign to Russian intelligence officer.

    Again, all of these were called conspiracies, but they all turned out to be true.

  6. Hi, I think there is a pretty high possibility that an oligarchy of rich folks are trying to limit peoples freedom across the world using covid as an excuse to cause the deaths of millions because they believe humans are destroying the environment. Should I stop worrying about this? I ask because a lot of comments on here make me feel like you all aren’t at all worried for our future in the same way… if your not I would love to talk more to better understand your position. Thanks!

    • Magic Pickaxe, first off cool name. Thanks for commenting. America, in particular, has seemed to have reawakened its Robber Baron period, with so few owning so much. This has pre-dated the COVID-19 crisis and the current US president. But, his tax cuts, deregulation, granting contracts, and cutting social insurance programs, has made the disparity much worse. What is also not discussed is too much of the stimulus money went to publicly traded companies and not small businesses, so the stock market success belies a struggling economy underneath.

      This is happening around the globe as well with an interesting graphic that is called an “elephant curve” which looks like an elephant with his nose raised. The rich have done very well, but the trough of the middle class has suffered, while the efforts to chase cheap labor has helped the poorest. The rate of growth for these folks is large, but the dollars are small.

      This is a much longer topic for comments, so I might dust off or write a new post on it. Thanks for your comments. Keith

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