It is sad the president lies to defend that he is not lying

Per a story by Amanda Marcotte of Salon, as reported in Raw Story called “Why Trump’s denials of his contempt for the military are likely just more lies — and why it matters,” please read the first two paragraphs. The whole story can be linked to below.

“Donald Trump is likely lying, of course, in denying a new report by Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic that accuses the president of calling the fallen American soldiers of World War I ‘suckers’ and ‘losers.’

We know this because of Trump’s pathological pattern of telling lies, first of all. But also because in his tweeted denials, Trump now claims he never called the Sen. John McCain a ‘loser’ for being captured during the Vietnam War, even though there’s a recording of him doing so, in the same rant during which he declared, ‘I like people who weren’t captured.’ Trump was so proud of this smear of the late Arizona Republican that he tweeted it out at the time.”

We should not forget Trump’s active role in trying to avoid the lowering of the flags for John McCain’s funeral, which he was famously uninvited. He denied this in his tweets as well, but several folks in the know have corrected him. But, we should not forget that he also denigrated a Gold Star family who had the temerity to criticize him.

There are a number of folks who have come out to say they did not hear Trump say these things. That does not mean they were not said. Conservative pundit David Brooks noted Jeffrey Goldberg has an excellent reputation for accuracy and his reporting was corroborated by four sources. One of those sources was the national security correspondent for Fox News, Jennifer Griffin, who Trump is trying to get fired.

Trump supporters complain that these folks are anonymous, yet what they fail to consider the vindictive nature of the tempestuous president. We should not forget how honorable people who testified under oath about concerns over Ukraine have all been handled. We should not forget that Inspectors General who raised concerns have all been handled. We should not forget how Trump sycophants in Congress beat up on Michael Cohen who called Trump a racist, con man and a cheat under oath.

Trump wants blood. Critics must be identified and fired. He must know names, so he can discredit them as “losers.” Is it so hard to believe that Donald Trump would call a group of people losers or suckers, given his nature? And, take it to the bank – Goldberg, Marcotte and Griffin will each be called “losers” and their publication is in “trouble.”

Why Trump’s denials of his contempt for the military are likely just more lies — and why it matters

14 thoughts on “It is sad the president lies to defend that he is not lying

  1. I was thinking about this last night, and by Trump immediately jumping to the conclusion that John Kelly, his former White House Chief of Staff, was responsible for the “leaks” to The Atlantic, he admitted his guilt. How would John Kelly have known about these things, if they hadn’t happened?

    This nation simply cannot afford another 4 years of being led by a ‘man’ who lies, cheats, and bullies everyone. He has undone decades of work in international relations, has undone decades of work in the area of civil rights, and is on a clear path to becoming a dictator. Anyone who cannot see that is, in my book, a fool.

    Thanks for the link to the RawStory piece.

    • Thanks Jill. I was wondering if Kelly was one of Griffin’s sources. I was watching “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel” today, and it footage of Trump telling a rally about Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling during the anthem saying “Get him out of there!”

      Maybe, Kaepernick should tell Congress about Trump’s derision of the soldiers to “Get him out of here!”


      • I hadn’t thought of it, but I suppose it’s possible. It seems like at this point, since Kelly has left the administration, he wouldn’t need to be ‘anonymous’, but perhaps I don’t know the full story. That’s why I was so impressed when Mattis came out and made a public statement about Trump, for that no doubt took courage. Heh heh … love your thought on Kaepernick! Maybe he should!

      • Jill, of course, any one who comes forward will get death threats and will have the full Trump discredit playbook thrown at him or her. Mattis deserves kudos for his courageous statements. Keith

  2. Very distressing and depressing state of affairs. Another four years of this will be disastrous. We can kiss our freedoms and human rights goodbye. I hope we can turn this around. Our hope is in our vote. Best wishes to you, MW

  3. Note to Readers: Jennifer Griffin, national security correspondent for Fox News doubled down on the veracity of her story. She noted with the president’s bent on punishing folks, they must remain anonymous.

    She also got support. Per a news report in The Hill “Republican Congressman and former Air Force pilot Adam Kinzinger came to Griffin’s defense on Saturday, calling her ‘one of my favorite reporters. Fair and unafraid.'”

    In other reports Fox News’ presenter Brit Hume offered his support and “Fox News’ Tel Aviv-based foreign correspondent Trey Yingst also defended Griffin, saying she ’embodies what the industry is built upon. Truth and accountability.'”

  4. Trumps lies wound us and our reputation throughout the world. However, his followers lap up anything that drips off his tongue or fingers as if it were spoken by Jesus. Makes one wonder where they got their Sunday School training.

    • Linda, it does make you wonder. The lying is obvious and at times insulting. My guess is he calls his base the very terms he called the military. Michael Cohen’s book will get discounted, but there are similar derogatory statements therein. And, we should never forget what he said on the Access Hollywood tape. Keith

      • Linda, his busy time is spent on his perception by his base. It has been said he preaches winning the daily, if not half-daily, PR wars, counting on our nation’s short attention span. Keith

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