Five minutes of your time – listen to candid wisdom on COVID-19 mishandling

If people want to get a sense of the failure of the president to lead us during the COVID-19 pandemic, following his admission and confirmation he lied to the American people (and continued to do so) about the risk of COVID-19, please click on Scottie’s post which has a five minute commentary by a very smart man who goes by the name Beau of the Fifth Column. Even a few minutes of the commentary will give you the gist.

The fact the president misled Americans on the dangers of COVID-19 is not news. The fact he admitted he knew and lied is. What the president fails to realize then, during his misleading press conferences and tweets, and even today, is too many people believe his BS. And, too many sycophants furthered his lies and downplayed the danger.

Too many Americans have died and more will. Too many Americans have gotten sick and more will. And, putting this in terms the president might understand, dying and sickness is not good for the economy. When people get sick when we reopen stores, schools, rallies, etc. without seriousness of purpose, it is predicted and predictable people will get infected.

I will say this bluntly. This calls for the resignation of the president.

Let’s talk about Trump, Woodward, and bad days….

20 thoughts on “Five minutes of your time – listen to candid wisdom on COVID-19 mishandling

  1. I want to share this but The fact is I have been harassed and threatened , called a far left fascist ( figure that out) the ugliest of names by Trump sycophants Blogging at WP, with no desire to read the truth about him nor do they want me to have the right to voice my opinion. So I’m torn between self preservation and patriotism. I truly feel our democracy can’t withstand 4 more years (or more if he manages to further destroy the constitution and remain in office as a dictator). What he’s done is unforgivable but his only concern is his own skin. His corruption has seeped into every branch of our government and even the Supreme Court.

    • Holly, I am so sorry. There is no call for bullying on line or in person. As for his fan base, it is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled. Trump cannot drain the swamp, as he has asked other swamp creatures to join him in the swamp.

      When I shared with my wife Trump should be asked to resign over the Woodward revelations, she said there are so many other reasons to do so.

      Holly, this is a key reason I like to use the many Republican groups against Trump’s reelection. When my Trump friends push back, I simply say these are Republicans saying this.

      Of course, they need to be willing to listen. Keith

    • Hi Holly! I’ve had my share of that as well … they’re all bluster and talk … thumb your nose at them and tell them to head on back over to the kindergarten room where there’s juice & cookies! Don’t let them get you down … quite seriously, they aren’t worth it. Hugs!

  2. Hello Keith. Thanks for the shout out but you mislabeled the speaker. The post you linked to is Beau of the Fifth Column. The liberal Redneck is a comedian who did the Qanon video you liked. Hugs

  3. But, Keith, he only wanted to keep the nation from hysteria!!
    Right today, I said to my mom that I can’t believe that there are still people out there who believe what he says, who believe the lies and excuses around his previous lies…

    • Erika, it is sad, isn’t it? He wants to be viewed as a leader and this was his big chance to lead. It boggles my mind that he did the exact opposite of what was needed. Keith

      • Erika, he is actually worse than I thought he would be. When elected, I chastised protestors who did not vote, saying we must give him a chance as he won. The time to protest was on election day. Within a week, he hired nationalist bent Steve Bannon and a known climate change denier in key roles. That started the downhill slide. Keith

  4. It’s true, then, that great minds think alike, for I saw this one last night (it was Scottie that got me turned on to him) and just … not 3 minutes ago … sent the link to my friend Herb! I like this guy … I think I still like Beau of the Fifth Column a bit better, but this guy is good! Thanks for sharing, Keith!

  5. Note to Readers: Silverapplequeen guided me to this link, which shows by rally after rally held by the president, why not telling people the risk of the pandemic is heinous. The words “hey folks, you may be at risk” were not spoken. But, the words “it is a Democrat hoax” were, at least through the end of February. That is not avoiding a panic – that is gamesmanship jeopardizing people’s lives.

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