Bob Woodward – a few tidbits from “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday

For some reason, the president of the United States agreed to be interviewed by Bob Woodward, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winning reporter and author. This is a writer who, with Carl Bernstein, helped uncover the truth behind the corruption and deceit of Richard Nixon leading up to and following the Watergate break-in. So, the most untruthful and corrupt president, in my lifetime, including the aforementioned Nixon, sat down for recorded interviews with Woodward.

Relating to the “60 Minutes” interview between Woodward and Scott Pelley, I found the three paragraphs from a news summary by Ted Johnson called, “Bob Woodward Tells ’60 Minutes’ Why He Made A Judgment Call That Donald Trump Was The ‘Wrong Man For The Job: ‘It’s A Conclusion Based On Evidence'” revealing

“In his last interview with Trump in August, Woodward said, the topic again was on the coronavirus, as the pandemic continued to spread throughout the country. Trump insisted during the interview that ‘nothing more could have been done’ to curb the virus.

‘Nothing more could have been done. Does he remember what he told me, back in February, about it’s more deadly than the flu?’ Woodward told Pelley. ‘I mean it almost took my breath away, that there was such certainty, when he was absolutely wrong about the issue that defines the position of this country right now.’

Meanwhile, Trump continues to downplay the potential for the virus to spread, as he has mocked his rival Joe Biden for wearing a mask. His campaign continues to hold rallies in which supporters are tightly packed together and many not wearing masks. In fact, just as the 60 Minutes interview was airing, the Trump campaign was getting ready to hold its first indoor rally in three months, an event scheduled Sunday evening in Henderson, NV. Masks are recommended but not required.”

What troubles me about the last paragraph is even after the beans were spilled that Trump knew of the danger and lied about it, he still continues to hold rallies. It is akin to inviting people to a party where you know some of the food has spoiled. Trump has called Woodward a “wack job” and his book as “fake,” but most of the trouble from Woodward comes from Trump’s own words. His followers might want to listen to what Trump said.

7 thoughts on “Bob Woodward – a few tidbits from “60 Minutes” interview on Sunday

  1. Trump’s ignorance and audacity are stunning, but more stunning still is that his base has not shrunk. Even today, his approval numbers saw a slight increase. Would somebody please explain to me what there is to approve of??? I should think that after hearing that he knew without a doubt that this virus would be a killer and still downplayed it would be all any sensible person would need to turn away from him. I just don’t get it!

    • Jill, sadly the issue of can he win is yes. The issue does he deserve to win is no. Again, he plays up that everyone is against him because they don’t like him. The thought he is corrupt, deceitful, racist and bullying is not factor nor that he derelict in his duties. Keith

  2. Y’all in the final straight to the election. I wish you well. I’m reminded that there’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip. For me, I’ve turned away from following your politics as intensely. I don’t have a vote.

  3. Note to Readers: Bob Woodward is making the rounds on TV news shows. He has gravitas. The president has said just today the book “Rage” is boring, but it is highly doubtful he read it. He self-describes not having the patience to read or study. Earlier, he called Woodward a “wack job” and said the book was “fake.” I guess that was not Trump’s voice we heard in the interviews. There are more revelations therein, especially about not being sympathetic to people of color. But, the smoking gun is the knowledge he knew of the COVID-19 pandemic risk and still exposed his most loyal fans to danger of infection without telling them. And, still exposes them, even after the beans have been spilled.

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