Take it to the bank – Trump will sue to prevent losing the election

In a Politico article by Anita Kumar called “Trump readies thousands of attorneys for election fight,” it documents what many fear the US president will do to avoid losing an election. The first four paragraphs tell you all you need to know, but the whole article can be linked to below.

“A year before President Donald Trump alarmed Americans with talk of disputing elections last week, his team started building a massive legal network to do just that.

Dozens of lawyers from three major law firms have been hired. Thousands of volunteer attorneys and poll watchers across the country have been recruited. Republicans are preparing pre-written legal pleadings that can be hurried to the courthouse the day after the election, as wrangling begins over close results and a crush of mail-in ballots. Attorneys from non-battleground states, including California, New York and Illinois, are being dispatched to more competitive areas and trained on local election laws.

A 20-person team of lawyers oversees the strategy, which is mainly focused on the election process in the 17 key states the Trump campaign is targeting, like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

In total, it means the Republican Party will have thousands of people on hand to shape every element of voting — both on Election Day and in the days after.”

Let me be frank. Donald Trump has known for some time he is trailing in the election. When the Democrats nominated Joe Biden, that was his worst fear. He knows he is underwater on public satisfaction with his job, so he has to game the system. His modus operandi is to use whatever means necessary to win. And, do not be surprised by anything he does to try to win, because his fragile ego cannot handle criticism or losing.

So, Trump began an unheard of and unsupported effort to claim mail-in votes would be fraudulent, even though Republicans have disagreed with him on that point. Yet, I have noticed Republicans who are in tough campaigns are echoing some of the president’s rhetoric on this. That is shameful. My educated guess is he will get some of his base to make it look like fraud is occurring (or they may just do it on their own, as winning is everything).

So, if he is ahead election night with many uncounted mail-in votes, he will sue to stop or disrupt the count. Or maybe he will just drag it out to make it look like something fishy is going on. The impact on other elections is very secondary to his winning. The impact on our country’s democratic process is irrelevant. He has already shown that process does not matter.

If this sounds cynical, let me add that Donald Trump, per his biographers, was mentored by famous attorney Roy Cohn. Cohn was an advisor to Senator Joseph McCarthy, of the communist witch hunt fame, so we know truth is not a valued attribute of his. Cohn advised the young Trump of two major themes – never apologize and sue everyone. By the time of the 2016 election, Trump was measured as having over 4,000 lawsuits, which averages out to about 1 1/2 per week of his adult life. Litigious does not do justice to describing Trump’s modus operandi. He would sue big and little people and businesses to avoid paying them for services.

So, take it to the bank, Trump will sue to avoid losing. The Democrats need to be prepared for this, but there is one way to make the plan fail. Go to the polls en masse and vote this most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime out of office. Trump needs to be soundly defeated to make it not worth his while. People in all of the battleground states need to vote to oust him. And, we all need to make sure he goes away come January.


9 thoughts on “Take it to the bank – Trump will sue to prevent losing the election

  1. I read this in Politico this morning, and my first thought was … what reputable lawyer would even agree to take on such a project? I’m encouraged by what I’m hearing that Biden is showing a solid lead in most reputable polls, and that a higher percentage or people than usual are planning to vote. But, we must keep up this momentum. In the long run, I don’t believe that Trump will be able to stop the will of the people if … IF … we all do our duty and VOTE! But, he can and surely will make our lives a living hell between now and January 20th. I, for one, would like to see him made to pay for all he has done, for all he has put us through. A lifetime prison sentence would work fine.

    • Jill, law firms want fees. Serving worthy clients is a choice few make. I watched a replay of “Real Time with Bill Maher” and the consensus of the guests was vote early and in person, if you can. They just did not trust Trump and his minions. He is not beyond having his people do things to discredit the process. Keith

      • True, but now I’d like to know who is paying all these legal fees? Best guess is that it is not the Trump campaign or Trump personally, but We the People! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Nobody should trust Trump of his minions … I only wish his rabid base would open their eyes just for a few minutes and see what they have unleashed on this world.

      • Jill, there is one thing for certain, he is not. He does not like to pay for things, as per his biographers. My guess is his donors are paying for it.

        To be frank, the lawsuits have already began, so the title is a misnomer. He has sued over mail-in processes in a couple of states, including yesterday in NC. His election counts on restricting votes. Why is that?


  2. Note to Readers: As I typed a note to one of my Republican Senators who has gone full sycophant since he is in a tough race, I was reminded the GOP led Senate could have saved their party and country if they took their jobs seriously and voted to remove this president for his corrupt actions. They would have gotten backlash, but they could have presented the evidence and say he gave us no choice. Pence would have become president and we could have returned to normal. I don’t care for Pence, but he is not corrupt like his boss.

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