Plain talk

I try to mute the campaign commercials, but sometimes they slip through. The truths often get overwhelmed by the narrative of the story. But, for some politicians, the truth is not a frequent guest in their house sans commercials. Here are few observations that I will call plain talk.

– One pro-Trump commercial says Joe Biden voted to send all the jobs to China. The truth is CEOs chasing cheap labor sent those jobs to China and to Mexico, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Philippines.

– One pro-Senator Thom Tillis (NC) commercial said his opponent’s public health care option is government run healthcare and may close down 22 hospitals in North Carolina. First, like Medicare, it is publicly run insurance, not healthcare. Second, I have seen no reputable report that would support the conclusion a public option would close 22 hospitals.

– I see several commercials asking what happened to Senator Lindsey Graham (SC)? The answer is he has not changed much, with one key exception. He was good friends with Senator John McCain, who was more of a maverick. Graham would side with McCain on a few occasions. When McCain passed away, Graham continued down the path of sycophancy in support of Donald Trump.

– Tillis’ opponent Cal Cunningham is a very good candidate and has been ahead for much of the race. Then, it was confirmed he did something stupid as he was sexting with consultant to his campaign. My reaction is using a three letter synonym for the Democrat mascot with the word “dumb” in front of it. Will it affect the campaign? Likely.

– Speaking of the same phrase, Congressman Anthony Weiner not only destroyed his career by sending pictures of his private parts to young women, the fact his wife used the same server for some business for her boss Hillary Clinton, caused FBI Director James Comey to reopen the case and hand the election to Trump. So, Weiner’s less than prudent behavior destroyed two candidates and left us with the most corrupt and deceitful of presidents.

– What still amazes me is how Trump got elected after things that would have derailed others? The person is caught on audio tape bragging of his impunity as a rich, powerful person to groping women by their private parts, something he has been accused of by several women. Mike Pence had decided to drop out of the race, but was talked back into it, so when I see his puppy dog loyalty to this corrupt and deceitful president, I think back to when he almost remembered his conscience.

– Speaking of sexual misconduct, Bill Clinton was also famous for it, but not quite as prolific an alleged molester as the current president. It is interesting that both Trump and Clinton attended parties at Jeffrey Epstein’s. What I don’t get is Bill has an affair in the White House and his wife gets crap from the religious right for standing by her man? Mind you, Wild Bill deserved to jerked bald-headed as does The Donald. Maybe Melania and Hillary could video that for all of us to view.

Speaking plainly, the president is behind which means he will continue to get worse. His unproven accusations toward mail-in voting is just one example of his cornered-animal schtick. Believing anything Trump says is a fool’s errand. In addition to seeing Trump lose, I would love to see both Graham and Tillis lose. It appears Mitch McConnell will win, but he is the poster child for what is wrong with Congress. Until Trump brought his own swamp to town, I used to say Washington, but Trump is the new poster child.

9 thoughts on “Plain talk

    • Janis, I don’t know why adulterous male politicians think they can go undiscovered. Why Anthony Weiner thought texting pictures of his private parts was a good idea is beyond me? Then he did it again. I think of Jeff Dunham, the ventriloquist, and his old codger Walter saying “dumb ass.” Keith

  1. Democrats get caught when they misbehave. The men should start wearing chastity belts as soon as they enter public life. Yep, Trump is acting like a cornered animal. I think he experiences his brush with death as a narcissistic wound. Unlike normal people, a narcissist never loses their sense of immotality.

    • Rob, everyone gets caught. I am still surprised the current president survived his scrutiny. He has allegedly assaulted over 60 women, over 20 credibly. How people could be swayed with his “locker room talk” excuse is beyond me. The critical question to ask the Trump supporter is would you leave your 15 year old daughter alone with Donald Trump? Keith

  2. Henry Kissinger is reputed to have said that ‘Power is an aphrodisiac’ ( or something like), these also a line of psychology which suggests that anxiety that can case a rise is sexual activity…OK so those are observations.
    The counter argument is that with ‘Power comes responsibility’ and when you enter politics you enter other people’s lives. Thus you had better step up your game. Regrettably this falls down because there are those who get into places of influence and begin to believe they are not constrained by normal rules and conventions, and some just get plain hysterical (I mean what sort of man send a picture of his genitals to someone other than his very, very closest- and then only because they share a certain trust and humour).
    In conclusion, the unhappy truth is they get away with it because there is tacit approval or indifference by a portion of the population- but that’s for another day

    • Roger, well said. It is not ironic that Kissinger was quite the ladies man as a single power figure. Power requiring responsibility is lost on way too many, especially a president who has spent his life flouting the law and norms. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Speaking of plain talk, this headline from the Cincinnati Enquirer speaks volumes: “Mitch McConnell says he hasn’t visited White House since August because of lax COVID rules.”

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