Two weeks later – the debate disaster still impacting Trump

I did not need a presidential debate to understand the nature of the beast who is the US president. His corrupt, deceitful, bullying and childish behavior over years has show us who he is. Yet, sometimes, there needs to be a clear reminder. The presidential debate a few weeks ago may have served that role.

In an article called “Trump hasn’t recovered from tailspin set off by raucous debate performance, poll shows” by David Lauer of The LA TImes, the following paragraphs frame this story. The entire article can be linked to below.

“With three weeks left until election day, President Trump has not recovered from the self-inflicted wounds of his first debate with Joe Biden and, instead, has sunk farther behind his challenger, a new USC Dornsife poll shows.

The encounter in Cleveland, dominated by Trump’s repeated interruptions and his cryptic statement that seemingly welcomed a right-wing extremist group, appears to be the exception to the usual rule that the impact of debates fades quickly.

The damage the debate did to Trump’s standing has persisted through his bout with COVID-19, leaving him with a deep deficit and little time to recover. (Trump’s refusal to participate in an Oct. 15 virtual debate led to its cancellation; the final debate is set for Oct. 22.)”

Last Saturday, I watched a replay of “Real Time with Bill Maher” from the night before. The guests made two interesting observations about Trump’s debate disaster. For all of those viewers who were are troubled by Trump and his behavior, they were fully reminded of who Donald Trump is with his rude and overbearing behavior as he repeatedly interrupted both Joe Biden and the moderator, Chris Wallace.

That would have been enough, but for a US president to swing and whiff at an easy lob by not condemning a white supremacist group, was mind-boggling. Then, to give tongue-in-cheek support to a white supremacist groups was beyond the pale. I am not surprised the racist president feels this way, but I am surprised he said what he did. It was truly an unforced error, but an actual window into his nature.

On this same Bill Maher show, a female guest added something interesting about the Vice Presidential debate. She noted that even though Mike Pence is not as rude as Trump, he still talked over Kamala Harris and the moderator, Susan Page. The guest noted many women have used (or thought of using) the line Harris said, “It is my turn to talk.”

Being overbearing is not restricted to men. But, when men are overbearing, people think less of it. When a women is overbearing, they are labeled with harsher words. The exception is when a man is over-the-top overbearing. The president does not study facts or history, so his way of arguing is to name-call and raise his voice. As my grandmother said, those who name-call and shout usually have a poor argument.


15 thoughts on “Two weeks later – the debate disaster still impacting Trump

  1. Well said, Keith! I am so heartened by what I’m witnessing about the campaign on TV news. Trump can’t turn his fortunes around because he just doesn’t have it in him to attract mainstream voters. Now, the key to a Biden win and a blue wave sweeping Congress is voter turnout.

    • Thanks John. Agreed. It is not like changing a policy direction or emphasis. He cannot unwind 45 months of corruption, bullying and deceit. As the Aboriginal saying goes from the movie “Australia,” “I see you, Mr. Trump.” Keith

  2. He seems to believe that bullying and being outrageous is going to turn his fortunes around. Granted, his base seem to eat that up, but for most of us, it is a distinct turn-off. As re the vice presidential debate … I lost count of the number of times moderator Susan Page said, “Thank you, Mr. Vice President”, but it had to be nearly 100 times. Had I been her, after the 10th time, I would have just settled for “Shut up, Mike!”

    • Jill, his base thinks he is rough around the edges and says what he thinks. The dilemma is he does not think too much. When a Congressional candidate told me how truthful the president is and he is doing what he said, the man had no answer when I asked “What if what he said is based on a lie?”

      Trump will continue to lie, bully and cheat his way through and after the vote. He cannot do otherwise as it is not in his nature. Keith

      • True enough … but the dilemma of him not thinking too much doesn’t much affect his base, for I don’t see that they are deep thinkers, either. Having read some snippets of Trump’s town hall this evening, it appears that you are right and he cannot … truly cannot … tell the truth. I admit to getting some humour from Savannah Guthrie’s comebacks to some of his lies! Finally, someone is holding him to account for his words!

      • Jill, of course, we can expect Savannah Guthrie to be name-called today. What will the president call her to discredit her. Will she be a “hack” or “loser” or maybe he will attack the network? Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Tonight’s Town Halls will be interesting. Trump does not like questions from people who don’t butter him up. I am quite certain, he will show his true self. Biden will do better, but Biden’s problem has often been saying too much. This is not an age issue, it is something he has done over time. So, I am sure we will be reading about both tomorrow. Yet, the key difference is Biden is not mean spirited like the incumbent and actually has empathy.

  4. Note to Readers: Others have written about this, but Trump ran into his worst nightmare last night at a Town Hall, an informed woman asking him questions and then pointing out his BS. Savannah Guthrie, fact-checked the president in real time, which he is unused to.

    While the remembered line will be his failing to condemn a conspiracy website called QAnon, which is loaded with BS which he has passed along, the follow-up line is the most telling. When the president said he just wanted to pass along “information” by re-routing a QAnon tweet, Guthrie said you are the president of the United States, not some Crazy Uncle. Your words matter. Well said.

    By the way, I look for inconsistencies. We must remember Trump did not want to tell Americans the truth about COVID-19 so as not to create a panic, yet it is OK for him to route a BS tweet from QAnon because he wanted to pass along information. Really?

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