Early votes are in for this family – please vote

Joe Biden has aired a commercial which encourages people to vote. He only appears at the end and he does not say vote for me, although that is tacitly implied. While Biden is ahead in several swing state polls, the lead is within the margin of error of the sample size and presumes the poll is unbiased and looks like the voter mix. It should be noted that these polls indicate a mean, so one standard deviation encompasses only 1/6 of a likelihood in either direction around the mean.

Biden has rightfully told his campaign team to assume we are losing and go out with vigor. Trump followers like to say the polls were wrong in 2016, but actually they were pretty accurate. Before the late Comey announcement to reopen the investigation, HIllary Clinton had a supportable margin of standard deviation toward a victory. After the Comey announcement, the standard deviation indicated Trump could win.

So, some lukewarm Clinton voters stayed home or made a protest vote for Jill Stein. A few Bernie Sanders supporters were so ticked off at Clinton, they actually voted for Trump. That was an insult to Sanders, but it mattered not. Clinton would have been a better president than she was a candidate, just as she was when she was a Senator. Yet, too many whacks at the Clinton pinata over the years left a negative impression in too many.

While Trump’s faults were obvious in 2016, he was expected to be better than he has been. Now, people have seen the divisiveness, the corruption, the incivility, and the lying that embodies the president. And, he has taken credit for things he had little to do with or not as much as advertised and blamed others for his faults.

So, I encourage every one to vote. Please do not mess around this time. To be frank, Trump needs to not only lose, he needs to lose convincingly. He has been overtly cheating for many months and will do so after the election if the margin is not convincing. He is a cornered animal and he will actually get worse as we near the election.

Please vote. My family has all voted now. My wife, daughter and I voted early yesterday. It was well done, safe and secure. It took us twenty minutes. Please invest that time. It is important.

18 thoughts on “Early votes are in for this family – please vote

  1. Note to Readers: The poll workers we saw were friendly and helpful. They gave us a pen to sign our name in a plastic covering and on the opposite end was a stylus to touch the screen with. Lots of spacing, gloves if needed and hand sanitizer.

    I have read that some are wearing clothing or caps that have messages on them. They need to leave those at hone, regardless of who it favors.

    • We have electronical poll books here. When signing them, we pickt one out of a clear cup and, when done, put it in a colored cup to be sanitized by a poll worker and put back in the clear one. There were 3 clean ones and 3 or 4 to-be-cleaned ones for the poll staff to disinfect.

  2. Hello Keith. I agree entirely with you. I wish so many Republicans would encourage voting instead of trying to stop people from voting. In some countries people face real threats of death and injury to vote, that shouldn’t be happening in the US.

    I would like to address the myth of the Bernie supporters not supporting Hillary enough. only 6 to 12 % of Bernie supporters voted for tRump. A number too high I admit. However 24% of Hillary’s supporters voted for John McCain over Obama out of spite also. So to say that Bernie supporters did not turn out for Hillary enough is misleading.

    I felt frustrated in 2016 because I knew what tRump was, Ron had worked for him as the night time butler at Mar-a-Largo. But I because of racism, misogyny, or tribal nature many people refused to believe me because Obama was black, Hillary was a woman, and Democrats are evil anyway. Now we see what far too many of us predicted. Hugs

  3. Thank you and your family for voting. I got mine in at the local ballot drop box Sunday morning. We do need this to be a landslide, to swamp whatever shenanigans the bad guys would otherwise pull. And we need to show the rest of the world that we overwhelmingly repudiate this scumbag and his toadies and that our country is returning to normal.

  4. I came here againe to specifiqually say I went on my local early voting site and voted. It is a red county in a blue state. There was no misconduct the entire time I was there. There was a law officer there (it was a public building that usually has one) who watched without intimidating. Spacing in lines was followed by all, because there were markers for where to stand next to while waiting. The “facts on the ground” all upheld the social contract, apparently without extra effort.

    • These folks bring honor to a process purposefully maligned by a manipulative person for his own ends. We should appreciate those who try tp get it right.

      • First read came up with something about TPing people, which would be an entertaining thing to do if any of the malice militia show up for any reason. More soberly (both senses), every quiet hour at a polling place is exhibit of evidence against the possible future panicky claims.

      • Quiet, effective process. You are right about each hour. That is what is lacking in the White House. Quiet, effective process.

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