Former Republican US Attorneys back Biden

There is yet another group of people with gravitas who have officially spoken out against the reelection of the incumbent president. In an article this week in The Washington Post called “Former U.S. attorneys — all Republicans — back Biden, saying Trump threatens ‘the rule of law’” by Tom Hamburger and Devlin Barrett, the hope to make their voice heard by people who will listen.

A link to the article is below. Here are the opening paragraphs, that give you the gist.

“Twenty former U.S. attorneys — all of them Republicans — on Tuesday publicly called President Trump ‘a threat to the rule of law in our country,’ and urged that he be replaced in November with his Democratic opponent, former vice president Joe Biden.

The President has clearly conveyed that he expects his Justice Department appointees and prosecutors to serve his personal and political interests,’ said the former prosecutors in an open letter. They accused Trump of taking ‘action against those who have stood up for the interests of justice.’

The letter, signed by prosecutors appointed by every GOP president from Eisenhower to Trump, is the latest instance of Republicans backing Biden. In August, dozens of GOP national security experts signed a full-page newspaper ad endorsing Biden over Trump.”

These two groups join the ranks of Republicans for the Rule of Law, The Lincoln Project, Republican Voters against Trump and others who had an alternate Republican Party Convention from Charlotte. Then there is the long time respected conservative voices like Max Boot, George Will, Michael Gerson, David Brooks, Ross Douthat and Eric Erickson who have spoken out against the president and favor Joe Biden.

Their voices used to mean something. Why are they risking their good names against such a vindictive and unscrupulous person? I can hear the words “losers” coming out of said person’s mouth to define them in his usual manner of rebuttal.


13 thoughts on “Former Republican US Attorneys back Biden

  1. For some Republicans it would seem he has used up all of his chances.
    A last minute collapse of the his voter base would be a nice conclusion, but I am only dreaming Happy Dreams.
    To be realistic maybe enough of an erosion to leave no doubt as to the result.
    Take care Keith.

    • Roger, he is throwing stuff against the wall to see what might stick. I find it amusing he has one commercial where he notes Biden was too tough on crime, while airing others that he will be tougher on crime. Keith

      • Sssssooo being ‘tough’ on crime was a bad thing?.
        I would have thought with his voter base you could never be too tough on crime.
        And as a subsidiary question. What chain of decision making on hiring an agency and approving led to that statement being made public.
        It’s like watching a Screwball Comedy with lots of pratfalls but no funny lines. (Or heroes)

      • Roger, since politicians can say pretty much anything during a campaign, this gives Trump license to lie even more. I keep hearing his followers say what a great job he is doing, but they must live in a different country from me. Keith

      • I detect in that Keith the desperation of:
        1. The intent not to have the Democrats in The Whitehouse.
        2. Denial at the oaf they have put there.
        Here’s hoping they are swamped to a Democrat turn-out.
        Take Care

      • It is a nice hope. Of course, who knows what will happen with a president who is renowned for skirting the rules long before he ran for office.

  2. Hello Keith. Interesting article. I was surprised that t the end they brought the allies and intelligence into their position, but it does fit with what they say he has done with the FBI and the DOJ. The problem they are dancing around is that tRump is a criminal, and a long time criminal at that. He has broken laws since his father taught him how to break the laws. tRump had known mob people in his organization who carried tRump business cards. The mob provided security for tRump when he had the casinos. When tRump was running for office there are photos of him on stage at Mar-a-Largo with known mob operatives. So he has made it a lifestyle. So how did a crime boss want-to-be become the president is what needs to be investigated and made sure never happens again. The US government became for sale and tRump and crime crew bought it. Hugs

    • Scottie, he does run the White House like a mob boss, valuing loyalty over competence. Part of me thinks, he wants to go away and claim he was unfairly cheated, as he does not have the acumen, truthfulness, empathy or patience to solve the COVID problem. He can then attack Biden to set the stage for one of his children. Keith

  3. It speaks volumes when the members of your own “pack” turn against you. Sadly, though, the average Trump supporter, if there can be said to be such a thing, is still a devoted follower. The more highly educated, such as the group of attorneys you mention, are looking at the bigger picture and see the potential ramifications of an extended Trump presidency, see the damage he has already caused. But the populace seem to focus on a single issue or two, and he tells them what they want to hear, so they stick with him. Depressing, at best.

    • Well said, Jill. I read an editorial from a locally recruited reader, who notes the opinion of these defectors do not matter. Yet, as the continue to pile up, they should. Most voters, but especially Trump’s base, do not realize there was an Alternate Republican convention in Charlotte of anti-Trump Republicans. Keith

      • I should think they would matter … it’s rather like being in a building and seeing everyone running for the doors yelling, “FIRE!!!”, and saying that it doesn’t matter.

      • Jill, they need to listen to the truthtellers. Michael Gerson was the first conservative writer who started the drum beat in late 2015, I think to stay away from this person.

        I am weary of his fans saying he is only “rough around the edges.” He is far worse than that. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: I heard on NPR this morning from an Asian American writer for The New Yorker magazine. He noted the group Asian American Republicans has endorsed Joe Biden for president. The reporter noted the [resident’s negative immigration rhetoric coupled with the blame of the pandemic on China without taking responsibility for his mishandling led the group to this endorsement of Biden.

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