Would you work for this kind of person?

I have noted before that the most ardent of folks would not work for the kind of person who they hold in high esteem. Let’s entertain a few questions.

Would you work for the kind of person….

who takes credit for anything good that happened in the business, even if it was the result of a team effort?

who would do the same, even if it was due to circumstances outside his control?

who would blame other people or entities for failures, even if the boss had a heavy hand in causing such failure?

who would do the same, even if the failure was outside his control?

who is so short of attention span, efforts to brief him have to include pictures?

who is so mercurial and blows up at people, that staff walks on egg shells around him?

who tends to change decisions based on who got to him last?

who routinely calls people losers, idiots, stupid, et al who dare ask him tough questions?

who berates people who study an issue when their more learned conclusions run counter to a narrative, even if he decided it on a whim?

who does not respect relationships and views every partner through a win/ lose binary lens?

who can be easily swayed when buttered up, especially when he does not know the history or context?

who does not appreciate or take the time to strategize and plan execution of changes, nor communicate them very well?

who makes staff chase their tail to prove an inane comment he made is less inane?

who pits people against each other to promote adversarial behavior?

And, who has a very hard time with the truth?

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winning author and reporter Bob Woodward helped capture the answers to these questions in his book “Fear” after 750 hours of interviews with White House staff. The title “Fear” is based on an interview Trump gave that said he manages by fear. He bullies people into acquiescing to his whims.

The answer to the above questions is not for very long. It should be noted no other White House has had this much turnover and this many open positions. We are at more risk than ever before because of such and further because those who remain are less experienced than those who departed.


19 thoughts on “Would you work for this kind of person?

  1. Note to Readers: I read this morning the president of the United States is now attacking doctors who are trying tp help people with COVID-19. What kind of person does that?

  2. The man is out of control, and the stories coming out of the WH now attest to that. I don’t know what to think about those who have carried this information and only now speak up.

    • Janis, other than his father, he has never reported to anyone. He has never had a Board of Directors and the GOP led Senate has not fulfilled its role of oversight. Keith

  3. I have had to work with this type. (UK Civil Service-)
    It was often said they would have the best attended funerals in the region. Everyone wanted to make sure the (choose your bad word) was actually being put 6′ under

    • Jill, those poor people who left jobs to work for him had second thoughts very quickly. The attorney, Thomas Wells, said he was excited to go to work for Trump, but said he missed some red flags in a car interview with Trump. Trump kept braggjng on his social life in the interview. Keith

  4. I’ll have to read the book to see my guess was right though I’m not sure there could really be anyone like this. Even the GIP would have trodden on someone like this and made sure he was impeached?

    • David, it is an interesting read. You do learn out of background, especially the depths of his untruthfulness and bullying. I wish we had the “vote of no confidence” process here. They may have successfully used that here. Yet, maybe not as GOP Senators would have to vote their conscience. Keith

  5. A scant few days until your voting citizens share with the nation, and the world, their verdict on Mr Trump.
    Unfortunately, most news outlets in Australia will wallpaper cover television and print with the US election.
    There’s been a Weekly program series called PLANET AMERICA, on ABC, our national broadcaster, with an embarrassingly tweely titled weekend followup the “FIRESIDE CHAT.”
    Nevertheless, a highly commended podcast from an ABC journalist is, ” AMERICA IF YOU’RE LISTENING”. This series provides a balanced chronology of the recent White House, prompted by an early comment of the 45th president. It is in the same vein of the Axios interview by Johnathon Snow, formerly of the ABC.
    On a separate point, on behalf of Aussie citizens, I’m prepared to accept the apologies of US citizens for inflicting all the tripe of the battleground states, electoral college inanity, the wall, Sanders socialism, BLM, purple states, antifadadah, etc. etc. We are over it.

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