The AMA calls out Trump on malicious and misguided statements

It came as no surprise when the president attacked more doctors referencing they were falsifying claims of COVID-19 to make money. This is after over nine months of continual misinformation and mishandling of the pandemic by the president. The presidents touts his efforts, but the few successes that have been achieved are in spite of the president, not because of him.

Trump keeps saying we are turning the corner, but that simply is not true. North Dakota now leads the nation in the rate of COVID-19 infections because of lack of adherence to the simple guidelines. This state is not alone.

From the attached article from The Washington Post called “Doctors, hospitals blast Trump’s baseless claims they inflate coronavirus deaths for money,” this paragraph speaks loudly.

“Without naming the president, the American Medical Association called Trump’s statement a ‘malicious, outrageous and completely misguided charge’ and defended front-line health care workers. ‘They did it because duty called and because of the sacred oath they took,’ said AMA President Susan Bailey.”

Mind you, this is the president of the United States who continues to denigrate people on a daily basis as if it is some kind of national sport. People have been too cavalier with the pandemic because of this president. If they had gotten the truth and the president’s sycophants did not fall in line behind their untruthful leader, we may have not been the shame of the world in how poorly the US has handled this.

Trump may win, but he should not. Setting aside his corrupt, bullying, unempathetic and deceitful behavior, this president has endangered Americans. Folks, please do not take the president at his word – wear a mask, socially distance, wash you hands. It is not that hard.

10 thoughts on “The AMA calls out Trump on malicious and misguided statements

    • Janis, I am praying for a Biden victory, but also a decisive one. If he could pick up NC, Fla or even Georgia, that would help. I worry about a contested election. And, of course, I worry about what Trump and his sycophants have done and might do.

  1. B-b-but gee … I th-thought we were r-r-rounding a corner? BAH Humbug … the lies that have cost … how many lives now? Over 236,000, and experts are predicting 400,000 by the end of February. Each one, a notch on Donald Trump’s shoulders. BAH Humbug.

      • That, my friend, is the question that keeps me awake nights … WHY??? Are they really so stupid as to not understand the damage he has done … and will continue to do, given a chance? Sigh. Beam me up, Scottie.

      • Jill, I think so many Americans on both sides choose not to be truly informed. Yet, there is a greater weight on the right who will consider very dubious sources of information, which includes the president, both as a receiver and purveyor of such. Keith

  2. It is 10:04 GMT as I write this Keith.
    Worst news of all undecided outcome which indicates a people divided.
    I am so sorry for you folk, for this election will settle none of the fractures in the nation.
    I keep thinking of mood the 1850s.
    Take care Keith, take care.
    Best wishes

    • Roger, thanks. The president claims victory before the game is over, as well as claiming foul. This is what I hoped to avoid. If Biden picks up Nevada, Wisconsin and Michigan, he won’t need Pennsylvania. The folks on the ground are trying to get it right. The president is just trying to get the result right for him. Keith

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