Keep calm and be patient

The election for president is still being determined, so anyone declaring victory at this point is premature. I was hoping to avoid a situation where the president did what he did early this morning – declare victory, insist the counting be stopped and crying foul in the process.

This is the worst outcome that could have occurred, giving a window to the corrupt and deceitful president to be, well, corrupt and deceitful. The people on the ground are trying to get it right, doing what the president fails to do – their job in a competent and honest fashion.

It should be noted Fox News host Chris Wallace and former Republican governor Chris Christie have both chastised Trump for his premature celebration. The outcome is still unknown, with Michigan and Pennsylvania having around 25% or more of their counts outstanding. Wisconsin is leaning narrowly Biden’s way, with absentee ballots in two Democrat leaning towns left to count.

Nevada is also leaning Biden’s way, but still has more counts left. In fact, if Biden carries Nevada, Wisconsin and Michigan, that will put him at 270 votes, without counting Pennsylvania. I don’t know the hold-ups in North Carolina and Georgia, but those look like Trump wins.

Frankly, I was hoping to avoid this being so close. I am disappointed in my home state of North Carolina and surprised how Ohio and Florida went. Trump is doing what he was expected to do, even after lying and saying he would not until the votes are counted. His illicit actions over the last six months having been staging for this very moment.

So, if he ends up winning after the votes are all counted then he wins. Yet, we still are in the fourth quarter of this election, so we need to stay calm and be patient.


26 thoughts on “Keep calm and be patient

  1. Very mature, wise and sage Keith. I salute you for your insight and dignity.
    You are sir the very opposite of that creature in The Whitehouse. The nation deserves Keiths not Trumps.
    (Heck if we had met by some chance in earlier years you might well have convinced me of the Republicans various stances and policies…. The old GOP that is)
    Take care. Sorry about your State (reputed to be the last to join the Confederacy and that was because Lincoln ordered the state’s forces to invade South Carolina)
    Best wishes

    • Thanks Roger. You are most kind. Let’s hope the conscientious election workers will be allowed to finish their jobs. The hold a commitment to duty that is foreign to the chief complainer. Keith

      • And the authorities are swift to clamp down on any attempt to interfere with the counting. That irresponsible oath is working people up into frenzy and places where counting is taking place could face mob intimidation if not intervention.
        The fellow is nothing short of a traitor to the Nation

      • Roger, what a judge who is worth his or her salt will say is let the process go through to its conclusion. At that time, as a candidate, you can demand a recount. If the margin is slim enough, there may be an automatic recount.

        Trying to stop a normal process is grandstanding and serves no purpose. By the way, some folks say they voted for Trump because of his tough persona. I still have no idea what they are talking about. False bravado is called that for a reason.


    • Many thanks. Let’s hope the path forward leads to a new president. The Senate vote is disappointing. I am still mad at Cunningham for screwing up with his affair. Keith

  2. I think what’s so disheartening is that because the numbers are so close in so many places, that millions of Americans didn’t learn a damn thing the past four years, or chose to shrug it off and vote the Great Pumpkin in again (or didn’t vote at all). I knew every vote wouldn’t be counted yet, which is why I didn’t bother watching a thing on it (I just knew it would rile me up) yesterday. but I was hoping there was enough info and millions of votes over that would make it clear Biden won a bunch of states.

    I’m not sure if I feel it’s a good thing or a bad thing that we have SO MANY swing states this year that are still being counted, but since Dump’s itching to declare victory (again) and have his party, I’m gonna go with “good thing”. Maybe he’ll work himself up into a heart attack from not getting what he wants right away for once…

    Not that I want him to die or anything, but it would be nice to have some quiet from him for a while.

    • Thanks for your comment. We need to let this process unfold as per normal. The professionalism and conscientiousness of the election workers is highly commendable. The president (or former VP) can call for a recount per the terms of each state. Any judge worth his or her salt will direct that course. Only if a party needs a grievance addressed at that time, will a judge hear a case. Suing to stop a normal process is just grandstanding. Keith

      • the poll workers where I go were as pleasant as ever (granted, in a very small, rural area with intermittent traffic between the rush hours, so no long lines), and you could tell they were doing their best to remain so. All professional, helpful, made sure everything was done right, and off I went.

      • Same here. These folks approach their job with far more honor and diligence than the president approaches his. To be frank, the president is acting exactly as I (and many others) expected. He will drag down a country to try to win. Keith

  3. My son is in the home office this week. He is not one who gets up earlier than absolutely necessary. But today he was up before me, watching the election, and when I came back from work, the tv was still on… as it still is… lol
    It is so close but it is still possible that a change is in sight. When even it will be a hard way for Biden to start his presidency with this angry little kid in his neck.

    • Well said. But, Biden will handle this better than his incumbent opponent if he were to win. So far, Trump is acting precisely as I expected with deceit, accusation and blame. If he loses, it will not be Trump that lost, as he won’t do what an adult would do. He would rather harm our country trying to win. Keith

      • Oh, yes, he is acting as most expeted him to. He is mixing up democracy with dictatorship. He thinks he can define the outcome. But as I saw on CNN when they said that he clearly doubted his victory weeks/months before the election and that is why he has been trying to manipulate with threats and deeds!

      • Erika, thanks. The president has been staging these actions for about six months. This is why I was hoping it would be more decisive. See my note to John below regarding the normal process regarding his son’s comments. Keith

      • Yes, exactly, questioning the honesty and correctness of the counting already is an insult. He is a devil trying to confuse the minds of those who let it happen! And those are more likely those who need a reasonable leader… what an irony!

  4. My 26 year old son thought Trump’s questioning of the election process was one an insult to democracy and of the biggest reasons to disqualifying him from being president.

    • John, thanks for commenting. We need to let the normal processes run their course. These election workers are conscientious and will do their best to get it right. If the president or former vice-president want to ask for a recount, per the state laws, then they can follow that path. Some states may have an automatic recount if close. If, after that point, litigation ensues, then that is when it should occur, not before the process is complete.

      Where your son’s point is more valid is the president trying to stop the normal process of counting following his six months of staging crying the mail-in process is ripe with fraud offering no proof. Nonetheless, we need to let the counting and recounting occur. Keith

  5. Hello Keith. Chris Wallace I can respect, his views are right but he understands facts are facts. However Chris Christie is always looking for where the next political grift is. For most of four years he couldn’t say a bad word about tRump and on ABC defended everything tRump did /does. Only in the last three months or less has there been daylight between them. The more the polls showed tRump losing the more Christie was willing to disagree with tRump, slightly. After his doing the debate prep with tRump and getting Covid then he started saying he wouldn’t have done what tRump did or that he disagrees with it. But that is a new thing. Wonder what changed in this last year? Could it be Republicans think tRump’s complete control over the base is slipping, because they are wrong? Hugs

    • Scottie, I don’t disagree with you. Chris Christie still has that politician in him. With that said, I do recall him rebuffing a photo shoot from Mitt Romney and being complimentary of Obama’s help during Hurricane Sandy.


      • Hello Keith. Yes he did not expect the blow back he got from the radical right on just touring the damage with the current president. What really stunned me about that whole thing was Ted Cruz trying to hold up a hurricane Sandy relief bill. Amazing how much racism and self centered self dealing some people have. Hugs

      • Scottie, I remember that. Holding up a relief bill to help Americans is poor form. But, to represent a state in the path of more than a few hurricanes and do that to another state is asinine. Keith

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