Two sets of thoughts this Friday

“Stop the counting,” the president of the United States cries.

I was thinking of an analogy of the New England Patriots who were badly losing to the Atlanta Falcons late in the third quarter of the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. Stopping the counting, would be like Trump, the QB for the winning team, going to the referee and saying “why don’t you call this game at the end of the quarter. I have already tweeted we won and playing anymore would be stealing the game from me?” The referee shook is head and said “you have to be kidding me. Oh, and by the way, the opposing QB is Tom Brady, so I don’t think he would cotton to calling the game then.‘ The Patriots came back to win. 

I applaud the election officials and judges who are trying to get this right. We must count every vote legally cast per the laws of that state. There are three things I find interesting, with one being an extrapolation:
– if they acquiesced to the president and stopped the counting, Biden would be declared the winner as he is ahead in Arizona and Nevada.
– the president is claiming fraud with illegal counting in PA and GA, but he needs the counting to continue in Arizona and Nevada – OK, which is it?
– Trump could still win when the counting is done, so at that time, he will say “I never said we should stop counting – that is fake news.”

If you have not seen the show, Senator Bernie Sanders was on Jimmy Kimmel’s show (I think it was Kimmel) about two weeks ago and he described with eerie accuracy what would transpire. The president would be ahead before all the mail-in votes were counted, he would declare victory and ask that the counting be stopped as it is fraudulent.

Yet, what Sanders defines and Trump is doing is not a surprise, as he has been staging this moment for six months with his attacks on the mail-in process.


20 thoughts on “Two sets of thoughts this Friday

  1. The world is watching Keith and it’s not supporting Trump.
    Make America great? He’s not even far away from getting to there, and he has made the nation a laughing stock.
    Meanwhile we compare Biden’s calm and mature classical candidate approach with this humiliating ranting childish brat.
    God help the USA I say.

    • Roger, the differences between the two is striking. My wife and I had the same thought this morning – with Trump’s ranting and fingerpointing, do any of his less committed voters have buyer’s remorse? If he does come out on top, god help us all.

      Even if defeated, he will start a new TV network and continue tweeting. Trumpism will not easily die away, but the chances are better with him losing. Keith

      • Maybe, just maybe when the dust has settled and if Biden gets the good fortune he deserves and starts to quietly unite folk, maybe, maybe the majority of those who voted republican will begin to see what a complete and immature fool Trump is and will as did Joe McCarthy fade into ridicule.

      • Roger, I hope so, but I am sure Trump will be blessing us with his opinions. But, we will be able to officially ignore them. Keith

  2. I suppose that, assuming Biden prevails as I believe now that he will, there will be no such thing as a ‘transition’ over the next 75 days, and that Trump will continue trying to find some way to retain his position rather than doing the work of the office. I expect him to attempt to keep his base riled, and to incite violence during that time. No doubt some will be happy to accommodate him.

    I like the football story!

    • Jill, thanks. My guess is Biden’s transition team will read the transition materials that went largely unread when Obama left office. Trump’s people are required by law to help transition, but I am confident the president will pitch a fit. Keith

    • Jill, no worries of that. He said yesterday he had no plans to concede. Scottie has a great cartoon where Roy Cohn is advising a young Donald to kick over the checkers’ board if you’re losing. Keith

      • I wonder if on January 20th he will actually have to be dragged from the White House, kicking and screaming? Yes, kicking over the ‘checkerboard’ is exactly what I expect, but at the end of the day, he has lost the election and he will leave. The next 74 days, though, I think may be a nightmare.

  3. Note to Readers: From the German foreign minister per The Guardian:

    “Germany led European calls for Donald Trump to end his claim that the American election was fraudulent, urging the president and his followers to stop ‘pouring oil’ on the tense situation in the US and noting that “decent losers” were vital to upholding democracy.

    The German foreign minister, Heiko Maas, said: ‘America is more than a one-man show. Anyone who continues to pour oil on the fire in a situation like this is acting irresponsibly. Now is the time to keep a cool head until an independently determined result is available.’

    ‘In order for the result – which has not yet been determined – to be accepted, everyone must first show restraint. Decent losers are more important for the functioning of a democracy than radiant winners’.”

    • The mood on the street varies depending on which tribe you belong. I think the people who stayed indoors are seeing very professional Secretaries of the various States speak of what they are doing to be accurate and leaving a good audit trail. The veracity of the election workers far exceeds that of the person in the White House. To be frank, his machinations are not playing well even to some of his supporters. Keith

      • Amanda, I hope so. Yet, I am still amazed 70 million voted to keep this person president. Trump ran against socialism, but Biden is a moderate and always has been. But, as we know with the incumbent, the truth is a commodity to be used only when it helps. Keith

  4. And just think, had Republicans not messed with rules, this could have already been over. PA alone is a great example. The Republican led legislature in PA made it harder to count votes. Yea, don’t start counting until election day??? If PA was like FL and counted votes as they came in, we likely would not be sitting here waiting for PA to be called. And I believe it will be called for Biden. But this is just one example……

    • Toby, true. Yet, I think this has been staged for some time. This was a key reason he told his voters to vote on election day, as he knew the mail-ins would take time. Yet, what he did not count on is the veracity and diligence of the election workers and they backlash to his childish “kicking over the checker board when losing” tirade. He doesn’t come across as the tough guy some voted for, does he? Keith

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