Two great speeches – words of unity, healing and working together

Whether Americans voted for the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ticket this week, the two speeches given by Biden and Harris were powerful and unifying. Words of unity, healing and working together were emphasized. Seeing an African-American, immigrant woman in the Vice-President role offers hope to young girls of all colors. By itself, that is a big deal.

I was planning to write more on the topic, but my friend Jill wrote an excellent piece called “Hope, Unity and Patience.” I encourage you to read it with the link below. The only words I will leave you with is our nation must heal and must work together. The song lyric “united we stand, divided we fall,” has pertinent meaning.

12 thoughts on “Two great speeches – words of unity, healing and working together

    • Agreed. Jill, I am going to reach out to my two Republican Senators tomorrow asking them to encourage the president to concede. His recklessness has thrown gasoline on this fire. It is not the lawsuits, it his defamation of the process. Keith

      • That’s a good idea … not sure how much good it will do, but I shall do the same. The lawsuits are unfounded and I’m surprised his lawyers even went along with it, but you’re right … the bigger issue is that he is calling the process into question … as he did after the 2016 election when he was pissed because he didn’t win the popular vote and set up his commission, which was not able to find any evidence of voter fraud, but it made people question the process and some start conspiracy theories.

      • Jill, true. Portman was one who made a statement. I keep going back to this has been planned for about six months. Given his knack for sales, it is amazing how much more time planning he gives to selling than he does to doing. Keith

      • You’re right … as best I can tell, the only thing he’s done in the past week is fire Mark Esper this morning, and that was over a personal grudge. We might as well forget the 2.5 month transition period and boot him out now, if he’s going to be useless … or worse.

  1. Biden is a statesman, first and foremost. He is the kind of president who REALLY makes a nation great again. Because he knows that power only lies in the united forces not in a divided nation due to selfish intentions!

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