Former Republican Attorney General notes Trump lawsuits are baseless and will fail

An op-ed written by Grant Wood for Fox News called “Ex-Arizona GOP AG Woods: Trump claims of election fraud are completely baseless — his lawsuits will fail” is worth reading. A link to the editorial is below. Here are a few select paragraphs.

“Stop counting the ballots — unless they will help me win. That’s the argument President Trump has been making since election night.

I say this as a legal matter, not a partisan one. I was the Republican attorney general of Arizona for two terms, but it was always the law — not my party registration — that guided my decisions.

And you don’t have to take my word for it. Judges appointed by Democrats and Republicans alike have made it clear that President Trump’s election lawsuits aren’t worth the paper they are printed on.”

I found the words of this former Republican Attorney General of impact, given their source. The lawsuits are frivolous, but in keeping with Trump’s modus operandi of suing people and entities. The greater damage is his calling the election into question, which was part of a plan he had been staging for about six months. In fact, Senator Bernie Sanders, with eerie accuracy, predicted what Trump would do on Jimmy Kimmel’s show about three weeks ago.

Speaking of another former Attorney General, Pam Bondi from Florida is on Trump’s legal team. We should recall she is there because she would not let Floridians be a part of the lawsuit against Trump University for fraudulent and aggressive marketing that Trump settled for $25 million before being sworn in.

The only reason I mention this latter example is Trump likes to use the word “fraud” but he has been accused of such on more than one occasion and has often settled the cases.

8 thoughts on “Former Republican Attorney General notes Trump lawsuits are baseless and will fail

  1. Note to Readers: People are surprised when I use this fact, but before the election, Trump or Trump companies have had 4,600 lawsuits. If you think of 46 years of business for easy math, that would mean 100 per year or just under two per week. From his biographies, we learn that Roy Cohn, who advised disgraced Senator Joe McCarthy (of Communist witch hunt fame), mentored the young Trump with two pieces of advice – never apologize and sue everyone.

    So, Trump is a highly litigious person who never apologizes. Any questions?

  2. Note to Readers: Per an article in Newsweek today:

    “Representative Francis Rooney, a Florida Republican, believes President Donald Trump and GOP allies are ‘playing into Russia’s hands” and “undermining’ the country’s Democratic principles by not conceding the election to President-elect Joe Biden.”

  3. At least now, Trump has disqualified himself with his childish behavior during and after the election. It is pitiful how he will leave the White House.

  4. Note to Readers: Yet, one more Republican has called the president on the carpet. This is the headline in conservative newspaper The Washington Examiner.

    “Georgia’s Republican lieutenant governor pushes back on Trump campaign voter fraud claims”

  5. Note to Readers: Here is yet one more retort from a Georgia official, who happens to be a Republican. A link to the article is below.

    “Monday morning, Gabriel Sterling, a lifelong Republican who manages Georgia’s voting system, took to a lectern at the Capitol to plainly and matter-of-factly dismiss criticism of election illegalities in the Southern battleground state as ‘fake news’ and ‘disinformation.'”

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