If you don’t add value…

Just because someone is in a leadership position does not make them a leader, in and of itself. We are witnessing in real-time what leadership looks like and does not look like.

On the former, the president-elect has been inclusive, hopeful and unifying in his speeches. He said the major issue of the moment is the pandemic noting we cannot recover our economy without addressing the increasing cases and deaths. He has already announced a team to address these issues and given Americans straightforward advice about masks, social distancing and doing what is needed in advance of the vaccine.

On the latter, we have an incumbent president who I have never concluded was a leader, given his self-serving, untruthful, demeaning and bullying actions. After saying we should give him a chance after the 2016 election (as we should do with any president), it took less than a week for him to start burning that misplaced trust. A democratically elected leader does not act that way – an autocratic one does. Long ago I wrote that if the president cannot add value when he talks or tweets, he needs to stop talking or tweeting.

When a person in a leadership position does not add value or is untruthful, they start getting ignored. When you say inane or untruthful things, the speaker turns people off. Since the 2020 election, the incumbent is doing what many (including me) expected him to do – claim victory early on, claim fraud when the votes come in, and contest the election. He has been setting the stage for these actions for many months.

It should be noted that major news networks have cut away twice, once from the president and once from his PR person, when they started saying unsupported claims of wide-scale fraud. Think about what that says. Cutting away may be one of the biggest insults a president could get. In essence, the networks are saying if this is what you are going to talk about, then we have better things to do. It is like the crazy uncle at the Thanksgiving table – you just stop listening to him.

On the night of the election when the president claimed victory, he was vilified by more than several news people saying he cannot make that claim and is inflaming the situation. Chris Wallace of Fox News was one of those people. Even Republican leaders called the president “reckless and irresponsible.” Yet, he still has his sycophants who support this incredibly untruthful narcissist.

Now, I read that foreign leaders are giving the president the cold shoulder. That speaks volumes as well. The difference between these two candidates is staggering. One is being a leader, while the other is being, well whatever he wants. The story on the latter has gotten real tiresome. And, people are voting with their feet.

14 thoughts on “If you don’t add value…

  1. Well said, Keith. Today I saw that he attended a ceremony for Veteran’s Day at Arlington Memorial Cemetery, and I thought the veterans must feel like his attendance was a slap in the face after he has mocked them, calling them losers and suckers. How I wish there weren’t still 70 days until the inauguration, for it seems to be his intent to further divide this country during that time … if, in fact, it is possible to be any more divided than we are now.

    • Jill, it is an insult. It is also insult to not accept loss like an adult would. It is also an insult to fire defense leadership so close to his term end. Is he trying to conduct a coup? Or, make sure no one evicts him? Keith

      • You’re so right … it is an insult to the people of this nation, but then … he’s been insulting us since before he first took office, so why should we expect anything different? I suspect he might be thinking if he can get enough loyalists in key positions, he could effect a coup, but I just don’t see it happening. I think we still have enough respect for the Constitution, for the principles on which this nation was founded, that he’s not going to be allowed to install himself as “Dictator for Life”.

      • Jill, what is so sad is we have to think of this a possibility. What his niece said worries me – he will burn it all down to not lose. Keith

    • Janis, it did feel like a burden was lifted. Yet, the burden does not realize he needs to do the honorable thing. What many do not realize is Trump planned what he is doing now sincw early summer. It was highly preditcable. Keith

  2. As Tasmanians lose interest in the drama of USA politics, consider that y’all have the unique situation of having ‘two presidents’, such that in the next seventy or so days a head-on-head comparison can be made, rather than a future historical one. Perchance something can be learned?
    Unfortunately, I was unable to get a tee or cap from Four Seasons Total Landscaping post the Giuliani tour de Force! Make America Rake Again. Lawn and Order.

    • David, make America Rake Again. I love it. On the comparisons, Biden is way ahead right now. I hope he is right, but Trump’s former attorney and fixer thinks the president will go home to Mar-a-Lago for Christmas and simply not come back. That would be a wonderful Christmas president to the country and world.

      I do think Trump’s behavior may be welcomed by his base, but some of his voters may be remorseful of their vote. We truly need a calmer, studied voice in the White House for all of our sanity.


  3. Unfortunately too many have one issue voters turned out in Kentucky, keeping Twitchy Mitchy in D.C. not doing the job he was elected to do and not working for Kentucky but against Democracy! The issue? Abortion! As if he has done anything about it ever, but they have tunnel vision about it all. Mitchy has already begun siding with the incumbent again and not doing the job he was sent back to do — work for the people of Kentucky. He sure isn’t my choice and hopefully he will wise up and remember how much misguided faith so many have in him means right to life for everyone, not just the abortion issue, but CV-19 as well. The republican incumbent, with his support, has literally murdered so many Americans by turning a blind eye to the pandemic. In my opinion they also had a “right to live”, and the republican party, giving lip service to the abortion issue, took away their rights. I’m so tired now. One family member recovering from CV-19, another exposed and waiting to see. Just so tired now…..

    • Thanks for sharing your views and concerns. Before Trump arrived, I used to consider Mitch McConnell and Democrat Harry Reid as the poster children of what is wrong with Washington. Trump has torn that poster up in many respects, but McConnell is shrewd enough to use Trump while he can, then decide the time to jettison him. On the flip side, McConnell may have waited too late as he may never be able to put Pandora back in the box. Keith

      • Once the box is open it’s impossible to get the pieces back inside. Like trying to unring a bell. He has already stated that he will do his best to make all of Bidens attempts to pass legislation impossible. He is just too old to be there now and has forgotten about the people who put him there. Even the mighty Casey struck out in the end.

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