Current Arizona Republican Attorney General denounces unsupported fraud claims

In an article in The Washington Post entitled “Arizona’s GOP attorney general rejects Trump’s unfounded voter fraud claims: ‘There is no evidence’” by Jaclyn Peiser, the current Arizona Attorney General adds his Republican voice to that of his predecessor, Grant Wood (also Republican) regarding the election in Arizona.

The article can be linked to below, but here are the first four paragraphs which give you the gist of his comments. Note I wrote a few days ago about Wood’s comment in a Fox News editorial.

President Trump’s campaign plows on with lawsuits featuring unfounded claims of voter fraud in lost battleground states, Arizona’s Republican attorney general on Wednesday rejected the president’s conspiracy claims and said he’s unlikely to overtake President-elect Joe Biden in the state.

‘It does appear that Joe Biden will win Arizona,’ state Attorney General Mark Brnovich said in a Wednesday interview with Fox Business host Neil Cavuto. “There is no evidence, there are no facts that would lead anyone to believe that the election results will change.”

Brnovich, the first high-ranking Republican in Arizona to reject Trump’s fraud claims in the state, added that Trump would have to win 65 percent of the less than 50,000 remaining votes to edge out a victory, a dubious outcome based on expert analysis and historical trends. It would be ‘very, highly unlikely to happen,’ Brnovich said.

Fox News, the Associated Press and Decision Desk HQ have all declared Biden the winner of Arizona. As of Thursday morning, The Washington Post has yet to call the race. With 99 percent of the ballots counted as of Thursday morning, Biden leads by more than 11,600, according to The Post.

The president keeps saying that Democrats are trying to steal the election, but these two men are Republicans. The Secretary of State in Georgia is also a Republican. Other state officials are also pushing back on the president’s fraud claims. Others are taking notice, especially with the president not offering tangible, significant evidence.

I saw a Reuters poll that noted 79% of Americans and 1/2 of Republicans believe the president elect is Joe Biden. What the president is doing was predicted by more than a few months ago. Hobbling the post office, defaming the mail-in process and hiring 1,000 attorneys around the country over the summer show a staging of this moment.

In fact, google Bernie Sanders on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show back in October regarding Trump’s expected election actions. Sanders lays out precisely what the president is now doing – claiming victory on election night, suing to stop the election counts and claiming fraud by those trying to steal the election.

From where I sit, the only fraud going on has the fingerprints of Donald Trump on it.

5 thoughts on “Current Arizona Republican Attorney General denounces unsupported fraud claims

  1. The view from where I sit is the same as from where you sit … the only fraud was done by Trump himself. Can you imagine by how many votes he would have lost had he not hobbled the USPS and not denigrated mail-in voting? He has lost, fair and square, but he isn’t man enough to admit his defeat and do the right thing. What a surprise, eh? I am pleased, though, when I read of a governor or member of Congress stating factually that there is NO evidence of massive voter fraud on a scale that would even narrow the margin between Biden & Trump. Now, the republicans in Congress need to stop feeding his ego and tell him it’s over, the time to accept defeat is now. Thanks for sharing this, Keith!

    • Jill, I hate the term “man-up” as it highlights only one gender. Hillary Clinton was devastated, but she honored the voting process. Stacy Abrams was cheated by her opponent who expunged voters from the rolls, but she honored the process. Plus, a real “adult” or “man” in this context would be accountable and responsible. Being an adult or man, does not mean bullying people or denigrating them, either. False bravado is not being a man, nor is it being an adult. It is just being a blowhard. Donald Trump, GA governor Brian Kemp, Vladimir Putin, etc. will be remembered for the corrupt behavior. Keith

      • You make a good point. I do not know of another in the history of the nation who has attempted to deny the voice of the people by overturning an election. If he succeeds … and I don’t think he will, but there is that niggling little voice in the back of my head that says it could, possibly happen … then it would signal that the United States has become a dictatorship. It is keeping me awake nights, and has killed my ability to smile. Sigh.

      • Jill, anything is possible. Is it possible for Trump and his sycophants to upset the Georgia recount as an example – yes. You may want to read my post this morning which cites John Bolton’s comments and a few of my own. I evoke Occam’s Razor again. I think the term fraud needs to be mirrored back on Trump – per Occam’s Razor it is much easier to believe the president is perpetuating a fraud on the American people – why? Because he is.


  2. Note to Readers: The Washington Post has an article along these same lines. Here is an excerpt from yet one more Republican election official:

    “Philadelphia’s top Republican election official Al Schmidt: He’s part of a team of three helping run the city’s elections, and he forcefully denied that any poll watchers were blocked from watching ballots being counted, knocking down a key Trump argument (that also has been thrown out in court). “Absolutely not,” Schmidt said in an interview with Fox News. “We’ve seen observers from the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, from the Trump campaign and from the Biden campaign, more than we’ve seen our own families, I assure you, over the last couple of weeks.”

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