A recipe for election conspiracy

The following is a recipe for an election conspiracy that began earlier this year. It is being perpetrated and orchestrated by the president of the United States, not a vast contagion of complicit election officials, that would have to include many Republicans.

I mention this as Trump supporters are following the president’s lead saying this election is being stolen from him. Yet, Trump’s base and sycophants, whether aware or unaware, are part of his orchestrated conspiracy to defraud the American people. What he is doing now was predicted and predictable. The recipe is simple:

1) Recognize many people will vote by mail because of COVID-19
2) Understand the mission of the GOP over the last ten years to make it harder for the wrong people to vote (Google ALEC and Voter ID laws, Surgical gerrymandering)
3) Defame the mail-in process and raise questions
4) Hire a person to hobble the post office
5) Hire law firms with over 1,000 lawyers to prepare for a post-election battle if needed
6) Enlist as many GOP led state governments to restrict further mail-in votes
7) Encourage supportive voters to vote in person, knowing the in-person votes would be counted first
8) If needed, claim victory on election night while ahead and try to stop the counting
9) Claim the election is being stolen and sue

While some may feel this is farfetched, after reading about the attorneys being hired and the president’s words and actions, I wrote in September a piece called “Take it to the bank – the president will sue to avoid losing the election.” And, Senator Bernie Sanders eerily predicted on a TV talk show what Trump would do three weeks before he did it.

At the heart of all of this is a person who is known for lying, cutting corners, cheating, and being ego-maniacal, meaning he cannot stand to lose. As his niece said, her uncle will burn everything down to avoid losing. That appears to be so.

15 thoughts on “A recipe for election conspiracy

      • Agreed … it is fraud and I’m beginning to even see it as treason, as he is causing long-term damage and risking lives by not allowing Biden’s transition team access to any information. Seems he’d rather see us all dead than admit he lost.

      • Jill, Mary Trump used the phrase “burn it all down” to define what her uncle might do. The key is who will tell this poor loser to stand down? Keith

  1. I cannot stop shaking my head about such immature behavior. He shows more than ever the real reason why he wants to be/stay president: Make my ego greater again.

  2. This was predictable. When you analyse the histories of recent presidents you will encounter personal and political failures along with a few demons within. You will also see these professionals learning from some (not all because they are human) of their mistakes and coming back out.
    The Creature still in the Whitehouse has lived a life of privilege based not even on hard work, just a by being a bullying loudmouth, who quite frankly could have been taken down by those professionals without them working up a sweat.
    Now he has to deal with Reality and of course not being a person of character, courage or backbone can only scream and rage. This is a populist approach and attracts.
    Were he, and this cannot be emphasised too strongly a mature professional he would realise it was time to ‘read the runes’ retreat and plan.
    He might have his bedrock of frantic supporters, however he does not have all of the USA and certainly does not have the world.
    I have tried to avoid comparisons with Hitler as these can be too emotive and he is certainly not ‘A Hitler’ and never ‘A Stalin’ (does not come close in Cunning and fearful Realpolitik). However when you read of Hitler’s last months as Fuhrer you will see a similar willingness to blame everyone else and to see the nation collapse rather than admit he was wrong.
    At this stage, it is necessary to watch the Republican Party higher ups and remember when you were young there was a breed of commentators, reporters and analysts called ‘Kremlin Watchers’ who looked out for subtle moves, actions and comments. It was only Stalin who held power in a firm grip of iron, the rest were made mistakes and were toppled or just made accommodations and kept their jobs. History has yet to decide on Putin.
    Trump you are and ever will be a spoilt brat trying to play Big Boys and Girls games, you just got lucky when you made your play.
    Reagan, both Bushes, and Nixon would have chewed you up in the earlier primaries.
    Take care Keith and hope this time next year this will all be ‘Yesterday’s News’

    • Roger well said. Let me add, while no president is perfect and without warts, by the time they leave, each left with an effort to pass the baton to the incoming president. Obama noted how gracious and helpful the Bush team was in passing the baton. The mission was to help America with a peaceful transition. Will Trump be the first president not to honor that process? He is also showing his hind end which is harmful to any future re-election effort. My guess is there are an increasing number of those 72 million who are having voter remorse. Keith

      • Thank you Keith.
        The professional president will have a measure of the significance of the post and also have an eye on how History will view them, hoping for at least a few redeeming comments.
        Trump has no concept of this and does not realise how he will be held up to ridicule and censure by later generations.
        In addition to being the worst operator in the Oval Office, he has to go down as the most stupid.
        The next opinion pole targeted at those who voted for him will be interesting.

      • Roger, Trump was already headed to being remembered poorly by historians. As you note, he in effect is sealing his fate in that remembrance. If he had been smart, he would have not contested the elections and then let problems that he did not solve or created (COVID-19, climate, debt, poor trade relations, civil discord, etc.) fester over the next four years and position himself for another run (people have short memories). We are seeing all of the bad sides of Trump now, which we knew about and witnessed, but not in such a destructive way. So, America and the GOP may not give this person acting like a cry baby another chance. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: A very pertinent title to an article in The Hill today.

    “Wisconsin election official: We shouldn’t water Trump’s ‘plant of baloney’”

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