Fraudulent voter fraud claims suffer more setbacks

Well, it is has been two weeks since the election in the United States. A week ago Saturday, Joe Biden was declared the winner and is now president-elect. At the end of last week, Arizona and Georgia were called for Biden, while the president won North Carolina. So, that brings the electoral college tally to 306 to 232.

Note, this is the same margin as Trump had over Clinton in 2016, which he defined as a landslide, even with 3 million fewer votes nationally. In 2020, this victory is more significant as it is with the winner getting over 5 million votes more than the president. But, the president has continued with his orchestrated voter fraud claims case which he has been staging for many months. Yet, his fraudulent claims of voter fraud is not going very well.

Per a Bloomberg piece by Erik Larson called “Trump and Allies Dial Back Voter Fraud Claims After Defeats,” the fraudulent fraud claims continue to suffer defeats.

“President Donald Trump’s legal campaign to overturn his 2020 election defeat shrank further with the narrowing of a key Pennsylvania lawsuit and the retreat of supporters who had sued in four battleground states.

The Trump campaign on Sunday revised its highly touted suit to block certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s projected Pennsylvania victory, abandoning its most extravagant claims of widespread voter fraud. On Monday, four suits associated with a conservative group that also sought to block election certifications based on broad voter-fraud claims were dropped in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia.

The broad pullback follows several major courtroom defeats last week and highlights the difficulty lawyers are having in backing up Trump’s claims of a ‘rigged’ election.”

Americans need GOP Senators and other Trump sycophants to start recognizing what is going on and stop this fraud being perpetrated by the president. Trump lost because he got fewer votes than Biden in key swing states. Of course, where he got more, there was no fraud claims. It is amazing how that works.

Americans and global watchers this is what a conspiracy looks like. This is what fraud looks like. Yet, the person leading this charge is not some group that must include duly appointed Republican election officials who have vehemently supported their processes against the president’s claims. It is being led by the president of the United States whose ego cannot stand losing. This is not leadership, it is petulance.

Yet, be forewarned by the president’s niece who said her uncle will “burn it all down to avoid losing.” He has already harmed America which prides itself on a peaceful transfer of power. Is this corrupt and deceitful president going to be the first to buck this extremely important trend?

12 thoughts on “Fraudulent voter fraud claims suffer more setbacks

  1. This chaos must end. States need to certify the election regardless of Trump’s childish temper tantrums, and administration officials need to work with Joe Biden’s transition team despite Trump’s orders not to. If he chooses to act like a petulant child who didn’t get his way, then he must be treated as one … for the health of this nation and its people. I cannot even begin to imagine what more he can destroy between now and January 20th, but thinking about the possibilities keeps us awake at night.

    • Jill, peaceful transition of power and helping the incoming administration are cornerstones of our country. Unless he abruptly changes this posture, this president will be remembered as the first president antagonistic to such. That is not in keeping with our ideals or even his own MAGA slogan. This is petulance from a poor loser. It certainly is not in the ballpark of leadership. Keith

      • He would demolish those cornerstones, it seems. I wonder if his plan is truly to destroy this nation in the 2 months he has left? What frightens me though, Keith, is that 72 million people voted for him this year … is this the new wave for this country? Have half the nation forgotten what our nation was founded on? If it were only Trump … but it’s not. Sigh. Tonight, I truly feel bereft, as if … there no longer exists the country I once thought I lived in.

      • Jill, it goes to show you how uninformed a country we are. Too many believe the malarkey Trump peddles and GOP Senators are too scared to question. See what happened to Chris Krebs yesterday, e.g.? Keith

    • Janis, I think it is more ego. A narcissist cannot handle losing. I worked with one and had the misfortune of attending a playoff game of his favorite team. When things did not go his team’s way, he was red-faced livid. At home, I told my wife, I will never do that again. I hear Trump gets furious in the office when things do not go his way. I think of my colleague when I hear that. Red-faced livid. Keith

  2. I really hoped it would go better than this, but this IS what I expected. It fits with all his other behavior, so why not? This is a man that rather than admit we have a pandemic, ignores the dead and dying and plays golf. Not like the guy has a compassionate bone in his body or much in the way of rationaltiy, either. All I can hope is that we don’t wind up with another four years of nothing happening because McConnell won’t let the senate vote or negotiate. Because frankly, if we don’t get our heads out of the political quagmire, we may not have a future.

    • Marilyn, I did too. I was hoping for an even bigger victory margin, so that what Trump is doing now, would not have mattered at all, and he would not even have tried. Yet, he is doing what we both expected him to do and he has been staging for many months. He just fired Chris Krebs, the Homeland cybersecurity person, because Krebs’ truths contradicts Trump’s lies. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: Per his modus operandi, the Queen of Hearts president Donald Trump fired the the Homeland Security person who helped secure our elections. “Chris Krebs, director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, despite Krebs’ success securing the 2020 election and his productivity in debunking post-election disinformation of the sort Trump has been promoting to avoid facing his election defeat.”

  4. Note to Readers: A very pertinent title to an article in The Hill today.

    “Wisconsin election official: We shouldn’t water Trump’s ‘plant of baloney'”

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