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The petulant acting president has told his people to not share COVID-19 data with the staff appointed by the president-elect. We are talking about people’s lives and the president is still throwing a tantrum with unfounded claims of wide-spread fraud, claims which he has orchestrated and staged for several months.

Let me come right to the point. This is the first president to not put country first to facilitate an orderly transition. It matters not if the president is still contending the election with or without merit. You still plan ahead to help people. It is that simple.

But, let me be brutally frank. Watching this president over the years, during his first campaign, and during his presidency, his interests have invariably superseded those of the country’s. He cannot help himself as it is in his narcissistic nature. So, doing what is necessary to help people is not in his thought pattern.

As conservative pundit David Brooks said the past year, “the president does not have any empathy or sense of decency.” There are many negative metaphors to draw from, but to me, having pep rallies with his most ardent fans in February without warning them of the risk (after admitting to knowing of the dangers of the coronavirus), is beyond the pale. He put his most loyal followers in danger without their knowledge.

Yet, if that is too subtle, picture Trump tossing paper towels to Puerto Ricans ravaged by a hurricane following his relative disdain to helping them. It was condescending as if it were a king throwing food scraps to hungry people.

10 thoughts on “To the point

  1. I am incensed by this, as well as many other things he is doing at the moment, such as trying to override the will of the people in Detroit and claim an election that he did not win. But you’re right … the very worst of it is that he is playing Russian roulette with our lives and for that, he deserves to be removed from office now, rather than waiting two more months. Today there were over 192,000 new cases — another new record, and over 2,000 deaths — yet another record. The deaths could have been 10,000 and it would have made no difference to him. Worse yet, the republicans in Congress, as well as members of Trump’s administration, remain silent, too cowardly to speak up and tell him publicly that he is wrong. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    • Jill, thanks. I saw where Senators Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney were even more critical of the outgoing president’s attempts to overturn the election. If you like the email I sent on “Trump appointed election official blasts president’s election claims,” I have been forwarding it to many people even editorial writers. Please feel free to send, especially to conservative friends, who are not realizing the president is the one perpetrating the fraud.

      Also, I am going to begin referring to Trump as the outgoing president going forward. Sasse said lawyers are not agreeing with Trump’s wide-spread claims in court, because lying to a judge is a crime. Keith

      • Yes, I did like that email and I plan to put it to good use … thanks! Today’s meeting between the two Michigan election officials and Trump constitutes nothing less than treason … he is attempting to bribe election officials! This is not acceptable! Sigh.

        Good idea, referring to Trump as the ‘outgoing president’. I shall try to do the same … that is, when I’m not referring to him in … er … colourful language 😉

  2. I am still puzzled how someone who is obviously only caring for his own benefit was elected for president and is still supported. I understand that some people are afraid about their jobs, but is this ever worth to sell the soul?

    • Erika, books have been written already, but I am sure a presidential historian will write a book at how a person called a “con-artist and a cheat” by his long time attorney could fool so many people. How can a person with a reputation for lying and cheating, tell his followers that everyone else is lying and to only believe him. And, it truly continues to this day and this minute? Keith

      • Yes, exactly, you found the perfect definition. It is unbelievable how this can work for so long. Nobody gets it here in Europe (as far as I know).

      • Erika, it seems the nationalist groups like him, as he wants countries to focus less on being part of a global community. Keith

    • Linda, true. He does not care about the fall out. It is now time for GOP senators to condemn this president’s fraud. Only Sasse and Romney have done so. Keith

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