Shouldn’t the president fire the guy in the mirror?

The outgoing president just fired Sidney Powell, an attorney, for doing what he wanted her to do and is doing himself – making ridiculous claims of wide-spread voter fraud without any proof. Truth be told, her claims were no more outlandish than Trump’s or his other rock thrower, Rudy Giuliani, both whom have been criticized for their fraudulent claims.

So, my question is shouldn’t the president fire himself for being as fraudulent and frivolous as his counsel? Matthew Brann, a Pennsylvania judge raked the Trump campaign over the coals for frivolous voter fraud claims as he threw out the case. The judge noted that the case was like “Frankenstein’s Monster,” all stitched together.

It is interesting the term Frankenstein was used, as the ghost writer of the outgoing president’s biggest seller called “The Art of the Deal,” was called Dr. Frankenstein by his publisher, as his book created a monster with all of its over-the-top bragging on its subject. It should be noted, more Republican voices have joined the fray criticizing the outgoing president..

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said Trump’s legal team was a “national embarrassment.” He noted that Fox’s Tucker Carlson was correct asking for the campaign to show us some proof. So, it did not take a rocket scientist to know Trump had to find a fall guy (or woman) in this case.

Current Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey applauded the credentials of the Judge Brann who made the ruling.and congratulated president-elect is Joe Biden. Toomey asked Trump to concede, so we can move on.

Republican Michigan Congressman Fred Upton said the following per Raw Story, “‘It’s all said and done’: Michigan GOP congressman calls on Trump to concede the election.” He joins Senators Toomey, Mitt Romney, Lamar Alexander, Ben Sasse and Susan Collins in the recognition of Joe Biden as president-elect.

Current Governor Larry Hogan beseeched Republican leaders to lean in on the president with his fraudulent claims saying curtly to the outgoing president, “Stop golfing and concede.”

Former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton said the outgoing president is like a “rioter in the street” who is “throwing rocks through windows.” Former Trump official HR McMaster agreed with the above sentiments, but was not as colorful with his metaphors.

Truth be told, these fraud claims have been orchestrated for over six months by the president. He has long set the stage for these actions, hiring 1,000 attorneys, defaming in the mail-in voter process, hobbling the post office, and telling his voters to vote in person as they are counted first.

So, if the president is going to fire Powell, he must also fire Giuliani who has been cartoonish in his fabrications of fraud. (Sidebar – what happened to Rudy?). Yet, they are taking their lead from the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime, including Richard Nixon who resigned before he was removed from office. If the outgoing president fired Powell, he should also fire the guy in the mirror when he shaves.

17 thoughts on “Shouldn’t the president fire the guy in the mirror?

  1. Note to Readers: I called my two Senators today. As concerned as I am with the president’s fraudulent and frivolous claims, one staff member said he is getting calls from folks who strongly disagree with me and those who do. The outgoing president has already done the damage we feared in sowing seeds of doubt. Please call your senators and ask them to push back on the president.

  2. Note to Readers II: Per Fox News: “Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, became the latest GOP senator late Sunday night to issue a statement pushing for the Trump administration to start the presidential transition process.

    ‘President Trump has had the opportunity to litigate his claims, and the courts have thus far found them without merit,” she said. “A pressure campaign on state legislators to influence the electoral outcome is not only unprecedented but inconsistent with our democratic process. It is time to begin the full and formal transition process.'”

  3. Good post, Keith! I didn’t call mine, but instead wrote a letter, which you will see in my afternoon post later today. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the level of autocracy and chaos Trump has brought to this nation. It is without precedent and it is unconscionable.

    • Jill, I read your letter while not logged into WordPress. Well done. I did see where Senator Portman said today we should move on with the transition, without citing Biden as the winner. That is the a baby step.

      What frustrates me, while 2/3 of Americans think the election was fair per a Harvard poll published today, 2/3 of Republicans believe Trump won. I fault the president for peddling this fraudulent statement, Republican Senators for not denouncing it as such, and folks like Hannity, Ingraham, Limbaugh, etc. who genuflect to the president.

      As I shared with my Senators, it is one thing to say bringing litigation is fine, but to say there is wide-spread voter fraud without proof is just plan dangerous and wrong. It has led to the above survey result. Keith

      • Jill, here is what Portman said today per the Cincinnati Enqurier.

        “Earlier on Monday, Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), who held Cabinet positions under President George W. Bush, said there is no evidence that widespread fraud impacted the outcome and that it’s time to move on.

        ‘It is now time to expeditiously resolve any outstanding questions and move forward,’ he wrote in an op-ed for the Cincinnati Enquirer.”

      • Thanks, Keith! I can’t give Portman a big thumbs up, for that is simply too little … yes, a baby step, but … still not nearly enough.

        I’ve come to wonder lately if we are all living on the same planet. It would seem that republicans can look at the same data as the rest of us and see grass where we see a river, see clouds where we see sunshine. It’s almost as if we are in two separate universes.

        Some good news today, though.

    • Erika, well said. Yet, he has people believing his BS that he won in his party because his sycophants won’t say otherwise. It is embarrassing and dangerous. Keith

      • Yes, this is embarrasing. He and his staff already have been a laughingstock but his behavior now only makes it worse. He could have shown a backbone and dignity in the way he leaves. But he lost the chance pitifully.

      • Erika, a person who put country first would do that. But, even the outgoing president could have better positioned himself for 2024, by being gracious and helpful. Yet, neither word are top of mind attributes to define this petulant person. Keith

  4. The End Times of Trump are resembling more and more the final days of The Third Reich with ‘The Leader’ alternating between deluded pronouncements of deliverance and hysterical rantings of betrayal:
    I wonder if this sort of scene took place in the offices of The Whitehouse:

  5. Note to Readers: Here is a headline from Newsweek today.

    “Trump Amplifies Sidney Powell’s Work Despite Legal Team Cutting Her Loose”

    As noted above, the Trump team fired her, even though the president has and still does parrot her inane comments. The process is called scapegoating. Chris Christie and Tucker Carlson said the Trump legal team was a “national embarrassment,” so someone had to go.

    Sadly, after watching a video of Trump MAGA supporters, the believe her, Giuliani and Trump.

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