It is time to pull up your big boy pants

If a certain outgoing president’s mother was still alive, she might say to her little boy, “it is time for you to pull up your big boy pants.” She would say, “here, wipe the tears away and stop holding your breath. You lost, my boy. So, please shake your opponent’s hand and congratulate him.”

After the pouting continued, she might add there was no cheating, you lost fair and square. She would add, what you are doing now is a reflection on you, not others. He would run into his room yelling “I hate you.”

She would let him cool down, then walk in later. She would ask him to talk calmly. He didn’t lose he would say. They cheated me. “No, son they did not. You just keep saying that hoping someone will listen,” she would reply.

Then, she would leave the room to let him think about it some more. Around dinner time, he would emerge. “Are you ready to tell your opponent congratulations?” she would ask. “No, and I am not going to because they cheated.”

“What proof do you have they cheated?” she would ask. “Rudy said he had mountains of it.” She asked for him to tell her.. After listening to his story through his pouting lips, she replied, “You know Rudy likes to exaggerate, but the counters and judges confirmed what you just told me is not true.”

“It is!” he shouted and ran back in his room.

That night, she went in to tuck him in. He said “aren’t you going to read me story?

No.” she said firmly. “Right now, I don’t want to be around you if you act like such a poor loser.”

“I am not a loser!” he shouted.

“Son, you are acting just like one,” she would reply. “Now, good night.”

11 thoughts on “It is time to pull up your big boy pants

  1. Maybe we can persuade Melaniato to help him pull his big boy pants up. Maybe in exchange for a lollipop, someone can get him to say he lost fair and square but I’m not holding my breath.

    • David, his petulant, smug everyone-knows-fraud occurred press conference yesterday showed what the next fours will be like. The question is will his fans tire of his I-was-cheated schtick. Keith

  2. While I was never a proponent of spanking, it sounds like what li’l Donnie needs is the proverbial trip to the woodshed. And to think … 53 men and women could have resolved this back in February and refused to do so. 🙄

  3. In the face of absolutely no evidence that fraud occurred, his base is still claiming that the election was stolen. I don’t listen to or read right-wing media so I have no idea what they are spewing… but it seems to be working. Donny never had to put on big boy pants and I doubt that he will start now.

  4. Note to Readers: Now, the petulant acting one is challenging Biden’s vote count. Yet, another judge panel denied the Trump appeal in PA, with a Trump appointed judge writing a scathing criticism of the Trump campaign and its lack of evidence.

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