Republican Congressman slams Trump loyalists

An article entitled “GOP Lawmaker Slams Republican Trump Loyalists, Calls MAGA Base ‘Anti-American,’ Says He’s ‘Damn Sick of It'” by Christina Zhao of Newsweek reveals that more Republicans are saying the obvious about their party leader and silent colleagues. Here are the first three paragraphs:

Outgoing Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman of Virginia on Saturday unleashed a barrage of criticism against Donald Trump, his allies and ‘anti-American’ supporters, as the president continues to cast doubt on his election loss.

Riggleman is among the few Republicans who have acknowledged President-elect Joe Biden‘s victory over Trump. Most media outlets called the election for the Democrat, who has secured 306 Electoral College votes, over two weeks ago, but Trump has refused to concede.

In an interview with Forbes, Riggleman condemned his fellow Republicans for remaining quiet amid Trump’s attempts to cast doubt on the election process by claiming a ‘rigged and stolen” election. It’s ‘completely unethical,’ he said, explaining that some of his colleagues believe that breaking with Trump would ‘cost them their careers.'”

Riggleman has chosen his words wisely calling Trump’s allies on these accusations as “anti-American” and calling his colleagues “completely unethical.” As an example, I saw where Trump sycophant Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida is echoing they have proof of voter fraud, following a weekend when Georgia and Wisconsin recounts confirmed the election to Biden in their states, fired cybersecurity expert for Homeland Security Chris Krebs very credibly reiterated on “60 Minutes” last night the election was safe and secure, and two courts threw out appeals from Trump and his supporters.

To be perfectly blunt, the only voter fraud being committed is from the person who looks back at the outgoing president when he shaves. He staged these “unethical actions” for six months and is doing what he was expected to do, as he just cannot face losing.

GOP Lawmaker Slams Republican Trump Loyalists, Calls MAGA Base ‘Anti-American,’ Says He’s ‘Damn Sick of It’ (

14 thoughts on “Republican Congressman slams Trump loyalists

  1. I truly hope that those republicans who continue to stick with Trump, who refuse to call him out because they fear that to do otherwise could cost them their careers, go up in flames next time they seek re-election. I hope that by 2022, we will have uncovered all the damage Trump has done, for what we now know is no doubt only the tip of the iceberg, and that the republicans who still support Trump today will finally realize the evil he brought into the White House. Yeah, I know … in my dreams. Sigh.

    • Jill, I sure hope so, but it does not seem they got slapped on the wrist this time. Maybe if the Dems pick up the GA Senate seats. In NC, the GOP incumbent only won because his leading opponent decided to have an affair in the middle of the campaign. Keith

      • I was shocked at Tillis’ win … I thought for sure he would be ousted. Sigh. Yes, you’re right … thus far they aren’t even being verbally condemned, and yesterday I read that a number of republican representatives are considering trying to convene a joint session of Congress in order to refuse to certify the Electoral College vote! I’m sure they won’t succeed, but just the thought that they are so dead-set against the people’s will … and wouldn’t you know that one of the ones leading the charge is Warren Davidson, my own representative. Sigh.

      • Jill, you may have seen AG Barr said the Justice dept did not find enough voter fraud to change the outcome. I am sure the outgoing president will throw him under the bus. Davidson and Gaetz seem to be leading the charge. That is telling in and of itself. I thanked Sen Murkowski and Congressman Adam Kinzinger for their courage. I tried to let Congressman Denver Riggleman know of my thanks, but his voicemail is full. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: This was announced today on CNBC: “Arizona certified its presidential election results, delivering another win for President-elect Joe Biden in spite of efforts from President Donald Trump’s allies to reverse the outcome of the race.” One of the important things that Chris Krebs said on “60 Minutes” is 95% of the ballots counted left a paper ballot trail. In 2016, he noted only 82% of the ballots left such a trail. Georgia has now done two recounts confirming Biden’s win there.

  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Won’t you all be glad when (if) the day comes that we have better things to write about than Trump? I know I will, but for today … sigh. Our friend Keith writes of yet another Republican member of Congress who has stepped off of the Trump train … now if only the rest would consider the fate of the nation rather than their own … Thanks, Keith, for keeping us informed!

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