Mountains of misinformation

The following are paragraphs from an article by Michael Warren of CNN called “State Republicans continue to break with Trump, while those in Congress remain silent.”

“Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan (of Georgia), a young, ambitious Republican, told CNN’s Jake Tapper Sunday that ‘mountains of misinformation’ from allies of President Donald Trump alleging large-scale voter fraud in the presidential election were hurting GOP efforts in the runoff elections for US Senate. Hours later one of those Republican senators, Kelly Loeffler, continued to offer lip service to Trump’s baseless claims…

The contrast illustrates a growing rift inside the Republican Party, between those who are willing to call out Trump on his baseless attempts to overturn the election results, and those who aren’t. It’s been state officials — governors, lieutenant governors, and secretaries of state — who have been the most outspoken, not only in acknowledging Biden’s victory, but also in pointing out the damage Trump’s false narrative is doing.

Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress, typically among the standard-bearers of the party, have largely been silent, save for a few exceptions. And it’s unclear whether those on Capitol Hill are going along with Trump for short-term political reasons or because they actually agree with him.

The above speaks for itself. Today, two more court cases put forth by Trump or his supporters were thrown out in Michigan and Georgia. By my count that puts the Trump campaign at 1 win and 49 losses in court. That is a 2% winning percentage. I know the outgoing president mocks polls, but this judicial poll show him losing 98% of the time.

Sadly, armed Trump supporters have been picketing in Michigan around the Secretary of State’s House. This is on top of the death threats. Someone will get hurt and take it to the bank, the unaccountable person in the White House will absolve himself of fault.

To the silent Republican Senators and Congress people in Washington, it is now time to serve your country. Join me in the following admonition – Man-up Mr. Trump, you lost.

State Republicans continue to break with Trump, while those in Congress remain silent (

12 thoughts on “Mountains of misinformation

  1. The behaviour of the outgoing president AND his lackeys in Congress is unconscionable. This is something I expect to see happening in a third-world country, not in a democratic republic that was once a well-respected ally to most of the industrialized world. You’re right … someone is going to get hurt or killed … probably several someones … and the blood will be on the hands of Trump and others who are engaging in conspiracy theories and putting their own political gains over what is best for the nation. I never thought I would see this day.

    • Jill, I reached out to a few Senators today beseeching them to ask the outgoing president to concede. What he is doing is dangerous to people and our democracy. I mentioned these election officials, many whom are Republican, deserve air cover from our Senators. Keith

      • Those in the elective service, who cannot be removed but by their co-electeds (2/3rds vote to expel) and have immediate attention of the police, are responsible for using that practical immunity from petty harassment to give air cover (nice metaphor) to any one in the civil or military services they find attacked for doing their proper job properly. It is such a morale for everyone. Many of those attackers make a shameful retreat if someone with the carriage of an honest election winner shows up and tells them they are full of it. Imagine them at the DMV and having the governor pop up and tell them, with open faced contempt, what a miserable life they are.

      • Thanks. It is nauseating these folks are leaving exposed fellow Republicans (and citizens) to placate such a deceitful person. If I were one of them, I would be disillusioned by “management” that won’t go to bat for them. As for the outgoing president, why anyone would cover for him is beyond me. Keith

      • I reached out to Senator Rob Portman and got a response informing me of how the electoral process works, and that he voted for Trump. Helpful, eh? Sigh. Yes, what he is doing is dangerous … he is stoking fires and somebody will die before it’s over.

      • Jill, good job. You got the standard response letter. I did find of interest that in a phone call among GOP House members, one of the members proposed a bill to sanction Republicans for not supporting Trump’s voter fraud issue. It erupted when several Republicans pushed back on that malarkey. As we have known for awhile, Trump is a threat to our democracy, our planet and his own party. And, people who push back on him. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: The outgoing president’s fraudulent claims of voter fraud are impacting others around the world. Here is a paragraph from a piece today called: “‘It’s not just misleading, it’s insulting’: Democracy activists angered by Trump’s election claims” by Rachel Elbaum of NBC.

    “Pro-democracy activists in countries where democracy is coming under pressure or is nonexistent worry that Trump’s rhetoric will harm their efforts, make it easier for their leaders to ignore democratic norms and equate any fraud in their own systems with the United States’ 2020 vote.”

      • Agreed. Yet, what you just said would stun his followers, who would call it fake news. Yet, too many surveys and articles confirm what you wrote. Keith

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