What if they caught the bus?

One of the thoughts I have been having lately around the fraudulent claims of the outgoing president and his sycophants about voter fraud, is the following, “what if they caught the bus?” This is an old line about a dog chasing a vehicle, like a bus, begging the question, what would the dog do if he or she caught it?

Ken Paxton, the Attorney General in the state of Texas has been joined by seventeen other Attorney Generals on a case without much merit and standing. It is expected the US Supreme Court will kick it out and not hear it, but stranger things have happened. Here is what was said in n article this morning:

“Texas’s own senior GOP senator, John Cornyn, said, ‘I frankly struggle to understand the legal theory‘ behind it. Jeb Bush responded by saying there was no theory and predicted that the court would reject it out of hand. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) even went so far Thursday as to suggest it was a ‘PR stunt rather than a lawsuit‘ and that (the Texas Attorney General) Ken Paxton (R) might be merely seeking a Trump pardon for his personal legal problems.”*

But what if this last ditch effort worked and for some reason, the current president remained in office. In essence, what if they caught the bus? Then, democracy in America would be over. We would be an autocracy. The will of the people in votes would be overturned. Using the president’s niece, Mary’s comments, her uncle will “burn it all down” to avoid losing. His ego is that shallow. He must burn it down to keep his little precious ego in tact.

I wish I did not have to write this. Truly. But, only 60% of Americans view Biden’s win as legitimate. That floored me. That is the power of a person known for lying who has told his base that everyone else is lying. The silent Senators coupled with the some who have been outspoken have left a vacuum that has been filled with conspiracy theory fans and a president who simply cannot admit he lost the election. Make no mistake – this is weakness.

What the outgoing president is doing is predicted and predictable. He has staged this fraud for about six months. I wrote a post in September after reading about the 1,000 attorneys the Trump campaign hired called, “Take it to the bank, the president will sue to avoid losing the election.” Or, just watch Senator Bernie Sanders on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in October who, with eerie accuracy, summarized what Trump would do come election.

What is lost on this conspiracy spreaders – Trump, Giuliani, Hannity, Limbaugh, Ingraham, etc. – is the Trump campaign and supporters have lost 49 court cases, by my count, winning only one. And, to add insult to injury, many of the judges are Republican and some are Trump appointees. SCOTUS refused to hear a Pennsylvania court case from some Republican legislators – simply saying “no” with no known dissents.

So, my question to these sycophants – what happens if they catch this bus? People who support the president said he has a right to sue and ask for recounts. He has done that and he still lost. What he wants to do is do a recount until the count turns his way. What I would add is 60% of Americans think their vote is important. So, if this bus is caught, it will end up very ugly for America.

Let me close with a final comment I often use – it is a fool’s errand to take Donald Trump at his word. Are you listening Trump sycophants?

*Note: From a Newsweek article by Jason Lemon called “GOP Senator Ben Sasse Suggests Texas AG Looking for Trump Pardon With SCOTUS Lawsuit” A link to the article is below:

GOP Senator Ben Sasse Suggests Texas AG Looking for Trump Pardon With SCOTUS Lawsuit (msn.com)

15 thoughts on “What if they caught the bus?

    • Thanks Jeff. To forsake our constitution and truth are bad enough, but to sell their soul for such a corrupt and deceitful acting president is beyond me. This is not Abraham Lincoln or even Ronald Reagan. This is a person who has sexually assaulted women, bragging about it. This is a person who five biographers said has a problem with the truth. This is a person…..

  1. I’m not surprised at Trump’s behavior. I mean for months, he gave us plenty of warning regarding what his reaction would be if he lost. What I am surprised at is the large numbers of Republicans who are willing and eager to not only throw democracy under the bus, but even their own election wins in order to prove their undying devotion to the Cult of Trump. I know. How naive.🤦🏻‍♀️

  2. Note to Readers: In a 7 to 2 ruling, the Supreme Court refused to hear the Texas lawsuit since they had no cognizant argument of standing. The two yes votes would have allowed it to be heard, but did not indicate support. This is good news.

  3. Hello Keith. Thanks for the link back to one of my posts.

    As to what tRump wants, ultimate unchallenged power with unfettered access to other people’s money, what he has always wanted. He originally thought when he won the 2016 election that the president ran all of the US, all branches of government and had the final say in everything. He felt the other presidents were weak because they did not use that power he thought they had.

    What the Republicans do not seem to understand is that if tRump wins, they all lose. All the power seeking Republican officials move to the back of the line with the tRump family in front. tRump believes his family has superior genes compared to others. Who is in favor from then will depend on how well you please the Dear Leader and massage his ego. Any idea of rising in power on merit is gone, as is what businesses succeed. We have no democracy, no capitalism, it will be Russia 2.0 Hugs

    • Scottie, your points are valid. Even now, loyalty supercedes competency. What people lose sight of because of the other shortcomings is the incompetence of the White House. Chaos abounds with no consistency of messaging. The best metaphor for the Trump presidency is the first travel ban that was so poorly handled and communicated, it was pulled in two days. The self-proclaimed “stable genius” did not even bother to tell people who would be doing it in advance. The soldiers have a two-word term for this, with the first word being “cluster.” Keith

      • Hello Keith. I find it interesting that the Russian’s hacking into so many departments in the US government including the DHS comes right after tRump fired the experienced workers and replaced them with flunkies? Incompetence or … ? Hugs

      • Scottie, I think they hacked us several months ago. It was a professional job as they got in there and were very selective about what they pilfered. Keith

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