Republican Congressman – “I’ve had enough”

Business Insider posted the following article yesterday regarding a Republican leaving the party called “‘I’ve had enough’: Rep. Paul Mitchell leaves the GOP and becomes an Independent, decrying Trump’s efforts to overturn the presidential election.” A link to the article is below. Here are a few paragraphs:

“GOP Rep. Paul Mitchell announced on Monday that he is walking away from the Republican Party and becoming an Independent, according to CNN.

‘As elected members of Congress, we take an oath to ‘support and defend the Constitution of the United States,’ not to preserve and protect the political interests of any individual, be it the president or anyone else, to the detriment of our cherished nation,’ he wrote in a letter declaring his party change.

Mitchell, who is retiring after two terms in office, has represented Michigan’s 10th Congressional district since January 2017.

‘This party has to stand up for democracy first — for our Constitution first — and not political considerations,’ he told CNN. ‘Not to protect a candidate. Not simply for raw political power, and that’s what I feel is going on and I’ve had enough.'”

To be frank, Mitchell’s words ring loudly, but they are tardy. It looks like he was waiting, as were some other Republicans, for the Electoral College vote to declare Joe Biden the next president to make large pronouncements. Sadly, too many minds are made up in the Trump Party believing the fraudulent and unproven claims of the outgoing president.

Nonetheless, I did see a few more Senators speak out declaring Biden the winner after the Electoral College vote including Senator John Thune, the #3 Republican in the Senate following the #2 guy, John Cornyn’s comments over the last week. Surprisingly, Trump fan Senator Roy Blunt added his acknowledgement of Biden’s win. And, even the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal asked the outgoing president to concede.

Yet, the final dagger may be Vladimir Putin, the outgoing president’s favorite leader, calling Biden to congratulate him on his victory. Of course, Putin was likely not apologizing for hacking several US governmental systems.

‘I’ve had enough’: Rep. Paul Mitchell leaves the GOP and becomes an Independent, decrying Trump’s efforts to overturn the presidential election (


17 thoughts on “Republican Congressman – “I’ve had enough”

  1. This member of Congress is also retiring, so what he said won’t have much impact on…well…much (unless we get to 2024 and Republicans are still drinking the Trump kool aid while he runs as an Independent or a Libertarian…then it might have some impact).

    • Brendan, true. The Trump base falls for Trump’s name-calling to deflect critics, not the criticism. Former employees are defined as “disgruntled” when they are critical. The media is “dishonest” or “hates him” while politicians are just “losers.” What people fail to hone in on is the lone constant in all of these equations. The other key component is critics know the outgoing president is highly vindictive, so that should make their criticism of Trump more sincere. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: Brittany Bernstein of the National Review wrote the following paragraph under the title “Michigan Congressman Quits GOP over Trump’s Election Fraud Claims.”

    “Retiring Representative Paul Mitchell (R., Mich.) announced on Monday that he is “disaffiliating” from the Republican Party and becoming an Independent after being disheartened by a number of GOP leaders’ support for President Trump’s attempts to contest the election over unfounded claims of widespread election fraud.”

  3. Yes, the Congressman is a little tardy Keith. And, he’s retiring. These guys are not poster boys for courage. At least McConnell finally acknowledged Biden’s victory today-after nearly 5 weeks! Oh well, it’s another step forward in facilitating the exit of the current president I suppose.

    • Jeff, these are steps forward, but while they will accept the election decision, it may be too late to change minds. With the outgoing president’s fraudulent and unproven claims, the message has been sent and received by the base that the election was stolen from him. I did read where 82% of Trump voters believed he won, so the Senators finally speaking up, may get that number down, but probably not by much.

      It is like Trump’s misleading on COVID-19, the early on lying and hoax stuff firmed up the minds, so it is difficult to get the truth to seep in. Mission 1 in a pandemic is tell people the truth – the outgoing president chose not to.

      The same on the election. Instead of adding calm, he threw fuel on the fire. What his followers do not consider is their leader has a hard time with the truth and that is the kindest way of saying it. Keith

      • Yes, and the fact that over 74 million voted for him has a lot to do with the spineless politicians. Most of them know they need these voters and will placate them accordingly. In other words, it’s all about them keeping their jobs-no matter what. Must be quite a job to have because they do whatever it takes-regardless of how pathetic they look doing it.

      • Jeff, the GOP politicians have damaged their party and reputations by not calling out what is overt fraud, not just the election, but other corrupt, deceitful and indecent actions by the outgoing – firing inspectors general and civil servants who raised concerns knowing they would be fired, employing his children without vetting, extorting Ukraine, making money off the presidency, running shadow diplomacy without vetting, and so on. Keith

  4. Even the Republicans congratulate Biden, Putin too. Today, when I watched the evening news, and heard about everyone congratulating Biden while Trump still repeats his boring statement, I thought, hey, no one is actually really listening to that person anymore… he is part of the past, finally.

    • Erika, well said. Since Trump offers little value in what he says, it makes it easier to ignore him. He will grumble about the election being stolen until the day he dies. What I find of interest is this echo chamber where his and conspiracy lies bounce around so much, he starts to believe his own BS. Keith

      • Yes, you are right! It is interesting to watch that development. Since less people are listening to him and simply ignore him, he digs even deeper into his invented truth. He lives in his own world more than ever… and will be pretty lonely there.

  5. Too little, too late, but … we’ll take what we can get. As you said in response to Jeff, the message has been sent and received by Trump’s base and it will take some effort … a lot of effort … to dislodge that notion that the election was ‘stolen’ from Trump. Frankly, I doubt that Trump himself even believes that, but he’s like a dog with a bone … he’s not going to let it go.

    • Jill, see my note to Erika about the echo chamber. Trump will hear the BS he echoes, echoed back and start believing it.

      Because the GOP Senate babied Trump’s petulance, the base is convinced Trump won and the election was stolen. The GOP Senate will now confirm Biden, but they left the Trump stench on the election too long. I believe they did a huge disservice to the country, because only a few will call out Trump for his fraud. Keith

      • I fully agree … they passed up a chance to stand firmly on the right side, to do the right thing despite Trump. Frankly, the members of Congress do not work for Trump, do not report to him, and he cannot fire them, so the only thing they had to lose was his support in their next re-election bid. I think they would have had far more support from the voters if they had listened to their consciences.

      • Jill, and now Senator Ron Johnson is at it again holding hearings for his boss giving audience to Trump attorneys. At least Chris Krebs will come in. Keith

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