Irrational and unproven claims by Congressmen Gohmert and Brooks

The following is a letter to the editor I forwarded to my newspaper. Please feel free to edit and use.

As an independent and former GOP voter, I am puzzled and frustrated by the insistence of followers of the outgoing president, such as Congressmen Louie Gohmert and Mo Brooks, that the election was stolen. The fact the outgoing president has claimed fraud is not a surprise as it was predictable and staged for months. What he did not plan on was losing 59 out of 60 court cases, many ruled on by Republican judges, nor the push back from election officials, secretaries of state and governors (many of whom are Republican).

To me, the oath to the constitution takes precedence over a loyalty to a president. I believe these irrational and vastly unproven claims are detrimental to our democracy and betray the will of the voters. If these folks caught this bus, like the chasing canine, what are they going to do with it? Our democracy, in essence, would be over.

25 thoughts on “Irrational and unproven claims by Congressmen Gohmert and Brooks

    • So true. I saw where some Republican state legislators are stirring more stuff up in PA, which of course, feeds the fire of this “entitled frat boy” per Geraldo Rivera.

  1. Note to Readers: I also forwarded this to a couple of newspapers in Texas and Alabama. People need to call these folks on the carpet for tossing our governance (that protect us from people like them) in the trash can.

  2. Just to let you know, I’ve heard of a bunch of private celebrations planned for Jan 20 here in Canada. Just a bunch of ordinary folk feeling like they should mark the day. I can’t imagine why.

    • Tildeb, that is terrific to hear. I am sure they will be joined by others worldwide. A song to sing might be a variation of one from late in “The Wizard of Oz.” “Ding dong the Witch is gone…” Keith

    • FC, this is what I fail to comprehend. The damage the person and his toadies are doing far exceeds any favorable outcome to their liking. He has made the US look like a third world country. Other leaders do not trust the outgoing president, even the ones who support him in public. Why would they? His word is meaningless. He is a bully. He denigrates and name calls and he tears down relationships that were built over time, as he cares mostly about he looks. Keith

      • HeHe, I’ve got an abbreivation from the “oldfart” himself, I’ve Arrived 🙂

        I was thinking about these middling little fellow travelers who make it hard for their constituents to respect them or (if they agree) the process of government. How many obnoxious types are going to get themselves elected mayor, county supervisor, et al. and then have to be pitched out or fired? That wave is going to take at least another electoral cycle to land and then recede.

      • FC, I would be delighted to use your given name if you prefer? But, need a cue. As for having arrived, that and US$2.25 will get you a coffee at Starbucks. Keith

      • I don’t object to the obvious contraction, it suggests I’ve been around you(r blog) to have a recognition. If that doesn’t make sense, I am up _way_ too late and am going to go to bed now. It’s is New Years Day, so ~19 to go.

  3. Short, sweet, and to the point … I like it! I read this morning that Senator Josh Hawley is now planning to contest the certification of the Electoral College vote on January 6th. Just something more to keep our blood pressure up and our ulcers active! And, as you said in your comment above, it makes this nation the laughingstock of the planet … we look no better than any third-world nation today.

    • Jill, thanks. I tried to call Hawley’s office, but they are a tad busy. What is not getting enough time due to the OP’s “undemocratic coup attempt” (The New York Post’s term), is the United Nations’ reaction to several of the OP’s pardons. It reveals what the OP values – corrupt and deceitful people. Keith

      • Either that, of Hawley took his phone off the hook! I emailed, and got a canned response. Better than getting the FBI at my door, I suppose. You’re right, that not enough has been said about his abominable pardons, particularly of the Blackwater gang, which I read the U.N. says violates International Law. I am planning a post on this … probably late Friday or sometime Saturday.

      • Jill, that could be the case. When one is a lightning rod, he likely is getting calls of “attaboy” from the tribe and calls of “WTF” from others. Keith

    • For the wrong reasons to begin with, January 20th is going to become internationally known n calendars and everyone’s minds. “Where Were You When the Lights Came Back On?”

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