Note to a handful of Senators and other Trump Toadies

The following was sent to Republican Senator Josh Hawley on Thursday. I just read in The Hill today there are eleven more Republican Senators who have decided to be remembered poorly in the future, as they fight the outgoing president’s continuing fraud on the American people. Please feel free to use and adapt the following. The names are in the article below.

I wish you a safe and productive New Year. However, this independent and former Republican voter must share my concerns with you.

The question that must be asked, is it easier to believe there is a vast voter fraud conspiracy which would include many Republican (even Trump appointed) election officials, governors, secretaries of state, judges, the US Attorney General, head of election cybersecurity and election leaders OR is it easier to believe a person well documented as being untruthful, long before being president, is lying yet one more time, especially after staging for six months the fraud claims? While we are at it, why are Fox News and Newsmax backpedaling on their unsupported claims of Dominion Voting Systems – could it be the defamation lawsuits?

This independent and former Republican voter sees the outgoing president as threat to national security as he endangers our democracy and people, many of whom are hard working Republicans just trying to do their job. It is time for Mr. Trump to concede after failing to prove voter fraud while losing 59 out of 60 court cases. Plus, the recounts confirm the voter tallies and that he lost. It is time to move on for the sake of our country.

While what the outgoing president is doing was predicted and predictable, what frustrates me most is seeing legislators aid and abet the outgoing president’s deceitful action on the American people. The New York Post, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, called the outgoing president’s efforts an “undemocratic coup.” My question to you is this how you wish to be remembered? Please rethink your course of action, for the sake of our country. If you helped the outgoing president remain in power, our democracy would effectively be over.

11 Senate Republicans say they will object to Electoral College results Wednesday (

24 thoughts on “Note to a handful of Senators and other Trump Toadies

  1. Note to Readers: I sent a variation of the above to a few the Senators noted in the piece. I know these folks are as tired of hearing from me as I am writing about these subject. It is just that I am in a continual state of disbelief as how elected officials can defy their oaths to serve the interests of the most deceitful and corrupt president in my lifetime. Sadly, people are believing their BS.

  2. One suggestion, though I know you’ve sent it to them already. I suggest paragraph3, sentence 2 start “The editorial board of the reliably conservative New York Post, a property of Rupert Murdock’s News Corp, has denounced…” Things have calmed down enough that my inner copy-editor has returned. (:

  3. When even your most ardent fans start to criticize you, it is time to man up and look hard in the mirror at the person you have become and what you have or have not done. Can Mr T. not hear this roar, now so deafening that we can hear it on the other side of the Pacific?

    • Amanda, agreed. You would think the poor loser tirade would wear thin. But, when you add his own fraudulent actions on the election process, it reveals a very corrupt mindset. Keith

      • Agreed. Under narcissist, you will find his picture. Deceit, bullying, blame-shifting, fragile ego, et al are tools of his trade.

      • Sadly, it seems it has worked for him in many instances. Yet I wonder, does he really have anyone whom he could call a true friend, or merely just a lot of devotees/yes men?

      • Amanda, I would think not. He has only toadies. As one of his attorneys said, if you are on Trump’s good side, don’t get used to it, as you won’t be there for long. Keith

      • Toadies. An apt description. He did seemed to go through aids like one might change their underwear – lol…. I could not operate efficiently like that.

      • Amanda, it is not covered enough the Trump White House has far more turnover than other White Houses. Conservative David Brookd says the Trump White House is “equal parts chaos and incompetence,” which speaks volumes. Keith

      • Amanda, they did not accomplish a lot, which is likely good. They spent a lot of time trying to cover the latest inane thing the boss said or did. Could you imagine working for him and checking the Twitter feed at 6 am telling your spouse “let’s see what is in store for me today?” Keith

  4. Honestly, I’m not surprised at Trump. I mean, he gave us ample warning well before the election that this would be his reaction if he lost. I’m not even surprised by Republican minions like Ron Johnson, Jim Jordan, or Louie Gohmert (who’s now calling for violence in the streets on Wednesday). But to have so many others like Hawley be willing to rip this country apart even further simply out of political ambition is sickening. I just hope no one is killed Wednesday.

  5. These fools really have no idea of the potential of the violence they can bring upon the USA by splitting the nation and causing a re-enactment of what plagued Ulster in the late 1960s through to the 1990s
    All the fundamentalist groups in the Middle East must be so pleased that these folk are doing their job for them.
    And meanwhile the Kremlin and Beijing continue to plan three moves ahead.

    • Roger, great points, all. I was watching an interview with former Sec of State Madeleine Albright this morning. She noted that Putin is playing well a poor hand. When she said that I thought and this outgoing president is playing poorly a better hand. But, what too many fail to realize is China is playing better a better hand. Keith

      • Roger, he has the false bravado, but it masks a cowardice and fear of being thought poorly of. Yesterday, tapes revealed he tried to coerce the Republican Sec of State of Georgia to change 11,000+ votes. This is after three recounts and this person, who supported the outgoing president, told him no. This type of push and response should speak volumes to his followers as to the kind of person both people. One is duty bound, while the other is corrupt. Keith

    • Jill, thanks. The Wall Street Journal wrote a scathing rebuke of these efforts and said it would hurt our country and the Republican Party. You likely saw or heard the outgoing president try to get the Republican Sec of State in Georgia to cheat for him. And, this was a supporter (at least this time) of the outgoing president telling him no. Donald J. Trump portrays himself as a real tough guy, but that everyday actions do not support that claim, actually just the opposite. Keith

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