Letter I sent to my newspaper today – my heart is broken to see so-called leaders not be such

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My heart is broken to see our country stoop so low. The outgoing president’s ongoing untruthful claims the election was fraudulent is predictable, as he planned and staged these actions for six months prior to the election and it is in keeping with his well-documented untruthfulness. Yet, what frustrates me more is seeing elected officials not stand up to tyrannical statements with some even aiding and abetting what conservative paper The New York Post called “an undemocratic coup.” Many Republican election officials, judges, governors and Secretaries of State and the US Attorney General and cybersecurity official ruled the election was fair and proper, many at great personal risk. Mr. Trump you lost the election. You lost the recounts and you lost 59 out of 60 court cases. For the sake of the country, we need you to be an adult and admit you did.

8 thoughts on “Letter I sent to my newspaper today – my heart is broken to see so-called leaders not be such

  1. Like you, my heart is broken and I am so disappointed in the people who participated in today’s fiasco … they are not my countrymen. This is the culmination of four years of republicans in Congress and in Trump’s cabinet being too cowardly to stand up to him, to hold him accountable. Me fear now is what may happen on January 20th … are more mobs coming to Washington to attempt to disrupt that, as well? Should we fear for Joe Biden’s life?

    • Jill, I share your fear, but I will write about later today that we saw the end of Donald Trump’s political career yesterday. Politicians and staff who supported have either jumped ship or are about to. What happened yesterday rubbed many in his party the wrong way. Now, he will have his many supporters remain loyal, but people want to be associated with a winner, not a whiner which is what Trump is. Yesterday was the result of his inability to tell the truth or be accountable and it was painfully evident. Keith

      • The former Secretary Mattis (sp?) reference to the Civil War-era short story “The Man Without a Country” was probably the best line of the day/night. It is not a long read, but I recommend it especially. Search 16493 on Project Gutenberg.

      • FC, indeed it was. Both Mattis and McMaster are well read, which is unlike the person they used to work for. He should have listened to them more. Keith

  2. I am so sorry for you ordinary, basic folk.
    The USA is being tested once more. Trump being the fool that he is had no idea of the forces he was playing with. Hitler and Lenin would have. Stalin was obsessed with them not being allowed in any shape or form. Putin meanwhile chuckles and goes to an Orthodox Church to give thanks. Chinese leaders nod their heads and ever mindful of their own history says ‘Ah America’s turn. This will be interesting,’
    You can tell how much of a shock wave there is in a neighbouring democracy. All the UK politicians spoke with one voice, even the arch opportunist Farage was suggesting ‘ Err not a good idea Donald’
    Take care all of you.

    • Roger, as I wrote to Jill, yesterday was so over the top that it put an end to the political career of Donald J. Trump. He will still have his supporters, but people who were masking their disdain for him to garner votes are now jumping the sinking ship.. Democracy held serve against this corrupt, ego-maniacal person. Keith

      • Since members of their ‘club’ had their private space invaded and vandalised at Trump’s instigation it would be slow political suicide to support him.
        We can only hope self-preservation will thrive in the GOP

      • Roger, it has already started. See my new post and the link to an article in The Washington Post. There were supposed to be twelve dissenting Senators, but Trump’s incited actions of the mob reduced that to six, including the Georgia candidate who just lost. Keith

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