The Terminator and former Republican Governor says terminate this nonsense

In an article in my browser from People Magazine called “Arnold Schwarzenegger Says GOP Should Denounce Trump’s Attacks on Election: ‘Stupid, Crazy and Evil'” by Sean Neumann, the former Republican Governor speaks plainly. A few paragraphs follow, but the entire article can be linked to below.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has had enough of what he described as President Donald Trump’s ‘un-American bull—-.’

In a new op-ed published Tuesday by The Economist, the Terminator star and former California governor slams Trump for peddling baseless conspiracy theories in an effort to maintain political power.

Schwarzenegger, 73, calls on lawmakers from both parties to denounce Trump, 74, and his efforts to reverse the 2020 results, warning of the “dire consequences” of ‘choosing selfishness and cynicism over service and hope.’

Schwarzenegger, who grew up in Austria during the fallout from World War II, writes that the U.S. ‘was my first love,’ but now he finds himself “deeply concerned” about the direction Trump and his political allies are taking the country.”

Here is an immigrant to the United States, who went from bodybuilder to governor, who loves his country. He is an imperfect man, I know, but his words ring true.

Many of us have said this differently, but let me be frank. The only wide-scale voter fraud is being predictably perpetrated by the person who looks back at the outgoing president when he shaves.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says GOP Should Denounce Trump’s Attacks on Election: ‘Stupid, Crazy and Evil’ (

12 thoughts on “The Terminator and former Republican Governor says terminate this nonsense

  1. Note to Readers: I do not like this phrase, as toughness and courage know no gender, but using an old phrase that got Arnold cheers at one of the Republican conventions, Arnold is saying to the outgoing president “Stop being a girlie man and admit you lost.” I know many women (and men) that are far more accountable and courageous than this false bravado and petulant outgoing president.

  2. I wish we were seeing more Republicans publicly speak out against what’s happening. There’s a sliding spectrum for guilt here but I hold the ones who silently stood by while Trump insisted the election was fraudulent then tried to strong-arm states into “electing” him instead equally responsible.

    • Laura, so true. When one considers the veracity of the legislators leading the Trump coup, Cruz, Johnson, Brooks, Gohmert. Gaetz et al, it is not a group associated with solid citizens. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: We are now seeing the results of spineless Republican not pushing back on this tyrant in the White House. We are now seeing what happens when Republicans aid and abet an “undemocratic coup.” To be frank, this outgoing president needs to either cease his traiterous actions or be removed from office.

    • Roger, agreed. Plus, he had that episode with the nanny. But, he speaks the unvarnished truth. Too bad, it was late and more did not listen. Keith

      • Quite so Keith. There has been many a politician voted into high office whose private life has been unsavoury and yet they separated the two roles.
        Going back to our youth both Kennedys, Johnson and Nixon had very flawed private lives and the latter two along with the younger Kennedy were not men to cross in the political field. Yet despite myriad mistakes and bad calls they tried to bear in mind it was the UNITED States of America which was the important factor.
        This wretched creature of no true character or maturity is nothing but the manifestation of bar room talk. A talentless thing that plugged into what his voter base wanted and did as he was told

  4. Note to Readers: In a Bloomberg article today, Arnold added this comment:

    “Arnold Schwarzenegger offered his trademark parting message to Donald Trump after last week’s storming of the U.S. Capitol by the president’s supporters: ‘You are terminated, Mr. President,’ Schwarzenegger told Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper.
    The former California governor and Hollywood action star, a native of Austria, said the scenes from the Capitol saddened him. ‘That’s not our America. That’s not my America,’ he said.”

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