Stick a fork in him, he is done as a future candidate

It broke my heart to see how low this outgoing president brought us, but democracy held serve. Yesterday was so over the top it will go down in infamy, but it also will be the day the political career of Donald J. Trump ended. He will retain his ardent supporters and I worry about what could happen, but the many Republican legislators who kept their disdain for him silent to garner votes have jumped ship or are about to. (See the link below to an article in The Washington Post today)

In a huge turn of events, outgoing Senator Kelly Loeffler, who lost her campaign on Tuesday, said the following (as reported in the article below) as she changed her mind.

“’When I arrived in Washington this morning, I fully intended to object to the certification of the electoral votes,’ said Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.), who had just lost her election in a runoff. ‘However, the events that have transpired today have forced me to reconsider. And I cannot now in good conscience object to the certification of these electors.’”

Just last night, several Trump staff resigned at the events of the day, Mick Mulvaney, the special envoy to Northern Ireland and former Chief of Staff, being just one of them. What happened yesterday is on the shoulders of the outgoing president and his sycophants. Trumpism will remain a danger to contend with, but you can stick a fork in its namesake as a future candidate. He is done. 

Probably the most blatant signs come from the outgoing vice president, Mike Pence. Senator James Inhofe (R) was reported to say that Pence was furious with Trump and the position Trump put him in. And, when Pence followed his allegiance to the constitution and denied to do something Trump wanted him to try, the petulant outgoing president went into full scale tear down mode of Pence.

Yet, what is starting to get reported is it was Pence who called out the National Guard, not the outgoing president. It was Pence whom the National Guard leaders coordinated with. And, what is also being reported is the Cabinet has started some discussions on invoking the 25th Amendment and removing Trump from office.

Now, Trump has said he will transition the baton peacefully, but that is his stance this morning. He is Donald Trump, so there is no limbo bar too low for him to ooze his corrupt and deceitful behavior underneath it. And, as noted above, Trumpism is not dead. So, riled up people could do riled up things. Trump will continue to spread his rhetoric, which is a nice word for lying, after he leaves office. Yet, his future as a candidate is done. Stick a fork in him. And, it is his own fault, along with his sycophants.

‘Enough is enough’: A slew of Trump’s GOP allies finally hit their limit (

32 thoughts on “Stick a fork in him, he is done as a future candidate

  1. Yesterday was a disgrace to the American people! I am sure we are still the laughing stock of the world. How embarrassing! I’m glad Pence actually did the right thing. Texas is a disgrace too because of stupid Ted Cruz! Be gone Trump…and his little trolls too! The way things were handled in comparison to the Black Lives Matter protests wasn’t the same. It wouldn’t fly if Blacks or Latinos ‘protested’ in the manner of Trump lovers. They wouldn’t live to see another day. I didn’t see any tear gas, either!

  2. I am sorry for what was done to your country by a man who is supposed to protect it, to unite, to calm. Instead, he is the one who worked the most against democracy, and that without any bad conscience but lying, and demonstrating his actual intention for wanting that “job”.

    • Erika, me too. For a person who craves to be considered a leader, the thought of actually being a leader does not seem to enter his mind. A real leader would have been truthful about COVID-19. A real leader would have congratulated Joe Biden and wished him well at some point early on. General James Mattis, who resigned as Trump’s Secretary of Defense, said Trump will be a man without a country after he leaves. Keith

      • Yes, a true leader became completely devoted to the welfare of his people. I love how Biden said in his speech just a few minutes ago that the jurisdiction is not working for him, that they are not called to be loyal to him but to law, the constitution, and the people. That’s how a true leader sounds.

  3. Excellent post Keith. As for Pence, yes, it does appear he’s finally had enough. My main issue with him though: it took him four years? I mean, there’s not been a bigger sycophant anywhere in government. I’d respect him even more if he’d gather his cabinet and invoke the 25th. It won’t happen, but it should. Trump can still do a lot of damage over the next 13 days. Time to get him out of that office asap.

    • Jeff, well said. The last straw should have been a long time ago. He actually resigned from the campaign after the Access Hollywood tapes surfaced and had to be talked into running again. If he had resigned, Trump would have lost and our country would have been spared this. Keith

    • Bumba, thanks. Of course, we still have to fear the goon squads that Trump gave oxygen to and made them more comfortable coming out to main stream.. Keith

      • Yes, we are in deep doo doo. They used to say “it can’t happen here”, but obviously it ain’t that hard to do. Maybe the nation can turn a corner now toward real reforms.

  4. Good post, my friend. Yes, Trump is done as a politician, which he never really was to begin with. For him, it’s always been about showmanship, about being front and center stage. Unfortunately, the media gave in to his desire to be the center of attention … I hope they’ve learned a lesson from yesterday. Yesterday was the darkest day in this nation during my lifetime, even more so than 9/11, for it wasn’t our own people who attempted to destroy the nation back in 2001, as it was yesterday.

    • Thanks Jill. Well said. As Jeff I chatted, it is late for the GOP leaders to come to these conclusions, but at least that final straw caused them to finally push back. Keith

    • In ~2016 and pre, articles seemed to say things on the lines of “He said that 5280 more people were at his inauguration, which is about 2 football fields. A political geographer from the State College, Professor X Y, estimates that the actual difference is 8250 fewer. The campaign/administration referred questions to the new press secretary.”

      The writing shifted, I don’t know how steadily or not, and now is like “He continues to claim his was bigger, which was proven wrong 4 years ago.”

  5. The resignations continue to come in. Interesting point, though, with Chao’s resignation there is one fewer potential cabinet member who can bring about the 25th amendment. Cynical me wonders if that was a way for her (and her hubby) to save face without doing the truly useful and hard work.

  6. Cast your mind back to General MacArthur and his attempt to extend his influence in the Korean war beyond his constitutional remit. Remember how popular he was at the time, but soon fell from grace through Hubris.
    Remember Joseph McCarthy who filled with Hubris attacked the moral fibre of the American soldier and fell from grace.
    Remember Richard Nixon (we need say no more)
    Those are positively dignified operatic or Shakespearean tragedies in comparison with this debacle that is Trump. You can not even dignify the fellow, he was a flawed person and failed to contain his demons or vanities.

  7. Note to Readers: The following paragraph comes from the conservative outlet the Washington Examiner regarding Trump’s 2024 candidacy is now over. The quote comes from a Trump donor and candidate for appointed office before he withdrew.

    “Marc Sumerlin, a White House candidate for the Federal Reserve board until the founder of the Washington consulting firm Evenflo Macro withdrew, sent a blistering note to clients, obtained by CNBC.

    ‘A small man, unloved as a child and filled with raging self-hate, secured his place as the worst president in United States history yesterday by inciting insurrection against the US constitutional government,’ it said.”

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