When people do not push back on a tyrant

When people do not push back on a tyrant, they should not be surprised when he does tyrannical things. Five people died Wednesday, but that was the culmination of four years of corrupt and deceitful behavior….and a fragile ego. The most ardent of fans of the tyrant were endangered by the tyrant’s instigation of violence. The legislators who supported the tyrant’s efforts were found quivering in the Capitol Building worried about their lives. If they stood up and said, “but, I am on your side,” they could have been killed or hurt.

It is easy for Republican legislators and leaders to be courageous now, but when it was needed was when honorable diplomats and inspectors general raised concerns at great risk, knowing they would be fired for so doing. Yet, they did it anyway. I watched honorable duty bound people like Dr. Fiona Hill and Ambassador William Taylor testify under oath, only to be grilled by the tyrant’s toadies, who should also have taken an oath to tell the truth.

Former Intelligence director John Bolton condemns Trump now, but he left diplomats hanging with their testimony as he remained silent about the Ukraine extortion issue. Bolden was quoted as being very critical of the Ukraine extortion issue, but screwed these diplomats with his silence. Other former cabinet members are emboldened to criticize the tyrant now, but did they do enough to protect America from his whims and deceitful behavior when at the time needed?

And, for those who still support this tyrant, they need to answer a lot of questions. Trump’s actions led to five deaths, but he endangered the lives of his fans and the legislators who supported him. There is a term for that – it is called sociopathic behavior. It may not be well-known, but narcissism is a subset of sociopathic behavior. It has not been a large leap for the tyrant to do sociopathic things as he did last February when he purposefully endangered his fans at pep rallies being silent on the COVID-19 risk.

Will the tyrant be removed from office before his term ends? I do not know. But, no one deserves to be removed more than this ego-maniacal, corrupt and deceitful person. With too many Republican leaders not speaking up, especially during his staged voter fraud claims, more than his ardent base believe his BS. Note to followers, he lost the election because he got fewer votes. And, in spite of the claims of conspiracy theorists, the tyrant has lost 59 out of 60 court cases and every recount. He cannot lose more than he has already.

Sadly, more Americans will get hurt with the emboldened shadow people. If you doubt this, some of the more extreme groups that support Trump are already speaking online of worse things to come. Make no mistake, the tyrant and his toadies have blood on their hands, I just pray it is not more.


19 thoughts on “When people do not push back on a tyrant

  1. Arguments rage, a second impeachment, resignation, or invocation of the 25th amendment. The last of these schemes will be seen as too political. Resignation, would only come with a V P tradeoff for pardons or the like. Both of these options involve Mr Pence. Poor man, let him not be tested further!
    I favour a second impeachment, to award the honour of being the only President to earn such an award as a fitting finale for his service to your country. It matters not if it’s carried, the stain will remain, enshrined in the motion.

    • David, well said. This person is more about perception that reality. Going down as the only president to be impeached twice in the House will eat at his craw, and will be deserved, just like the first one. Republicans dismiss the first one, but he was guilty as charged on the Ukraine extortion. Why? Because his people tried to hide the infamous “perfect” call. Keith

  2. It is very late that more Republicans act in a reasonable and responsible way for their country. I think, they would have earlier but were too afraid to do so. Now, that T’s era is coming to an end, they dare to. Although, it doesn’t prove a backbone but better now than never. And yet, it is good to see how Trump’s separation acts over the past four years cause a union now.

  3. Note to Readers: Per an article in the Business Insider called “Aide describes the president as a ‘total monster’ who refused to act as Congress was stormed,”

    “As a pro-Trump mob stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday, President Donald Trump defended the insurrectionists to White House aides, an administration official told The Washington Post.
    ‘He kept saying … My people are peaceful. My people aren’t thugs,’ the unnamed official said, adding that Trump did not want to say anything about the ransacking.
    According to The Post, aides were astonished at Trump’s slow and unwilling response to the violence, with one calling the president ‘total monster.’
    While aides eventually persuaded Trump to record a video, he reportedly went against their wishes and ad-libbed sections of the speech, continuing to push the false claim that he won the 2020 election.”

    • The Aides are slow to realize the monster they unleashed upon America and the world. Why are they surprised that he was slow to act and believes his own codswallop? This is the expression of a narcissistic sociopath. Are they so obsessed with power and hatred for Democrats and fear of Communism and the left that they will tolerate ANYTHING? In many ways, they are more criminal than even the monster himself.

      • Amanda, they certainly are complicit and disserving of disdain. Sadly, none of this is a surprise. His niece was not the only one to forewarn us that he would burn it all down to avoid losing. We have known for some time it would only get worse when this wounded animal got cornered. Keith

      • I just had to look up his niece. I was not aware of her dark warnings. Even so, it was fairly obvious, as you alluded. He is a “wrecker,” and sociopath. Those that allowed and promoted his rise,.as a vehicle for their own purposes, are I hope feeling the consequences of their choices.

    • Thanks Amanda. I wrote about this before, but I was reminded many months ago by the Stephen King book and movie “The Dead Zone.” The character, played by Christopher Walken could see the future, but it was cloudy like a dead zone, meaning he could warn people and change it. He told this one father about an ice hockey drowning on the lake by saying “the ice is going to break.” People told these toadies what Trump did and will do saying the ice is going to break, but it did not matter. Like them, the father did not heed the warning and four kids drowned. Keith

      • That is the real story behind the awful happenings and what we need to look at if the world is to prevent leaders such as these from rising to power in the first place.

      • The correct and accurate consequence is that the sidewalk hits you after you have publicly or privately declared it doesn’t exist, will give you/them a pass, you don’t believe in it, can sweet talk it, …

        It just has to happen quickly enough everyone can see it discredit you. 4+ years is excessive in positions of power.

      • FC, sadly the outgoing president has done what he is doing now throughout his life. Yes, he declared six bankruptcies, but was still able to schmooze unreputable banks to lend him money. So, he has never been accountable or responsible for his lying – it is just another tool he uses. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: Here is a quote from the number 3 Republican in the House, Liz Cheney as to why she will be voting to impeach Donald Trump:

    “There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution,” Cheney said.

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