Judas Iscariot, really?

For all the good work Samaritan’s Purse does around the world, its leader, Reverend Franklin Graham, is prone to say very troubling things. He has indicted groups of people as well as supported causes politically. Ironically, his father Reverend Billy Graham swore off political statements and endorsements after some of his conversations with Richard Nixon (Nixon taped everything, which was his Waterloo) revealed Graham not pushing back on Nixon’s bigotry.

The younger Graham has not learned this lesson. Earlier this week, Franklin equated the ten Republican Congress people who voted to impeach the outgoing president with the traitorous actions of Judas Iscariot. Really? The following is a letter I forward to my newspaper. I also posted a variation on the Samarian’s Purse website, after I first complimented their work.

As an Independent and former Republican voter, as well as a Christian, I am appalled that Franklin Graham would compare the ten Republican congress people to Judas Iscariot for voting to impeach the outgoing president. He must read a different bible than I do, as I see ten people who showed political courage in the face of pushback and death threats to vote their conscience and remember their oath to the constitution.

What the two-time impeached president did last week was unforgivable, as five people died and he put his own followers in jeopardy. It builds on his planned and staged fraudulent claims of wide-spread voter fraud that he and his followers have been unable to prove in 59 out of 60 court cases and in several recounts. I applaud these ten Republicans and wonder why others did not join them.


14 thoughts on “Judas Iscariot, really?

    • Kim, this latest comment is just beyond the pale insulting. The question a reporter should ask him, “so in your example, does that make Trump Jesus-like?” Keith

      • Never underestimate the powers of
        1. Denial.
        2. Bigotry.
        3. Desperation.
        4. Heritage.
        And the tragedy is they all infect Faith and Hope which as we know in their pure forms are noble.

      • Roger, true. I admire his father’s work as an exemplar, yet the son fails to follow fully the father’s galvanizing spirit. His father was ashamed of the conversations with Nixon. In my view, he was probably trying to get out of the room. But, he was also embarrassed he did not find ways to push back.

        The son has on more than several occasions espoused bigotry openly to engage his followers. As you note, bigotry is sells of fear. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: There is a long line of people who have damaged their reputation rationalize or defend the corrupt and deceitful behavior of the outgoing president. One attorney told Bob Woodward in a taped interview, he thought Trump was being falsely accused of things, but a huge concern of the attorney is “Trump is a f**king liar.” And, therein lies the problem.

  2. Note to Readers: In my volunteer work to help working homeless families climb a ladder back to self-sufficiency, I have come across the best of ministers and religious folks, who are reaching out to help. This inclusive outreach is the best religion can do. In spite of its leader’s imperfections, Samaritan’s Purse does many good things. Yes, there are few occasions they get ahead of their skis, but they do help many. This is why it is doubly bothersome that its leader espouses such inanity over time.

    • Joy, I do as well. There is a museum in Charlotte that I visited and it paints a terrific picture of Graham and his mission. Whether folks agreed with the degree of his faith, you could not argue he intended to do good things with it. He would be none to happy with his son’s political commentary, nor would his wife Ruth. She would jerk Franklin baldheaded and did on more than one occasion with his rebellious youth.. Keith

      • Very true about Ruth! I read her biography, she was quite the woman! She could be very funny and you didn’t mess with her.
        Yes, the thing that always stood out to me about Billy Graham was how respected he was, even by people who didn’t agree with his faith. It would be cool to visit that museum sometime.

      • Joy, thanks for sharing her biography. She was her own person. And, no question, Billy could not go evangelize without her taking care of the family. Another cool place to visit is Montreat near Black Mountain, NC. By itself, Black Mountain is eclectic and fun. Keith

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