“Weak stuff from weak kneed senators” per The Charlotte Observer

I have been writing to and about the five Republican Senators and ten Representatives who have voted to hold the former president accountable for his causing and inciting an insurrection on the US Capitol Building. The five people that died equal the number of courageous Republican Senators who voted their conscience and not out of loyalty to a deceitful former president.

The Editorial Board of The Charlotte Observe wrote a piece this morning about the lack of courage of the two North Carolina Senators called “The weak reasons Sens. Burr and Tills are meek about impeachment.” A few paragraphs follow, but the entire editorial can be linked to below.

North Carolina’s two Republican U.S. senators voted Tuesday – fortunately without success – against the Senate holding a trial on the impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

No surprise there. Sen. Richard Burr and Sen. Thom Tillis are party stalwarts who rarely go against their tribe. According to the website FiveThirtyEight, Burr and Tillis voted in accord with Trump’s position nine times out of 10. Still, it’s stunning to see the senators’ party loyalty blot out their conscience in the case of a president charged with inciting an insurrection that stormed into their own chamber.

On the day of the mob’s attack on the U.S. Capitol, Burr said that Trump was guilty of ‘promoting the unfounded conspiracy theories that have led to this point.” Tillis more vaguely asserted: ”It’s a national disgrace to have a mob attacking Capitol Police and engaging in anarchy. This is not what America stands for.

But the senators’ righteousness of Jan. 6 has dissipated like yesterday’s tear gas. Now they offer thin justifications for skipping a trial of the president whose false claim of a stolen election – a claim he still maintains – fueled the attack on the Capitol. Burr says let the Justice Department decide if charges are merited. Tillis says impeachment is intended only for removal, not a reckoning after a president departs.

This is weak stuff from weak-kneed senators. Virtually all impeachments of presidents and other federal office holders – some of whom had left office – have involved a trial. Why would this case, based the most serious of impeachment charges, not merit a full hearing and vote by the Senate? It’s one thing to vote to acquit Trump after a trial. It’s an abdication of duty to say the American people should not even hear the evidence.

Our elected officials need to be among our better angels, not represent our worst demons. This former president planned and staged his fraudulent voter fraud claims well ahead of the election. He continued to lie and was aided by too many sycophants even in the face of his embarassing inability to prove alleged fraud. He wound up the extreme part of his base and encouraged them to come to DC on the day Congress was to approve the electoral college. He then wound them up some more and pointed these tin soldiers at the Capitol building.

Make no mistake, this former president has a heavy hand in what happened, but as per usual, he declares nothing bad is his fault. The Senators and Representatives who decided not to hold him accountable, or at least hear such evidence, should think that they are fortunate to be alive to make such a vote. Their fearless leader “sicced” his tin soldiers onto them and more people could have gotten hurt.

In my view, what the former president did is unforgivable. And, he should be held accountable.

In trial vote, Sens. Burr and Tillis put party before country | Charlotte Observer

26 thoughts on ““Weak stuff from weak kneed senators” per The Charlotte Observer

  1. I appreciate and agree with your insights. In particular this statement. ” Our elected officials need to be among our better angels, not represent our worst demons”. It takes courage to so what is right for the greater good, not just ones own.

  2. It’s remarkable just how many elected officials forget to whom they are answerable, and the answer is not Trump. Do they really think he’s about to claim a victory from the jaws of defeat and somehow reward them? He’s much more likely to have them killed in a civil war. There is to be no voting to sit on their hands this time, Trump must pay for the lives lost on Jan 6th and should serve prison time for that day.

  3. Hello Keith. Do these Republican Senators rely on the forgetful memory of the people? Do they think the people will forget this terrorist act to over throw democracy or their lack of standing up against it? I wonder if they were given a list of actions with no names or party affiliations and they voted right or wrong on them, would they change their votes depending on the names or parties of the criminals. Hugs

    • Scottie, to be frank, they count on the forgetfulness of people. We Americans are a very uninformed lot, as a whole. That is why Trump, McConnell et al can get away with such deception. Dems are not without guilt, but the deception is heavily tilted to the party of conspiracy. Keith

  4. I hear that Kevin McCarthy has recently visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago at least once, maybe twice. It sets my teeth on edge, wondering what those two, and perhaps others as well, are cooking. More violence? A full overthrow of our elected government? Ten years ago, those thoughts would never have entered my mind, but today nothing is off the table. This is a dark time in U.S. history, one fueled by evil men with evil intentions. The better angels you refer to? I think they have jumped ship and gone looking for greener pastures.

    • Jill, McCarthy is not unlike Cruz and Paul, opportunistic. We should not lose sight that McCarthy was set to replace John Boehner, but let the cat out of the bag the Benghazi hearings were only continuing to discredit Hillary Clinton. As a result of his faux pas, Paul Ryan became Speaker. Keith

      • Ahhhhh … I had forgotten that little detail! Yes, he’s an opportunist just like Cruz, Paul, and unfortunately many others. What about that little thing called “oath” of office??? Sigh.

      • Jill, outside of my representative, I have called McCarthy more than any other given that he is supposed to be a leader. Yet, he will follow the MAGA herd off the cliff. Keith

    • Presumably “the feds” know who is at the top of the org chart and have no reason to act otherwise. Such obviously ill regulated m*l*t*as and neighbors with their heads out of the soup will put a stop to any serious things. After a few screwups like that, none of people who are willing to shoot will go near him for being such indictment bait. My concern is internal extremist types, however Congress and other people in other places are taking police cooption seriously now.

      • FC, this is an old problem that has just been brought to the front due to former president giving them air cover. When funding to stop domestic terrorism was cut only to increase funding to stop foreign terrorism, the FBI and local law enforcement said the number of domestic terrorists groups outnumbered foreign ones like by a factor of around 10, about 1,000 to 100 (the numbers are not precise, but are directionally correct from memory),so the funding cuts were in the wrong direction.

        Then we must factor in the military started lowering standards of who could enter since they were having a hard time recruiting, so more than a few white supremacists or bigoted folks found their way in. And, police forces hire from the military a great deal, so if someone who has extreme bias makes it in the military, then they are “vetted” and can become a police officer rather easily.

        Right now, I am reading “The Soul of America” by Jon Meacham. He noted the KKK was so prolific back in the 1910s – 1930s, that the KKK claimed that about 1/4 of US Senators and over 120 Representatives were in or highly supportive of the KKK. So, infiltration of a biased mindset is not new. And, with QAnon and others feeding BS to folks, it is getting easier to sway people.


      • I was not critically or really at all aware of things in 2001, so don’t have your historic awareness of the problem. I did unintentionally get a (now former) neighbor to stop paying attention to that q-crap some time ago.

    • Janis, the excuses for not pursuing this run the gamut. Marco Rubio said today that finding an ex-president guilty is what a third world country does. In first world countries, presidents do not foment an insurrection on a branch of government. the Trump party is beyond embarrassment. Keith

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