Former Republican legislator speaks to the absence of truth in the Trump party

Carly Roman wrote in the Washington Examiner an article called “Eric Cantor: Republicans refusing to tell truth led to Capitol siege.” A few paragraphs follow, with a link to the entire article below.

Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said a failure by elected Republicans to tell the truth led to the deadly Capitol riot on Jan. 6.

In an op-ed published in the Washington Post on Friday, Cantor focused on the challenges to the 2020 election results but argued that the trouble began when conservative groups such as Heritage Action and Tea Party Express “purposely ramped up expectations” for Republican voters who wanted to repeal Obamacare in the GOP-controlled House in 2013

‘At first, this was a political headache for me and my colleagues … but then a small group of lawmakers in the House and the Senate, led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), started telling the base what they longed to hear: that Republicans could indeed defund Obamacare,’ he wrote. ‘These members, and indeed every other elected Republican, knew better, but very few were willing to say so.

Cantor argued that the same tactic of intentionally feeding voters misinformation to gin up the base pervaded in 2020, when claims of widespread voter fraud cast a shadow over President Biden’s electoral victory in the minds of many Republican voters, even as the courts and election officials rejected the allegations.

‘Stop the Steal’ narratives about widespread fraud, albeit without evidence, sought to undermine the [2020 election] results,” wrote Cantor while decrying former President Donald Trump’s role in the unrest.

Rioters breached the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 as lawmakers met to affirm Biden’s victory. Five people, including a U.S. Capitol Police officer, died, and Trump has been impeached on a charge of “incitement of insurrection” in connection to the mayhem of that day. Trump faces a Senate trial next month.

Calling himself by nature an optimist,’ Cantor offered a prescription for members of both parties going forward.

‘To my fellow Republicans who hope that Trump’s departure from office will end this cycle [of misinformation] … and to my Democratic friends who think this is a Republican problem … [I ask that you] engage in the competition of ideas and solve problems while moving the country forward [rather than continuing] to promote disinformation and false narratives designed to undermine our democracy,’ he wrote.

Cantor, a Republican who represented Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, chastised Trump previously. He criticized Trump for ‘assigning equal blame’ after the deadly 2017 clash at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The voices of reason like Eric Cantor or Senators Jeff Flake, Bob Corker and now Rob Poirtman, who chose not to run again, are being drowned out, when they are needed most. The ten Republican representatives, led by Liz Cheney, who voted to impeach the former president, while still president are receiving death threats and admonition for voting their conscience. And, only five GOP Senators voted to hear the impeachment trial and they are being vilified.

I have written many times before, but the truthtellers in the Republican party are showing courage as they know they will be crucified by the MAGA supporters. Yet, they tell the truth anyway. Why is that? And, why have not more MAGA supporters noticed how easily violence and condemnation occurs when someone speaks out against the former president?

Eric Cantor: Republicans refusing to tell truth led to Capitol siege (

17 thoughts on “Former Republican legislator speaks to the absence of truth in the Trump party

    • Thanks Deborah. The Trump party followers need to hear this, but I am afraid they call it fake news. A group representing accountable Republicans has placed billboards asking for the specific resignation of Trump representatives, but the targets discount them as Democrat funded, which they are not. Keith

  1. I’m not sure if I am reading the narrative right Keith, but it seems that the person ‘Trump’ is gradually being replaced by MAGA as the perceived voice of The Right. The force which brought him into being is now taking the stage for itself.

      • The whole concept was built on distortion, bigotry and fear Keith. Its roots are deep, look back to the ‘Know Nothings’, MAGA is the latest toxic branch of a poisonous plant.

      • Agreed. The KKK had influence or active participation in 24 Senators and over 100 US representatives in the 1920s and early 1930s. Fear sells. FDR deserves even more credit for what he navigated through with these bigots and the Eugene Debs crowd on the other end. Keith

  2. Cantor didn’t have much choice about running, he got primaried (by a Tea Partyer) and lost. At the time, an editorial in some well considered paper (Washington Post?) said he got what he deserved for having done similar to others.

    • FC, Cantor was no choir boy and it was fitting he was not reelected. But, his name does have some currency with Republicans. It is funny, the MAGA crowd and Trump Toadies refer to these folks as RINOs, but the RINOs are the ones remaining in the now Trump Party. What is missing from the surveys of support by the Trump Party is the tens thousand people per state who left the party after January 6. Keith

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