Truthteller ridiculed more than conspiracy parrot

Truthtellers are not of great value to the Republican party. It seems an allegiance to parroting inane conspiracy theories has more currency. In support of this contention, Jason Lemon of Newsweek wrote the following piece “Chris Wallace Calls Out Republicans for ‘More Visible Outrage’ at Cheney Than at Greene” which incredulously frames how low the new Trump party had fallen. “Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace called out Republican lawmakers for showing ‘more visible outrage’ at GOP Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming for voting to impeach former President Donald Trump than at Georgia’s freshman GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene‘s promotion of bizarre conspiracy theories. Some pro-Trump Republicans in the House of Representatives have called for Cheney’s removal from her No. 3 leadership position as chair of the House Republican Conference following her January 13 impeachment vote. Meanwhile, few GOP lawmakers have expressed public outrage following multiple reports on Greene’s past promotion of unfounded conspiracy theories and support for violence against fellow lawmakers on social media.  ‘You’ve got a situation right now where there is more visible outrage inside the GOP over Liz Cheney, a member of [Republican] leadership voting to impeach the [former] president over—rather than some of these wild conspiracy theories being espoused by Marjorie Taylor Greene,’ Wallace pointed out during his show Sunday. He suggested that Republicans should take action against Greene and asked whether she should potentially be expelled from Congress or removed from committees.  ‘What are their options here?’ Wallace asked panelist Susan Page, the Washington bureau chief for USA Today. ‘I think it tells you a lot about where the Republican Party is right now,’ Page responded. GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy plans to have a meeting with Greene regarding her incendiary social media posts and bizarre claims. ‘These comments are deeply disturbing and Leader McCarthy plans to have a conversation with the Congresswoman about them,’ Mark Bednar, a spokesperson for McCarthy, told Axios last week. Representative Adam Kinzinger, an Illinois Republican who joined the nine other House Republicans in voting to impeach Trump, said Sunday that he’d support removing Greene from committee assignments, but he pushed back against expelling her from Congress altogether.”  Note, Senator Mitch McConnell aired some comments this morning calling Greene a “cancer” on the Republican party. McConnell’s comments are welcome, but they are somewhat forced being this late with respect to Greene. And, he was too calculating in any criticism of the former president when Trump parroted inane conspiracy theories along with his usual lies. I read McConnell took the former president’s election fraud claims not seriously, as a vacuum was left by Republicans refusing to call out the former president. Quite simply, when you do not stand up to a bully or let lies stand without pushback, the bullying and lying will continue. Rep. Liz Cheney and others did, but they are being vilified by the mob. Guess what – the former president continues to do both. Chris Wallace Calls Out Republicans for ‘More Visible Outrage’ at Cheney Than at Greene (

20 thoughts on “Truthteller ridiculed more than conspiracy parrot

  1. The Republican Party should have bit the bullet and more actively disavowed Trump and Trumpism during the 2015-16 campaign. Too late now, the GOP is near death.

  2. Note to Readers: Sorry for the lack of paragraphing above. I did this in Classic editor mode, which I have done before, but this time It shoved all of the words into one super paragraph, which I cannot seem to unwind.

    • Kim, agreed. It is hard to expel an elected official unless there is malfeasance. But, allowing such person committee access need not occur. After Rep. Devin Nunes was stripped of his chair role of the House Intelligence committee for leaking to Trump what they were investigating, he should have been removed from the committee altogether. What is lost sight of is the role is more important than the incumbent, which is why the former president must be held accountable for his seditious actions. Keith

  3. You will pardon me Keith for what seems to be an appalling dose of Cynicism but whenever anyone makes an operatic like claim to be seeking or telling the truth I tend to snort in derision.
    When it comes to politics and many other human interactions there is no ‘Truth’ there are only opinions, interpretations of circumstances, statements to suit the speaker’s intentions and so forth.
    This volume of toxic vocalisation from the GOP is similar to that from the UK’s Corbyn Left, only the latter is very much diluted and normally does not threaten anyone’s life (Well apart from being complicit in allowing The Syrian Regime to slaughter, but they don’t like to know that,)

    I am sorry you had to suffer this, image what LBJ or Eisenhower’s teams would have done to wipe out this ridiculous nonsense…..(Never mind Nixon, now that would have been fun to watch)

    • Janis, it at least makes me feel better to reach out to GOP Senators telling them we need their help putting a lid on the inane conspiracy parrots. I tell them the Republican party has become the Trump party and is based on conspiracy, untruthfulness and lawlessness. That has got to stop and we need their help. Keith

  4. Ah yes … as you said in a comment on my post, we are of like minds today! Or rather … yesterday, now. This is absolute lunacy, and the Republican Party has only itself and its members to blame when they wake one morning to find they are the laughingstock of the nation. They are shooting themselves in the foot on a daily basis. Thanks for the links in this one … saved me some work!

  5. Note to Readers: From an article by Rick Rojas of The New York Times this morning, these are the words of someone who voted for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene:

    “’It’s embarrassing,’ Ashley Shelton, a stay-at-home mother who voted for Ms. Greene, said of the controversy. She thought former President Donald J. Trump would serve another term and saw Ms. Greene as ‘a backup, a comfort.’

    ‘I think she’s kind of a loose cannon, Ms. Shelton said before paraphrasing a line from the Old Testament: “The wise are the quiet ones,’ she said. ‘The more she opens her mouth, the less evidence of her wisdom.’

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