Friday fan-fiction?

Fan-fiction is a common term used to define people who have written variations or new stories off their favorite movie series – Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. The fans who write and read these stories are often a self-governing group who offers passionate feedback, good or bad. Sometimes, with so many directors of a movie series, the loyalty to the mission of the characters is better served by these fans, than a director. Even an author can fail to fully understand the history, as well as these passionate fans.

I am reminded of the Stephen King book and movie called “Misery.” The plot is about an author who is tired of writing a successful series about a female character whose name is “Misery,” so he dramatically kills her off. Sadly, for him he has been “kept” by a woman who is a huge fan of the series, after the author is injured in a car crash. She nurses him back to health, until she gets the final book. When she learns he has killed Misery off, she goes berserk and hobbles him, so he cannot leave. She forces him to write a new book that brings Misery back to life.

The fan-fiction concept reminds me of the cult-like following of the former president and his sycophants. The niece of the former president noted her uncle lies so much he starts to believe his own BS. I have witnessed this over the last five years, as well. What happens is the lies are heavily flavored and reiterated by a conspiracy minded group of people and pseudo-news sycophants. So, the lies get wind beneath their wings from the vast fan-fiction and soar ever longer.

Yesterday, one of those conspiracy parrots was formally removed from the House education committee, Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. Eleven Republicans joined the Democrats in the censure vote, after Republican leaders failed to address her ongoing fan-fiction which included threats of the Speaker. She has espoused many fan-fictions, but let me highlight two.

Ms. Greene believes a wealthy Jewish cadre is causing the wildfires using lasers from space. The creativity of this fiction is only exceeded by disbelief that a grown woman would actually buy into this. The other is a repeat of old fiction that Alex Jones got in trouble for. Sandy Hook’s school shooting which killed twenty children and seven staff was all a hoax. Jones lost a lawsuit and an appeal for mental anguish he caused with his fiction on the families of the survivors and was ordered to pay restitution.

But, let me take the source of this fan fiction one step further. Jones is a salesperson and he is not only selling conspiracy theories, he is pushing product. His “Infowars” show spends a lot of time selling products, more so than the fiction, but the two are often related. After telling us how there was a Democrat scheme to infect the water system with a sexual neutering chemical, the next day, Jones began pushing his own product to protect you from such chemicals. This is fear tactics at their worst – scare you and sell you a product to protect you. The old term is “snake oil salesman.”:

Fan-fiction is entertaining to the passionate fans. But, please remember the key second word – fiction. The former president claims fake news, when the real news paints him in the appropriate light. Yet, what his fans do not realize, the biggest purveyor of fiction is the person they follow.

12 thoughts on “Friday fan-fiction?

  1. I cannot understand how someone like her is even considered as part of the government. She is a threat but not support for the country… but then again, you had a Trump!

  2. Steven King is dangerous for me to read, (some of) his writing that I’ve tried endangers my emotional desire to survive.

    “Jewish space laser” sounds like the term “alien space bat” used in fiction to describe something that deals with the impossibly difficult things, so the author can write about what is wanted. IE. you want to theorize how a parcel of land in the Korean DMZ would be divided between a 17th cousin and great^5 grandson, so alien-space-bat away the Korean conflict so there is a single jurisdiction, no landmines, and the land released from military control.

    • FC, I like much of Stephen King, but there are few I will just pass by. My favorites are “The Stand” and “The Dead Zone.”

      The conspiracy world that has infested the Trump party is beyond bizarre. For example, it is difficult for them to believe that a well-documented liar is lying again, yet they believe some of the inane things they do.


  3. Good post, Keith. Marjorie Green is worse than fan fiction, worse than any nightmare Stephen King could invent, for she occupies a position of some power, of a degree of control over the lives of millions, and worse yet, her party will not hold her accountable for her rhetoric and actions. Just as Trump convinced millions of his followers that Hispanics were pouring over the border to take our jobs and kill us, just as he convinced millions that he won an election he lost by more than 7 million votes, Greene is a danger for she may convince enough people of her theories to create a situation where lives are lost. Last time, five lives were lost due to a fictional fantasy … how many next time, and the time after that? As an aside, I am a Stephen King fan and both read Misery and saw the film … I could never look at Kathy Bates quite the same way after that, so convincing was her performance!

    • Jill, well said on all counts. Greene is scarier than Bates’ character as you note, as Greene can incite the more zealous folks with her conspiracy parroting. Keith

      • FC, that would be a truly scary book. Remember “The Dead Zone” nemesis that was foreseen to start a nuclear war was a populist presidential candidate. Ironically, well before “The West Wing,” Martin Sheen played the Trump like character that had to be stopped. Keith

      • He may have had a idea from President Windrip in Sinclair Lewis’s “It Can’t Happen Here”. Have not read it, it predates one or both world wars, but know it has a similar theme of only needing to have dangerous power for a little while before it no longer matters how you got it, because it can then be used to maintain itself in your hands.

      • FC, I will need to check that one out. Early on in the former president’s first campaign, I made reference to a Manchurian candidate. If you were going to draw one up, is this what he would look like? Keith

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