Quite simply the attack on the Capitol building would not have happened if Trump were not president

Sometimes, the simplest comment can say so much. Yesterday, on the talk show “The View,” attorney Sunny Hostin said the above title. The attack on the Capitol building on January 6 would not have happened had the president not been Donald J. Trump. And, now seven people are dead and others might have been, except for the bravery of those to escort legislators out of harm’s way.

Two major comments needs to be stated clearly. First, the argument that Republican Senators are using to prevent a vote from occurring that the trial is unconstitutional does not hold water. In essence, it says a president can commit the most vile crime against the country as long as he does it right before he or she leaves office.

Second, the fact is the former president did commit a vile act two weeks before leaving office, staging and inciting an insurrection on another branch of government. Words matter. Lies matter. The former president’s egomaniacal nature prevents him from accepting he lost the election. He staged this action for many months before the election, so what he did following it was predictable and predicted.

What happened was shameful for our country. What happened could have been even worse. And, what happened was provoked and incited by the enfant terrible acting former president. In your best toddler’s voice, say out loud the words of the president. “I didn’t lose. I won by a lot. It was stolen from me.”

The former president needs to be convicted because he is guilty as charged. This would not have happened if he was not in the equation. This would not have happened if the former president was not a big baby who cannot take losing. Seven people are dead because of Trump. His VP Mike Pence could have been. The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi could have been. And, anyone in business attire could have been.

A final thought for Republican Senators is a vote to acquit does not serve the former Republican, now Trump party well. It puts those Senators and the Trump party on the wrong side of history. The vote to acquit is not defensible as Senator Rand Paul found out when Fox News host Chris Wallace grilled him on it.

There is a truism I have observed over the years about the former president. If you fly to close to Donald Trump, you will get burned.

25 thoughts on “Quite simply the attack on the Capitol building would not have happened if Trump were not president

  1. Yesterday the Republican Senators Cruz, Graham and Lee committed a felony by colluding with Trump’s defense team behind closed doors. Yet, the trial goes on without pause. That tells you all you need to know about the legitimacy of this trial. Had Chief Justice John Roberts been presiding over this trial, I believe he would have declared a mistrial and scheduled a new trial. The ‘jury’ in this trial is tainted, corrupt, and self-serving. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    • Jill, people need to remember the roles Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Josh Hawley, Mo Brooks, Lindsey Graham, et al played in abetting the criminal efforts of the former president. Corrupt people like the former president have to be covered for by sycophants. The Republicans failed to save their party, our country and multiple lives last January at the impeachment trial by calling no witnesses and they are missing the opportunity of ridding themselves of this cancer this time.


      • I fully agree, and you will remember, I will remember, but sometimes people have short memories. Not to mention that there are some in this nation who are applauding those very characters as we speak. Yes, they could have prevented this and many more atrocities, including nearly a half-million deaths from the pandemic, if they had only done their jobs a year ago. But they didn’t then, and I doubt they will now.

      • Jill, I was very pleased to see that Lindsey Graham’s coercive phone call to the Georgia’s Brad Raffensperger will be part of the investigation into Trump’s election meddling. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: These senators are tired of hearing from me. I called a few more yesterday. Please call your senators and share your thoughts about the impeachment trial. Some will have full mailboxes, so post an email online. Trump will likely not be convicted as insufficient numbers of Republican senators cannot vote their conscience, but it would send some message the closer the votes can get to 60. Senators Portman and Burr are not running again, so they may listen to reason and not be coerced by fear from the former president.

    Finally, I did send a variation of the above to a few newspapers and columnists.

  3. So true Keith. Put another way, and I heard this from several attorneys in recent days. It’s the “but for” prosecution. In other words, this or that would not have happened, but for…..Yes, fill in the blank. Jan 6 would not have happened, but for Donald J. Trump. Period.

    • Jeff, regardless of what happens with the outcome of the trial, the former president’s political career is over. Nikki Haley is piling on as will others. Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and Ben Sasse have been very vocal critics of this former president. To me, we are beyond the tipping point on the former president. Keith

  4. Yes, he planned this all weeks before… instead of concentrating on fighting the pandemic and taking care of his country. All Trump did take care of was his ego but never the purpose of his job!

    • Erika, he did indeed, but the timeline is actually months before. I wrote a post in September after seeing the campaign had hired 1,000 attorneys called “Take it to the bank, the president will sue to prevent losing the election.” Keith

      • You are right, I remember! This is such a shame! I still cannot understand how he still can have followers after it is so obvious that it was always about him and not about the country.

      • Erika, his defense team rattled off several points earlier today – I was using my fingers and toes to count the untruths. Keith

  5. He did as the Mob wanted him to.
    Being an exceptional spoiled brat he didn’t see why he shouldn’t.
    I would not be surprised if as the election results were coming in and hysterical from the Conspiracy groups were reaching him, he reacted to those and convinced himself this was the case.

      • Roger, so true. A man is supposed to be accountable and responsible, but it never has been Donald Trump’s fault on any issue. You may have noticed, I do my best not to refer to him as a man, using person instead.

        With that said, some of the more courageous critics of Trump’s illicit actions and words have been women. Rep. Liz Cheney (R) stuck to her guns on Sunday and said Trump has lied to Republicans. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: I just posted this on Kim’s blog, so let me repeat it here.

    I was watching conservative pundit David Brooks on PBS last night. He correctly noted that the defense never addressed the incitement leading up to January 6. These folks were there because Donald J. Trump lied to them and told them the election was stolen. He did exactly what many thought he would do after the election. Yet, the greatest disappointment is more Republicans did not tell this untruthful and corrupt former president that his claims were BS, as the attorney general did. We also should not forget Chris Krebs, the head of election security said this was the safest election in US history, and he also was forced out. Mitch McConnell thought it would all blow over, but he also is culpable for not saying what Rep. Liz Cheney said on Fox this past Sunday – Donald Trump lied to Republicans. Full stop.

  7. Note to Readers: From a statement released by GOP Senator Lisa Murkowski who voted to convict the seditious former president.

    “If months of lies, organizing a rally of supporters in an effort to thwart the work of Congress, encouraging a crowd to march on the Capitol, and then taking no meaningful action to stop the violence once it began is not worthy of impeachment, conviction, and disqualification from holding office in the United States, I cannot imagine what is,” Murkowski states.

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